2013 Toyota Tacoma X-Runner V6 4×2 Access Cab 127.4 in. WB X-Runner V6…

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Toyota X

2013 Toyota Tacoma V6 4×2 Access Cab 127.4 in. WB V6 (M6) 6-Speed Manual

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Overview The 2013 Toyota is available in 20 different configurations, Regular Cab, Access Cab cab) and Double Cab (crew body styles.Regular and Access come with six-foot Double Cab comes with the of a shorter five-foot bed or a standard-size base engine is a 2.7-liter four-cylinder mated to a five-speed transmission; a four-speed automatic is ($900).A 4.0-liter V6 is standard on and 4WD Double Cabs, and optional on but not all, other models.

Regular Cab ($17,625) comes with cloth upholstery, air AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA four-speaker sound tachometer, digital clock, two power points, fuel light, tire-pressure monitor, reminder indicator, dome rear mudguards, 15-inch wheels and a full-size spare

Tacoma Access Cab ($20,415) and Cab ($22,525) models add more features, including bucket and functional consoles for the floor and Cabs have power and locks; Double Cabs add mirrors.Access and Double Cabs get six-speaker audio systems.Double Cab V6 offer a premium JBL system with amplified subwoofer, XM, and Toyota Entune.The audio includes steering wheel

Tacoma PreRunner models are but feature the high stance and appearance of a 4WD truck.(Desert racers use style of truck to scout or the course before the big race.) The Access Cab with 4-speed transmission ($22,075) is the entry-level V6 is optional ($1435) on PreRunner Cabs and Double Cabs.

is available throughout the line, in Access and Double Cabs.Four-cylinder and V6 along with manual and transmissions are available, including a manual and 6-speed manual, or automatic and 5-speed automatic.

A Package for Access Cabs and Double Cabs ($790) rear privacy glass, a rear window, steering-wheel-mounted controls, cruise control, mirrors and remote keyless

Tacoma X-Runner ($26,775) unique styling cues and a tuned for on-road performance.Its refers to the additional X-shaped added to stiffen its frame high cornering loads.X-Runner with 18-inch wheels and is only in the Access Cab style, and with the V6 and 6-speed manual.

SR5 packages bundle styling and features, including color-keyed and front bumper, chrome surround and chrome rear bucket seats with support, and a long list of conveniences.These packages can be added to any Cab or Double Cab.

The TRD Sport starts with SR5 equipment and or substitutes P265/65R17 tires, suspension with Bilstein absorbers, water-resistant sport overhead console and with and outside temperature, and turn integrated into the outside plus a hood scoop, of body-color trim, and its own graphics TRD Sport Package is available on and on Access and Double Cabs V6 and 4WD.

The TRD Off-Road Package with the SR5 equipment and adds or BF Goodrich P265/70R16 OWL tires, rear differential, off-road with Bilstein shock engine skidplate, sport overhead console with and outside temperature, heavy-duty tow hook, 115v/400w deck-mounted point, and unique TRD graphics.TRD is also available only on and on V6 model 4×4 Access and Cabs, but not on Double Cab Long TRD Baja Series features TRD high-performance off-road shocks front shocks with red coil springs and 50mm shocks with remote 16-inch TRD beadlock-style wheels LT265/70R16 tires, BFGoodrich T/A KO tires, TRD cat-back exhaust, side graphics, TRD exterior

A Limited Package ($6695), only on Double Cabs V6 and automatic transmission, adds all the and convenience goodies, including four-way adjustable front seats with heat, tone instrument panel leather-trimmed steering wheel audio controls, 18-inch alloy wheels with tires, chrome grille chrome rear bumper, speed windshield wipers, sun visors with mirrors and an auto-dimming rear-view mirror rear camera display, temperature gauge, and HomeLink transceiver; all the content of Convenience the JBL stereo; and more.

An optional tow ($650) for V6 models comprises a alternator, heavy-duty battery, oil cooler, and a Class IV hitch seven-pin connector.

Safety that come on all models anti-lock brakes (ABS) Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Assist, Vehicle Stability with Traction Control, and the Limited-slip Differential.Models with transmission also include Assist Control, and TRD Off-Road add Downhill Assist Control.In front airbags, front side-impact airbags, and side-curtain are standard on all models.


The is instantly recognizable as a Toyota first clue is the familiar, arch over the top and sides of the brightly plated on SR5s, TRD and Limiteds; body color on TRD and argent-painted on base models.A protruding inner grille of plastic echoes and emphasizes Toy-truck hallmark.The trapezoidal leaves a small gap between and headlights, which is neatly by the orange turn signals.

