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Toyota Yaris/vios/limo

First generation (20022007)

(Taiwan) Assembly Tianjin, (TFTM)

Jhongli, Taiwan Motors)

Chachoengsao, Thailand

Rosa, Laguna, Philippines 4-door sedan Layout FF Engine 1.3 L 8A-FE


1.3 L 2SZ-FE


1.5 L 1NZ-FE

3SZ-VE Transmission 5-speed

4-speed automatic

The first Vios (model code : was assembled at Thailand’s 1 million metre Toyota Gateway in Gateway City, Amphoe Yao, Chachoengsao Province, as of a cooperative project between engineers and Toyota’s Japanese

The Vios in Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan is by a 1.5 litre 1NZ-FE engine VVT-i. The smaller 1.3 litre engine is offered in the Philippines. In the Vios comes with the 1.3 8A-FE engine and 1.5 litre engine. Trim levels for Asia include J, E, S, and G, while the GL, GLX, and GLXi are offered in

The first generation Vios was from the Platz with body panels, which a significantly different appearance, portions of the car feature design from the E120 Corolla. In 2005, the Vios received cosmetic changes for the 2006 year. The front bumper, and tail lights were also new were the wheels and trim. The only differences the 2003 Vios and the 2006 model are its front bumpers, tail lights design of its dials.

In other uses, the generation Vios is adopted as a vehicle in Touring Car Championships in and One Make Races in Thailand. The car is in use as taxicabs in Indonesia but features equipment and is specially rebadged as the Limo. This is not to be confused certain taxis with the name in Thailand, which use Corollas.

The Vios in the Philippines has grades: the base 1.3 J with a l4 VVT-i engine, 13 steel and a central instrumental digital It is mated to a 5-speed manual The 1.3 E is the same as the J grade, only it had different wheels, which is a 15 5-spoke wheel. The 1.5 G is the top-of-the-line either mated to a 4-speed transmission or 5-speed manual and the same wheel as to that of the E

In Singapore, the Vios is marketed in E G powered a 1.5 L 1NZ-FE In Malaysia, the specs are generally as Singapore, the only difference is in Malaysia it comes with 15 wheels and mudguards while the version does not.

In the Vios comes with a 1NZ-FE engine in 2 variants: E J. The J model costs about while the E model costs NT$529,000. It is currently still in in Taiwan.

Vios Turbo

A Turbo of the first generation Vios was available in Thailand only, a turbocharged 1.5 litre engine an air-to-air intercooler that 143 PS with light boost at rpm with 196 Nm of torque. It goes 0 100 km/h in 8.1 seconds. Only 600 limited units were Standard on the Vios Turbo are a scoop on its hood, wrap-around kits, stiffer springs, shock-absorbers and 16 alloys. Colours were only red, silver. The transmission ratio ratio were based on of a Toyota MR-S.


Second generation (2007-2013)

generationAlso called Toyota Belta

Toyota Yaris Sedan America and Australia) Production Assembly Tianjin, China

Chachoengsao, Thailand

Shah Selangor, Malaysia

Kanegasaki, (Kanto Auto Works),

Santa Rosa, Laguna,

Karawang, Indonesia Body style sedan Layout FF layout 1.3 L 2NZ-FE

1.5 L

1.6 L 4ZR-FE Transmission manual

4-speed automatic Toyota Vitz


The new Vios is essentially a re-badged sedan, which was launched in May The model code for cars 1.5 litre 1NZ-FE engines is The engine is only available the Vios is marketed, including the Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. As was the first generation the second generation Vios is at Thailand’s Toyota Gateway and also at the Philippines Santa Laguna Plant.

In the Americas, it is as the Yaris Sedan, replacing the sedan, with production from Japan. In Japan, it is as Toyota Belta. The Vios is the top car in the Southeast Asia in 2009.

The new was designed for more comfort than handling. Interior is upgraded with more features, and flat rear


In Singapore, the Vios is in three grades, namely J, E and G, J being the grade with accessories and G with the most

The J grade is the lowest grade and standard with a CD/MP3/WMA with 4 speakers, keyless ABS/EBD/BA (on front disc only), driver-only SRS airbag, alloy rims and interior with dark grey seats. As of October 2012, the J is priced at S$113,988 (automatic) on a COE of S$63,000.

The Vios E is the medium which offers slightly equipment than the Vios J. As Motors (Singapore) no longer the manual variant of the Vios J, the E is currently the only model offers manual transmission in the saloon line in Singapore. In to the J grade, the Vios E Classic an additional SRS airbag for the front and side moulding. The Vios E is priced at S$110,988 for manual or for automatic as of October 2012, on a COE of S$63,000. There is another of the E grade known as the Elegance. The comes with leather and fog lights. As of October 2012, the costs S$2000 more the Classic.

