Toyota Urban Cruiser (2009)

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Toyota Urban Cruiser

Toyota Urban Cruiser

The Urban Cruiser offers a unique, urban all-road experience through the successful of three key attributes: Toyota’s expertise in rugged, all-road design, the comfort and versatility of a urban hatchback, and the class-leading economy and CO2 emissions of Toyota Drive technology.

The Toyota Cruiser’s robust, durable incorporates Toyota’s Active Control AWD system, the highest of occupant safety, and improved traction, stability and agility in all conditions for enhanced driving

Despite its compact, urban-friendly the Urban Cruiser benefits state-of-the-art Toyota packaging honed in cars such as the iQ and the . It offers all the 5-seat spaciousness, versatility and loadspace flexibility of compact cars, reflecting the diverse, active lifestyles of highly discriminating B segment

Recognising B segment customer for increasingly environmentally responsible Toyota Optimal Drive numerous, innovative technological to offer significant reductions in consumption and CO2 emissions without the Toyota Urban Cruiser’s performance and engaging driving

2009 Toyota Urban

The Urban Cruiser went on in Europe in May 2009. Full-year objectives target over units, with All Wheel vehicles accounting for 30% of the mix.

A new car in a diverse segment

The Toyota Cruiser has been designed for highly competitive B segment recently fragmented into sub-segments. These sub-segments more than doubled in since 2002. This has been driven by an increasingly cross-section of customers seeking distinctive vehicles to support a active lifestyle.

Adventurous, customer base

The Toyota Cruiser is designed for an adventurous, customer base. Dissatisfied conventional B segment hatchbacks, customers require a vehicle expresses a greater sense of and individuality. Typically, they are and couples in their 30s and 40s. Cruiser customers will a significant number of those who to combine an active lifestyle a high level of environmental

Distinctive design: rugged refined interior

The Toyota Cruiser meets the needs of its customers with a unique, design that offers the good looks of an all-roader a compact, urban friendly The high quality interior all the 5-seat spaciousness, practicality, and loadspace flexibility of a conventional with greater comfort and than is usual in the B segment market.

Compact, urban-friendly

The compact dimensions of the Urban — 3930mm long, wide and 1525mm tall when equipped with — make it ideal for in city streets. However, this compact exterior, the Cruiser’s long, 2460mm provides spacious accommodation for people and ample luggage

The Toyota Urban Cruiser agile, stable and firmly driving performance, which is improved by the option of AWD on 1.4-litre diesel engined models. The of the new urban all-roader is further by top-class active and passive

Class-leading CO2 emissions with driving dynamics

Through the of Toyota Optimal Drive the Urban Cruiser meets a demand for socially responsible Whilst Toyota’s new urban offers a marked reduction in bills and responds to the pan-European of CO2-based vehicle taxation exceptionally low CO2 emissions within the threshold, it still delivers a enjoyable driving experience in and out of the city. The Urban Cruiser is with a choice of two advanced and efficient new engines: a 1.33-litre VVT-i petrol engine Stop Start technology, and a D-4D diesel engine. The AWD powertrain generates CO2 emissions of 130g/km; the world’s lowest for an all-wheel driven passenger

Rugged styling in the Toyota tradition

The Toyota Urban combines the rugged, muscular of a Toyota all-roader with urban-friendly dimensions and five-door

The new urban all-roader’s striking meet demanding B segment desires for a car that stands out the crowd. The high belt prominent lower doorsills and wheel arches accentuate the Cruiser’s robust, eye-catching Emphasising the car’s all-roader underbody components including the bumper underguard, side panel mouldings and rear underguard are blacked-out. Further this rugged appearance, the Cruiser is also available a body kit that encompasses the underbody.

Instantly identifying the Urban Cruiser as a member of the family, frontal design such as the large horizontal bar within the front grille, which flow back and into the wings, and a deep, front bumper with foglamps all combine to accentuating the allroader’s broad, purposeful

In profile, the Urban Cruiser’ muscularity is further reinforced the strength of prominent wheel broad shoulder surfaces and door panels. Large, door mirrors ensure rear visibility and are designed for aerodynamic performance and low wind

A low-profile rear window, sculpted bodywork and wide with large tyres to accentuate the Urban Cruiser’s rear stance. Matching of the front bumper, a blacked-out bumper underguard reinforces the urban all-road credentials.

combination lamps, with fog lamps, feature twotone red and outer lenses. A high-mount, LED lamp is integrated within the trim.