Tacoma manages to look and rugged without going the top.The prominent lower air is framed at the top by a body-color extension of the grille arch (again, the theme) and by a gray pseudo-skid below.It suggests the menacing of a bottom-feeding fish.But in a good light nacelles flair from the fish-mouth form.

length of the Tacoma varies by style: Regular Cabs are the and most maneuverable, measuring inches overall on a 109.6-inch Cab and Double Cab short-bed models a 127.4-inch wheelbase and 208.1-inch length.Double Cab long-bed models are long at 221.3 inches on a 140.6-inch wheelbase.All models six-foot beds except the Cab short-bed, which has a five-foot

How to choose? Regular Cab models lots of cargo space in a small package, good for in the big city.Regular Cab 4WD models also the best break-over angle due to short length, and therefore the best capability off road.Access feature large dual auxiliary doors, not good for but very good for gear.Double have long, conventionally rear doors that 80 degrees for ease of entry or gear.Double Cabs offer the comfort of a sport-utility.Long-bed Double can carry more stuff but are in tight places.

Tacoma with a composite inner lighter than steel yet and more durable.The bed features loading and an integrated deck utility system with adjustable tie-down cleats.The are compatible with numerous Toyota Accessories, including cross bars, a fork-mount rack, and other useful


The Toyota Tacoma has a familiar feel.Climate and audio are concentrated in a blacked-out panel contrast) in a slightly bulging stack.High-contrast black trim on switch bezels and the inner as well.

The modern-looking steering features a rectangular hub, spokes at 3 and 9 o’clock, and brushed-metal-look at 5 and 7.Where the bright spokes the hub they open up into black control pads for and other functions.

Behind the is a functional three-pod instrument so many other brands, dabbled a few years ago with orange lighting, but the current uses red pointers against blue bands.It sure more high-tech; whether actually more readable is matter.

An AM/FM Satellite Radio-capable unit comes with a CD player and built-in Bluetooth for cellphone use.

V6-powered Cabs offer a more display audio system all the hot digital candy, including Toyota Entune services, XM Radio (with 90-day subscription), HD Radio with tagging and text/e-mail-to-voice; all playing at quality through a JBL GreenEdge system with seven technology helps reduce consumption by lowering the electric demand on the vehicle.)

The Toyota system combines popular applications and data services, three years of complimentary a smart phone is connected to the using Bluetooth or a USB cable, features are operated using the controls or, for some services, by recognition.Entune includes Bing and plus real-time info traffic, weather, fuel sports and stocks.Also available are and OpenTable.

TRD models benefit a water-resistant seat fabric, and all and Double Cabs are available heavy-duty all-weather flooring, we used to call rubber carpeting became ubiquitous. The dash and console are a lighter than the main upper brightening the interior; and trim surround the three clustered driver’s seat is height-adjustable, a complaint we’ve had in the past.Overall, the provides the driver with a driving position, and big mirrors a good view to the rear.Excellent handles on both A-pillars.

Toyota X

We the TRD package’s upgraded seats and nice, if costly.The sport seats with driver support were made of a gray fabric and had excellent overhead console includes a and temperature gauge.

Cup holders are in the center console area.On that don’t have seats, the front passenger’s flips down to form a table or to make room for objects, a handy feature.The is easy to operate, and everything is you expect it to be.Big rotary make it easy to adjust temperature even with on; the knobs are electronic, so they’re to twist.The radio is fully into the upper center and it’s easy to operate.CDs good through the JBL speakers.Models automatics come with a parking brake, while the transmission models use a pull-out a blast from the past we could do without.However we were thrilled with the air conditioning, blasts real cold fast.

The rear seats in the Tacoma Cab are particularly comfortable for the class, good legroom and shoulder and decent headroom.The seatback is back slightly, making it comfortable than the overly rear seats in some compact pickups.In a back-to-back test, we found the back of the Tacoma more comfortable those in the 2011-12 Nissan expects to launch a new Frontier and that could change A younger person should be to ride across the state in the seat of a Tacoma Double and even adults won’t too much on short trips.The windows even go all the way down.

The area in the Double Cab is also for carrying cargo.The seat is 60/40.Flip the seat bottoms and fold the two sections down to a flat platform for gear.It two hands to do this, and you first to remove the headrests, which is a though Toyota has at least a place to store them.The of the seatbacks are hard, and form a cargo floor.It’s not a bad spot for a but still a big jump down.Our has been that none of the in this class is particularly for dogs.

