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Twin Test: Toyota 86 Vs 370Z

Are we crazy. One is pricier, and more powerful than the – but this isn’t an unfair

By Shahzad Sheikh

I don’t get it. I’m on the section of a rising mountain that curls its way up to a tunnel bores through to the other And despite an advantage of around and fatter rubber, the white in my mirror is not shrinking to the anticipated dot on the In fact it’s clinging on an obstinate shadow.

This is not right at all. Before we had set off on section, I jokingly told that I’d stop and wait for him on the side of the tunnel. Actually I joking. And what’s more, he think I was either. Because he was at my ride.

And what a looker it is. Not not entirely new, but still a to behold. Low slung and sleek, and sexy, tense with – and that intent seems to be to no prisoners.

Plus it’s a deep delicious blood red generates an aura of threat, and abetted by those utterly (new for 2013) 19-inch with their demonesque spokes, which appear to burst out of those engorged arches and rip your entrails

Toyota 86 trades punches Nissan 370Z

I return the and glance smugly at his pretty Toyota 86. I’ve decided it looks like a mini-Maserati It’s alluring, desirable, but cute and dovish. I genuinely the Toyota 86, it’s quite one of the best driver’s cars out and there’s nothing to touch it at the

And whilst money plays a in this pairing, it’s part which we’ll to in a minute. For the moment though it like we’re about to a cuddly white bunny before a snarling wolf. back and watch the fur fly.

that right now the wolf has huffing and grunting and is now starting to as the tearaway Toyota actually at its heels scrabbling along it and squeezing out every ounce of its What’s worse is that my brow is furrowed, the pursuer to be having a ball.

In a straight I would have had him for sure. The tell the story: 3.7-litre, V6 328bhp and 267lb ft of torque a 0-100kph figure of 5.3 seconds and a top of 250kph (though seeing 260 is quite possible – apparently). is for the Nissan Z car.

By contrast the has a weedy 2.0-litre flat-four boxer engine producing 200bhp with a meagre ft of torque. On paper it takes a leisurely 7.6 seconds to reach from rest and only 225kph.

Admittedly the 370Z is heavier, but the added grunt make up for it. Also it has much rubber.

Nissan 370Z, a man’s

Viewed in isolation the Nissan’s is fantastic with positive and good grip at the rear. At speeds it’s a hoot to – dump a load of torque on the wheels and you can easily light up and slew this way and that at It’s powerslide happy.

that same playful turns confidence-sapper at speed. It down to business when the fly-high, with great control, and the tyre roar assures you there’s plenty of to keep you stuck to the road.

But the drops off and there’s movement, unnerving movement, telegraphing red sequences to your self-preservation Combine that with the velocities your periphery registers from the instruments and bells ring loud and with the Z.

To be entirely honest, a driver than me would be to wring more out of it, grab it by the of its neck, dig deeper into a of talent and skill, and make the Z car hard just over the of its limit – and that driver would have had time to his Facebook status before joined him on the other side of the

Toyota 86, everyman’s road

But that’s not me. Nor is it Imthishan. Though run certainly underlines the sheer of the humble 86. With less less power, but bags feedback and sensitivity to play it’s a car that positively you to salsa through the esses. that engine right on the point and then just let the chassis guide you: slide, correct, move on, lift. Never lift.

That’s the problem; whilst in the Z I’m getting up to silly speeds and having to brake to scrub off the life-shortening momentum, the 86’s pedal remains mashed to the

When I disembark from the Z, I’m The 86 driver emerges with a and a spring in his step – uncharacteristic and hard for Imthishan to do actually.

And the shocker – I end up envying him. I he’s had more fun and I find wishing I had been driving the instead. Yep, at that I wished I had the cheaper car. cheaper car.

Pricier, but not by as

Actually no, not that much. Not And that was the point of this incongruous comparo. You see the Nissan has been around since – sure it’s had a few spec and updates, including those and the vertical LED lights at the front for – but it’s fundamentally unchanged.

So why did we get it out to Two reasons – firstly, and most it was actually our first opportunity to a manual version of the car. because it’s always a car we’ve felt was overpriced – at launch well north of ($54.5k).

However Nissan recently its price. quite dramatically, by a from AED199k to AED139k There is no doubt in my mind that this was purely a reaction to the extraordinary success of the 86.

Having said that the manual version is still AED15,000 more than the top end 86 auto and the base-to-base price is nearly AED45,000. But the Z has the meatier the butch looks, the higher interior, plus there’s all buttons, and toys and a screen, and the is much, much nicer.

Why you buy a Nissan 370Z

So if you’re to stretch your budget a further, the Z might now pop up on your It will give you pause for and tug you aside as you follow the herd to the 86 shop – ‘if I have only one a day, do my own laundry, and sell a kid – there’s no rear seat in the Z – then perhaps, just

That manual gearbox might prove a temptation, with its unique SynchroRev system – this basically the throttle on down-changes in an automated of heel-and-toeing. Which is somewhat because the pedals are actually placed to allow you to practise driving technique yourself – you can switch off the system.

It works by sensing the position of the lever and also by monitoring speed and driving style, the revs as little or as much as be appropriate. It actually works and you end up just leaving the system on.

So the Z is a muscle car that boasts straight-line speed, great appeal, neat techno the Rev-matching, sideways antics on spectacular looks that aged brilliantly and of course a Z-car heritage.

Why you must buy a 86

But far from going off to whimper in a the 86 is having none of it and fights on several levels. As well as less expensive it’s cheaper to run, along its ability to trade blow for on a twisty road it also has a supple ride and better control, and as if being just as enticing wasn’t enough, the 86 rear seats, and a decent that can hold up to four with the rear seat-back

It’s generally easier to with and even sounds on the go, with the Nissan just along until it gets the upper range when it delivers some aural – it’s never a screamer but then it’s a lusty with low-down torque, not power.

Verdict – buy the 86, unless you want the 370Z, in which buy that

This amazing little 86 just seems to win everyone and argument thrown at it currently, and it so emotionally, logically and dynamically. If looking for a great value car that’ll rock your with smiles per miles, no further. And when it comes to mountain roads, having power, actually makes it

Having said that, if more into muscle, a bit of lairiness, and boasts the skills of a then the 370Z is the car for you. And of if you’ve always wanted but felt it too costly in the past, it’s simply a no-brainer. Go and one up today, because it’s now priced.

2012 Toyota 86

AED95,000 ($26k)

Engine: four-cylinder Boxer, 197bhp @ 151lb ft @ 3500rpm

Performance: 7.6seconds, 226kph, 7.8L/100km

six-speed manual, rear drive

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