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Toyota Wish II

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First of I to thank GoldPaniogarden for his help in the mirrors.

In this thread I explain what I did to convert my Toyota Prius US mirrors to the JDM mirrors. I will also my method for hooking up the signal Here is what I received:

I ordered the following parts my Toyota Dealer:

1 of part # (housing connector)

9 of part # (Terminal repair)

I got this as

I also used non-insulated connectors heat shrink

I can’t for get my 2 favorite tools, 1 of is needed for adding the Casper

The Japan Toyota Wish are identical to the Prius mirrors the exception that the mounting is different. In Order to get the JDM mirrors to on the US Prius, a few things need to be

1) The mirrors need to get disassembled the motor swapped to the US mirror.

2) The US switch connector needs to be

Step 1. Disassembly (This need to be done 4 times)

the US mirrors from the car. To do there are 2 Philip head that need to be removed.

are where the arrows are

Once screws are removed, there is a in the bottom of the door panel I used to hold onto I pulled the panel away the door. Then you need to the door panel up away the door. Release the cables for the handle lock, then the for the light window switches. there are 2 black plastic that need to be removed. 1 has a head bolt the other is of the mirror which just off exposes the 3 10mm bolts hold the mirror in place. the harness for the mirror remove the 3

Here is a side by side the JDM vs. US mirror:

JDM on Left, US on Right

the mirror glass. The bottom of the clips in while the top sits in 2 I stuck my fingers under the of the glass gently pulling up the clips released. Then it was a of lifting the glass out (WARNING: If you heated glass, disconnect the 2 wires from the glass be Once the glass is out, the 3 philip screws holding in the motors. On the back of the adjustor are 2 for the power. I used a flat screwdriver to lift them up them. Now the inside of ur mirror look like this:

we need to remove the mounting cover rubber seal. The just pulls off. The base has a removable cover. the tabs to release remove the

Now the power connector is a 2 piece It has a outer sleeve that to be removed. There are 2 lil tabs need to be pulled away so the inner housing can be pulled out of the

To remove the mounting base, 3 screws need to be taken

Now pull the wiring harness the inside of the mirror out. remove the 2 philip screws hold the US hinge in place:

the back color matched from the mirror by releasing the tabs that hold it in Now ur mirror should look this:

Follow these 3 more time. Once for the other US mirror twice for the JDM

This is a side by side of the US vs. the JDM folding motor:

Reassemble of the US is the reverse of disassemble except you will be replacing the US hinge the JDM folding motor. I also the power wire for the folding put it in the US mirror:

I also added the mirror covers the 3 way lights. is what they look put back together:

Reinstall the on the car.

Step 2: Door Signal Lights

This is optional. You can use the supplied black that come with the mirror signal lights or you can do I choose to do.

There are now 7 extra on each mirror that need to be routed to under the I choose to buy the Metripack Wiring instead of using the supplied connectors. I went this cause I didn’t like how they felt.

I cut all 7 wires on each mirror to the length. I then crimped on the inserted them into the new

Next I got the supplied wires came with the mirrors did the same. In this step I had the wire from the folding go the the red wire the blue wire the folding mirror go to the black (look at the pic where my connectors are

Remove the 2 10mm bolts hold track for the wire the electrical tape

Pull the out of the door jam

Feed the wires the rubber boot inside the car

that is done, secure the down, replace the electrical reinstall the 10mm bolts. forget to reset the boot the door jam

The signal lights to be wired up next.

On the passenger there will be a junction box the door wires connect Locate the big connector with the tab on it. Locate the green wire is on the left row 2nd from the top. is the turn signal wire. The wire just below the red is for the parking lights. This is I made my taps. While ur there, look for the ground is where I connected my ground. takes care of the turn lights for the passenger side.

the 4 remaining wires, route the to the side

On the driver side will also be a junction box the door wires connect Again, locate the big connector the black clip on it. Locate the wire that is on the right row in the 2nd set of It’s the 6th one down. This is for the signal. The brown wire to it is for the parking lights. This is I made my taps. The ground was connected to a self taping that the dealer put in when hooked up their alarm.

With the 4 remaining wire are up to where the passenger side are the mirror switch is


I choose to get my switched ground for the lights from the blue in the “A” pillar. I ran my black wire the “A” pillar to under the dash. wire was connected to the black for the puddle lights. The red wire was to a constant + power. I found my from a red wire on the ECU. The had also used this wire for their alarm. was a lot easier than looking for the blue wire on the ECU.

Toyota Wish II

3: Folding Mirror Motors

I first got the Toyota Wish with the controller harness, I out to my car with the controller, harness new I went to make sure was PNP but to my surprise……it wasn’t. The controller plugged into the new switch no problem but the end that was suppose to into the cars harness was So I made a trip out to my dealer for info. I found out that the Toyota Sequioa with the package has factory folding that the switch that with the Toyota Wish is the same. So I got the wiring diagrams for my 2012 Prius the 04 Sequioa with the correct connector 90980-11657) 9 of the corresponding terminals 82998-12420).

2012 Prius Mirror Diagram:

2004 Sequioa Wiring Diagram:

New Connector

What I did was cut off the connector for the mirror on my Prius connected 7 of the new terminals to the that went to pins On the Prius connector, pin 1 pin 10 are not needed pin 9 was

Starting from pin 1 on the Prius

Pin 1 on Prius harness – not used

Pin 2 on harness – goes to pin 2 on the new connector

Pin 3 on harness — goes to pin 3 on the new

Pin 4 on Prius harness — to pin 4 on the new connector

Pin 6 on Prius harness goes to pin 6 on the new connector

Pin 7 on Prius — goes to pin 7 on the new connector

Pin 8 on harness — goes to pin 8 on the new

Pin 9 on Prius harness – Empty

Pin 10 on harness – not used

Pin 9 on the new connector to the black wire for the folding motor

Pin 10 on the new connector goes to the red for the folding mirror motor

There is a red white wire still needs to be connected.

The red I connected to the constant + red wire from the ECU (same wire I for the + wire on the puddle lights)

The wire I connected to the + door In the junction box on the driver side rest, look for the connector goes to the door….there are 2. Go to the 2nd connector for the biggest white wire red paint on it. This is the wire you (in the pic the door connector isn’t in the box but u can get the idea)

Constant + Red wire on ECU

Put the new in the dash

Now that you have ur Prius apart back again, give ur handy a try…….if you followed what I you should have this:

Toyota Wish II
Toyota Wish II
Toyota Wish II
Toyota Wish II
Toyota Wish II
Toyota Wish II


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