The Vios G is the most luxurious available in Singapore and is only with automatic gearbox. The G features 6 speakers CD/MP3 driver and front passenger SRS optitron meters, side all round disc brakes and split foldable rear As of October 2012, the Vios G is at S$119,988, based on a COE Cat A of S$63,000.

third party Sport were offered, and aftermarket rims which were by the Toyota dealership in Singapore Motors). In 2012, three new were added Grey (1G3), Attitude Black (211) and Blackish Red Mica to make 7 colours in total. In 2012, the sport kits no longer offered. In 2013, Motors (Singapore) re-introduced sports kits known as the to the E grade which was the only available for the Vios.


which currently manufactures the is offered a total of three (J, E and G), as well as two limited edition (G-Limited and S-Limited). Thailand is the only country that all existing grades of the new Vios, export markets are only a fraction of the Thai range in combinations. In addition, certainly the of equipment in Thai Vios’ from those in export

The J Grade is the most basic of the second generation Vios, the least sophisticated set of equipment, as an unchangeable CD/MP3/WMA player 4 speakers, an optional keyless with TVSS, ABS/EBD/BA, steel wheels with rear fog lamps, and interior with dark grey seat.

The E Grade is a medium-class up a notch from the J Grade but is lower than the G Grade. In to the J Grade, the E Grade features a entry with TDS, an between dark grey or seat fabrics, optional front passenger SRS airbags, and rear fog lamps, 15-inch alloy rims and side

The G Grade is the most well variant among the three grades, featuring the most In comparison to the J Grade, the G variant an unchangeable 6 speaker CD/MP3/WMA leather seating in either grey or ivory, driver passenger SRS airbags, a multi-functional wheel, 15-inch sports rims, front and rear fog side moulding, a blue panel with a multi-information and 60:40 fold-down rear

A G-Limited Grade, which the same features as the G Grade, is provided with several on the interior, including a keyless and entry with TDS, a push button, and an immobilizer key and a to the exterior.

An additional grade available as a limited edition is the Grade, which features a Aeropart bodykit, an orange panel with a multi-information high intensity discharge with automatic height and all-wheel disc brakes.

systems in all second generation grades are equipped with ASL Sound Levelizer), which and compensates for changes in external levels, adjusting volume and controls automatically based on the speed.

Not only in Southeast Toyota Thailand has also the Vios to the Middle East, and South Africa, where it is as the Toyota Yaris.


The Vios had the tagline My Design, My and currently has 4 grades: the base 1.3 J, almost the same specs as to of the J grade of the 2003 Vios, that it had a 14 steel wheel wheel cover, an all-new analogue display, vinyl lever and knob, manual and windows and fabric seats. It is to a 5-speed manual transmission. The 1.3 E is the as the J grade, only that it has 14 wheels, Toyota Vehicle System, ABS and driver-side SRS airbags.

The 1.5 G has 3 G 4 A/T leather, G 4 A/T or G 5 M/T. It has a 1.5 1NZ-FE leather seats for the leather 4-speed automatic transmission or transmission, 2 SRS airbags, power mirrors, steering wheel controls, aluminum look panel, optitron gauges trip computer, bigger 4 discs and 15 alloy wheels. The G 4 A/T is the most expensive variant. It is expensive than even special edition models, but with standard leather, split folding seats fold down center with built in beverage not found on all the other models.

The 1.5 G XX Edition was released in July This is the same as the G variant, but with HID headlights, 17 10-spoke wheels and a small rubber The 1.5 S also comes this and different 17 Rota Bolognia with 205/45 tires. The G XX and S variants were released in colour schemes.

The current model was launched on April 6, with a new front grille, new and tail lamp assemblies, and 15 alloy wheels (for the G It is still available in three the base 1.3 J mated to a 5-speed transmission, the 1.3 E, with the choice of a manual or the now available 4-speed transmission, and the 1.5 G, still with 3 G 4 A/T leather, G 4 A/T or G 5 M/T. It has been with the tagline Happy For 2012, a 1.3 litre engine for the G was released, and it was mated to a 4-speed transmission, then later a manual transmission, a variant than the J variant called the 1.3 which came only in a manual transmission, and a minor to the 1.3J variant to create the Limited variant that is with 15-inch wheels and During late 2012, the E was discontinued to make way for the 1.3G In 2013, the 1.5 TRD Sportivo variant was


The new Vios NCP93 was launched to the Indonesian market in 2007. The Indonesian Vios can be from other countries’ with its V-shape grille which is the optional for the Yaris Like the outgoing NCP42, the new is offered in E (manual only), and G and automatic) trim levels.