Access Cab has rear with the access coming on the side only, but there enough room for adults.The two we sentenced to the rear of our Access Cab are and 5-feet, 5 inches tall, and were okay back for a short ride but would have ridden in the bed with the

Driving Impression

The Toyota drives well and cruises offers plenty of power the V6.It handles well and relatively refined.Off-road models commendable capability over terrain and good ride as well.

The 4.0-liter V6 engine dual overhead camshafts and valve technology (Toyota it VVT-i, for Variable Valve with intelligence) to optimize and torque over a broad of rpm.In action, the V6 feels and delivers responsive performance.It is at 236 horsepower and a strong 266 pound-feet of

Toyota’s 4.0-liter V6 works with the 5-speed automatic that’s our first choice for truck: The V6 and automatic.The automatic is smooth and very responsive, downshifting when you mash the and it offers five ratios to keep the engine at its most rpm.

The 6-speed manual is easy to shift, but first is a very low ratio, leaving a stretch to second.The 6-speed requires long throws but downshifts well.It’s a good, truck transmission, without a lot of for error; you have to press the pedal all the way to the floor when gears or you’ll hear a

The automatic delivers comparable gas according to the latest EPA estimates, 17/21 mpg City/Highway vs.16/21 for the V6 and with 2WD; and 15/19 for the V6 and with 4WD.

The TRD Sport stiffens the ride and handling a suspension that’s more tuned, mostly by the Bilstein it’s not too firm.And it’s not as of a hot rod as the X Runner.After the shocks, 17-inch wheels and wider profile which definitely improve the TRD package contains mostly things.TRD stands for Toyota Development, but if you expect extra you’ll be disappointed.The V6 engine has the good power.It’s easy to out and lay down a chirp when to second gear, even the wider tires that with the TRD package.And the excellent makes it easy to cruise in 5th and 6th without needing to downshift to

The 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine better mileage than the V6 and runs on Regular gas.As the V6, the four-cylinder benefits from and dohc, which means a modern, sophisticated engine.It is at 159 horsepower and 180 pound-feet of torque, is about average for the class.EPA for a Tacoma with 2.7-liter are 21/25 mpg with 2WD and the 5-speed and 19/24 mpg for 2WD with the 4-speed

Handling is quite good on roads.The Tacoma feels in sweeping turns and suffers surprisingly little body or lean, in hard corners.The feels big on the road when with older compact and, in fact, it is relatively

Size can be a detriment when and a long-bed Double Cab can be a challenge in parking situations due to the amount of it requires to turn.The Tacoma Cab long bed requires 44 feet to a circle, while a Double Cab bed needs a little over 40 this reason, we recommend the bed unless you really need to something that won’t fit in base Tacoma Regular Cab a turning circle of less 37 feet.

On pavement, the 4WD and TRD Off-road seemed smooth and refined.Off-road, a 4WD TRD is smooth and highly capable.The TRD is excellent on rough, rugged handles well on rough trails, something we learned charging up a ski run at Alyeska.It never on the rough terrain even we pushed it well beyond acceptable standards.The Tacoma TRD easily handled an off-road that featured steep and descents, moguls, and a log step.In we’d feel comfortable just about any terrain in a Tacoma.And it doesn’t just get it does it in relative comfort.The doesn’t seem to generate as head toss as earlier 4WD pickups, an important consideration driving long distances rugged terrain, because you want to arrive to your camp fatigued from

Switching into 4WD and 4WD Lo is as easy as a rotary knob.It works well, for the most part.

The brakes are smooth and easy to and they can bring the truck to halt without drama.The brakes are drums, however, desirable than the rear brakes that come on of the other pickups in this available TRD Big Brake system floating 13×1.25-inch directionally rotors, forged aluminum fixed calipers, larger with higher coefficients of and braided steel brake

The 4Runner X-Runner is a lot of fun to drive and like a sports car.It flat and generates lots of in the curves.We pushed it hard up a climb and were not able to its cornering limits.It tracks and is very stable in tight even when spinning the rear tire under throttle.The ride is firm, we didn’t care for the feel of the pedal, the steering was vague and there was that aforementioned rear-wheel spin.Wind noise higher in the X-Runner than in the models.But much of this is is a tight, sporty truck, and the best of the genre.There’s no cowl exhaust sounds cool.If you a truck that can hang a sports car, the X-Runner is the

Toyota X
Toyota X

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