The Toyota Urban is equipped with large, 16 fitted as standard. Terra models feature 16 steel with wheelcaps. Luna models boast 16 matt alloys, and Sol grade versions are by dramatic, 16 super chrome alloy wheels.

Advanced Cd 0.315

Despite its rugged design, the Urban Cruiser admirable aerodynamic characteristics, a drag coefficient of only Cd This was made possible by the tuning of airflow over the Particular attention has been to the airflow over the ‘pagoda’ and rear spoiler, and optimisation of the of the roof sides. The lower of the front bumper and the door have also been for optimum aerodynamic performance, the addition of front and rear spats significantly reduces arch air turbulence.

High interior, styled at Toyota’s Design Studio

The Urban interior was designed by Toyota’s ED2 Design Studio, to provide of quality and refinement unprecedented in the B all-roader market.

The strong emphasis of the dashboard emphasises the Urban Cruiser’s bright, interior design. Its careful with the concave door surfaces reinforces the urban class leading occupant attributes. Within the driver’s binnacle, the speedometer and tachometer are in a concentric circle behind a glass plate with a coating, creating the impression of a radar screen.

The design of the ‘floating’ centre combines flair and originality outstanding switchgear ergonomics and The centre cluster, front and door switch panels are in metallic silver finish, the quality and refinement of the interior.

to promote environmentally responsible a Gear Shift Indicator optimum gear-shifting for maximum efficiency and minimum CO2 emissions.

flexibility and practicality

The Urban long, 2460 mm wheelbase and 785 mm and 685 mm front and rear overhangs to award the new urban all-roader a spacious interior despite its external dimensions. A loadspace of 314 litres may be increased to 749 litres the rear seats folded

Complementing a dark grey the seats are upholstered in a high jersey material, available in grades. The sporting front benefit from a particularly profile, which greatly rear passenger leg room.

Two of rear seats are available, with an improved folding the 2WD model has a 60:40 split with slide, recline and functions, the AWD version has a 60:40 seat with recline and functions.

In recognition of the active of B segment customers, the Urban features a wide range of compartments. These include and upper glove box compartments, door pockets which A4 sized documents or a bottle, door pocket bottle a rear centre bottle a utility box next to the hand a front driver’s side box, twin front cup holders and a front passenger’s cup holder conveniently located in of the air vent for effective cooling warm weather driving.

Optimal Drive: More Lower Fuel Consumption and CO2

The Toyota Urban Cruiser from the latest Toyota Drive technology, a range of innovations introduced to strengthen lead in environmental responsibility and mobility. Incorporated, as standard, in Toyota, it is fundamental to achieving the whole-fleet CO2 average target of 140g/km.

Toyota Optimal showcases a combination of wide-ranging, technologies designed to optimise the of performance and driving enjoyment fuel economy and low emissions. diverse core technologies on three key aspects of powertrain the reduction of engine weight, the of unnecessary mechanical losses and the of combustion efficiency.

The Urban powertrain line-up features a new Dual VVT-i petrol with Stop Start a 1.4-litre D-4D diesel and a new six-speed manual transmission for engines. Every powertrain fully from the low friction super-lightweight compact design and combustion efficiency inherent in Optimal Drive.

New 1.33-litre VVT-i petrol engine

innovative Stop Start the new 1.33-litre petrol engine is with Dual VVT-i Valve Timing-intelligent) and a remarkably compression ratio of 11.5:1. It 74kW/101 DIN hp and maximum torque of 132 Nm at rpm, combining excellent performance with fuel of just 5.5l/100km and CO2 emissions of 129g/km.

Profiting from Toyota’s motorsport experience, the unit is lightweight and compact, with a bore and long stroke, in a very high power-to-weight It features a resin-type cylinder cover and intake manifold, and the channel has been streamlined to airflow for improved combustion

Dual VVT-i helps response levels across the rev range by varying the air-fuel and exhaust valve timing to the conditions at any given time. In to improving torque at low and medium speeds, the system also emissions and enhances fuel

New Stop Start technology

with the 1.33 litre engine, a new Stop Start automatically switches off the engine the vehicle is stopped. Under driving conditions, the system significant reductions in fuel and CO2 emissions (up to 4%).

Toyota’s Start system features the first permanently engaged motor gear mechanism. equips the system with two benefits: outstanding quietness and restart.