All comes equipped with ABS and instrument panel. The E has rear brake, and the G comes with all The higher grade G model has front and rear fog lamps, control on the steering wheel, HID headlamps, multi-information display and sonar. Start/Stop push is only on the G with automatic

For the facelift models, the Indonesian no longer featured V-shape ornament. It now has the same appearance as countries’ models. In addition to the trim levels, there is TRD Sportivo model based on the G adds an all-round body kit to the and comes fitted with AV DVD with Navi Ready.

The second generation Vios was unveiled in Malaysia on October 5, in Kuala Lumpur, two weeks of its official launch on October 19,

Toyota Yaris/vios/limo

Like its predecessors, it is powered by a 1.5 litre four-cylinder engine VVT-i but includes a redesigned air and exhaust system to improve low to torque. While the gear of Vios is unchanged, its transmission is now a ECT four-speed automatic and improved for the transmission control unit. power steering was also on the new Vios.

Malaysian Toyota is assembled locally by ASSB, a of UMW Toyota, in Shah Alam, Vios has been the top non-Malaysian sold in Malaysia achieving sales in 2012 since its in 2007.

The second generation Vios is available in four grades: J, E and G, and a new S.

The J grade is the entry-level model, as a cost-effective version of the Vios, and is the and most stripped-down Vios the four grades.

The E grade is to be a mid-priced model between the J and S retailing at an estimated RM81,500. is also Standard G and G Limited which basically the limited has the inclusion of its own aerokit package. The G costs slightly more at RM87,000.

The new Vios line saw the of a new S grade Vios. The S grade cosmetic enhancements rather performance-based ones, sporting a set of parts, a minor body kit a front bumper spoiler, skirts, rear skirt and a spoiler. The interior receives a grey/black trim treatment, and an Optitron meter with a display, as opposed to the E and G grades’ backlit display. The S variant is to be the most expensive Vios the three, at around RM88,600.

All grades were reported to ABS, EBD and brake assist, as are safety features such as injury lessening seats, a steering wheel column and an sensing fuel cut-off.

some months, the S grade of Vios discontinued and it was replaced TRD Sportivo edition featuring TRD parts for the Vios.


The major difference of the Vios in is that the larger capacity are powered by the new 1.6L 1ZR-FE with Dual VVT-i. The new VVT-i engine provides performance, excellent fuel and low emissions as compared to the other models used.

Unlike markets, Mainland China version naming as follows:

(Standard — Automatic or

1.6GL-i (Leather seats sunroof)

1.6GLX-i (Sports like GL-S, but with kit and interior)

Technical data

generation (2013-)

Third Also called Toyota Yaris (North America and Australia) 2013-present Assembly Chachoengsao,

Santa Rosa, Laguna, Body style 4-door sedan FF layout Engine 1.5 L Transmission 5-speed manual

automatic Related Toyota

The 3rd generation Vios was unveiled at the Bangkok International Motor in Thailand. Designated under the of ‘Value Beyond Belief’, aims to export the new Vios as a model with world standards. The new car will go on sale in shortly after, and to be sold in from the 2nd quarter of this Toyota Motors Philippines that the local variant of the will be manufactured in Santa Laguna.

According to Toyota, the car is based on a design for both the exterior and The exterior has been enlarged to (173.6 in) in length, keeping the the same as the outgoing model and grown to 1,475 mm (58.1 in). The is also made to be even spacious than the current however its speedometer position is no mounted on the centre of the dashboard as the earlier models of the Vios.

As the previous model, it bears resemblances to the Vitz or more known as the Yaris. The engine the hood is essentially the same engine that is used the outgoing model.


The 3rd Vios is available in 4 grades: J, E, G and the topping S grade. Automatic and transmissions are offered on the J and E grade

The main difference between the spec grades with the spec ones is that the exterior the former gets headlamps while the latter normal multi-reflector headlamps. new on this model is that the gets an Eco meter for the automatic and auto air conditioners with control for the G and S variants only.

in Thailand


The Vios was unveiled in Singapore in May 2013, two months after its official It is available in two grades namely the E and G Both variants available come with an automatic

The E is considered as the basic model CD/MP3/WMA player with 4 keyless entry, dual SRS as standard. The E variant has a standard air conditioning unit and features headlamps. On the other hand, the G comes with auto air with climate control and headlamps. The G model also multi-function steering controls, split foldable rear a rear console armrest and disc brakes with 15 sized discs for the front. is an option for the interior to come in black or beige toned seats.

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