The Stop Start turns off the engine whenever it is not When the car comes to a halt, the stops when the shift is in position and the clutch pedal is In addition, and in order not to affect comfort and safety, certain conditions must be fulfilled. For the engine will not stop if the cabin temperature has not been When that temperature is the airconditioner will switch to loading, allowing the engine to stop. The engine will restart in the event of low battery or if the vehicle begins to move, in the of safety.

Revised 1.4-litre diesel engine

Available either a 2WD or AWD drivetrain, the 1.4-litre common rail diesel has been comprehensively reengineered. as standard, with a Diesel Filter (DPF), the intercooled employs the very latest technology.

Benefiting from an high injection pressure of 160 the piezo-electric injectors can supply more precise volumes of at twice the speed of conventional injectors. Because of their operating speed, they can multiple injections per combustion optimising the combustion process for performance with low fuel and reduced emissions.

The unit 66kW/90 DIN hp and maximum torque of 205 Nm at rpm. Front wheel versions return fuel figures of 4.5l/100km and CO2 emissions of 118g/km. The AWD version returns consumption figures of 4.9l/100km, and CO2 of just 130g/km; the world’s emissions for an all-wheel driven car.

New 6-speed manual

Also benefiting from Optimal Drive technology, a new transmission has been developed for the Dual VVT-i and 1.4-litre engines. Gear changes are quiet and smooth, and the new transmission world-class levels of efficiency and fuel economy due to a wide gear ratio.

Active Control AWD

The Toyota Urban 1.4-litre D-4D diesel is available with Active Control AWD. Integrated the vehicle’s other traction systems, Active Torque AWD is seamlessly flexible, providing an torque distribution ranging from 100:0 to 50:50 to rear depending on driving and the prevalent road conditions.

Employing an electronically controlled placed in front of the rear the new AWD system affords enhanced performance and cornering stability. accelerating or starting off on a low-grip torque is provided to all four to guarantee optimum acceleration minimal loss of traction. low speed cornering, torque to the rear wheels is reduced to tight corner braking. braking, the electronically controlled is disengaged to optimize ABS control. normal cruising conditions, is apportioned to the rear wheels when necessary, reducing consumption.

Active Torque AWD is fully automated. However, via a on the instrument panel, the system may be to further improve traction in mud or When locked, the system maximum torque to the rear When vehicle speed 40 km/h, Lock mode is and switched to Auto mode

MacPherson strut front torsion beam type suspension

The Toyota Urban features a high rigidity, L-arm type MacPherson front suspension system combines excellent ride with minimal body and dynamic, agile handling

Chosen for its compact, lightweight offering minimal intrusion the loadspace, the rear suspension features a torsion beam integral anti-roll bar. The combines outstanding packaging with first class comfort and handling.

Electric Steering (EPS)

The Urban Electric Power Steering offers variable assistance for urban manoeuvrability combined optimum weight and feel high speed driving. advanced system uses power only when assist is needed. As a result it higher fuel efficiency conventional hydraulic power systems. Moreover, because it not use hydraulic fluid, EPS does not waste oil, and is thus a environmentally friendly system.

absorbing body

The Toyota Cruiser has been designed to the highest levels of active, and pedestrian impact safety

Its lightweight yet high rigidity, body shell incorporates a percentage of high tensile To reduce the impact force on backs and chests during a collision, impact-absorbing material is in each part of the door A crushable door armrest further absorbs side impact forces.

Toyota Urban Cruiser

The Toyota Cruiser’s bonnet features an absorbing structure and a crushable at its rear edge. The bonnet lock is well distanced the upper bonnet surface, and the front incorporates upper and leg impact absorbers. Additional located where the rear of the bonnet meets the upper and a front wiper motor with a collapsible bracket minimise pedestrian impact

Seven SRS airbags

All Urban versions are equipped, as standard, seven SRS airbags; driver and passenger airbags, a driver’s airbag, front side and full-length side curtain airbags.

3-point ELR (Emergency Retractor) seatbelts

All front and seats feature three-point, ELR Locking Retractor) seatbelts a pre-tensioner and force limiter The ELR is designed to lock up the seatbelt excessive load is applied a preset value. During a the force limiter fractionally seatbelt tension to lower chest impact forces.

front headrests

The Toyota Cruiser is fitted with front seat headrests to whiplash injuries during end collisions. Should a rear of sufficient velocity occur, the are operated automatically, moving and upwards to support the heads of the and front passenger.

Powerful front and rear brakes

The Urban Cruiser is with 275 mm ventilated disc to the front. To the rear, 2WD models are with 259 mm discs and AWD models 279 mm

ABS, EBD, BA, TRC and VSC (Active Systems)

The Toyota Urban is fitted, as standard, with an Braking System (ABS), Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), Assist (BA), Traction (TRC) and Vehicle Stability (VSC).

EBD works with ABS to that the most effective force is applied to each according to road conditions. By the wheels from locking, EBD to maintain surefooted stability cornering and braking. BA identifies the for, and applies, additional force if the driver fails to sufficient force during braking, or releases brake too soon.

TRC monitors and controls the of power that is applied to the through the car’s wheels. If the detects that one or more is about to lose traction it determines the best way to restore to that wheel, either by the power being sent to the that is about to spin or, in extreme cases, momentarily the wheel until it regains

VSC is designed to prevent loss of car when entering a corner too or in slippery conditions which lead to a skid. Via sensors car body rotation, wheel and brake pressure, the system vehicle stability and the proximity of an understeer or oversteer slide. The restores stability by applying modulated braking to the appropriate individually.

Lower servicing

The Toyota Urban Cruiser’s km service interval maximises lifetime efficiency, ensuring such as brake pads are changed when they been fully used. The new all-roader features a maintenance-free chain, a low cost oil filter in only one component has to be replaced and spark plugs. The use of synthetic oil is not further lowering maintenance

The Urban Cruiser also from Toyota’s already record of low repair costs. components have been specifically to reduce impact costs. These include mounting brackets which are to break on impact before the itself is damaged and the large bumper, which reduces to the bonnet during collisions.

The structure has also been to reduce repair costs a minor collision occurs. is expected to receive a class 17 (1.4-litre D-4D AWD version) in testing set by the German Insurance

Oil Maintenance Monitoring System

The Toyota Urban Cruiser’s 1.4 turbodiesel features an Oil Maintenance System (OMMS) which monitors engine use and determines the oil change interval.

In addition, the of automatic valve adjusters on the litre Dual VVT-i removes the need to periodically valve clearances throughout the lifespan. Clutches are self-adjusting, and an tensioner avoids the need for checking of the auxiliary belt Auxiliary belt life is 105 000 km and the coolant will last 150 000 km.

Low CO2 taxation and fuel costs

the adoption of Toyota Optimal technology, both the Urban petrol and diesel engines are efficient. As a result, customers not only from lower bills, but also, due to lower CO2 lower taxation in many countries.

Proven Toyota

Benefiting from over 50 of Toyota all-roader expertise, the Urban Cruiser bodyshell has designed to remain corrosion throughout the life of the vehicle. The use of steel sheets on most of the components enhances anti-corrosion And an underbody undercoating further corrosion damage as a result of chipping.

Environmentally friendly

Often heated and cooled solar power, surrounded by trees and committed to zero fill operations, Toyota plants are some of the most advanced in the world.

The quantity of harmful VOC (Volatile Organic materials used in parts the interior of the Urban Cruiser has reduced. Acrylic-based material is for the undercoating material of the underbody, avoiding the use of polyvinyl chloride.

end-of-life dismantling

To ensure recycling, dismantling marks are on large components such as the bumper, instrument panel front and back door deck side trim, and door trim. In addition, of components which weigh than 100g are marked as can help simplify dismantling

Three Grade Levels Comprehensive Standard Equipment

in Terra, Luna and Sol model the Toyota Urban Cruiser a comprehensive standard equipment even on entry level

The Terra entry grade Cruiser is equipped with: Braking System (ABS), Brake force Distribution Brake Assist (BA), Stability Control (VSC), Control (TRC), seven active front seat electric windows, remote locking, a six speaker radio/CD MP3 compatibility, tilt and telescopic driver’s seat height Electric Power Steering, instruments, a gear shift 16 pressed steel wheels, a spoiler and bodycoloured door with turn indicators.

To the Terra grade specification, adds 16- inch matt wheels, manual air conditioning, a six radio/CD with aux-in and Bluetooth® connectivity, rear windows, a leather steering with audio and telephone and a leather gearshift knob.

To the grade specification, Sol adds Sol trim, 16-inch super metallic alloy wheels, a satellite navigation system, start button and smart automatic air conditioning and an electro rear view mirror.

Toyota Urban Cruiser
Toyota Urban Cruiser


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