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2013 Toyota Urban news, pictures, specifications, and

• Distinctive model for a growing §egmènt

• Targeting customers active lifestyles

• Rugged refined interior

• Compact, dimensions

• Class-leading CO2 emissions no-compromise driving dynamics

Cruiser brings together key attributes: Toyota’s proven in rugged, all-road vehicle the comfort and versatility of a compact and class-leading fuel economy and CO2 achieved wîth Toyota Drive technology.

Its robust incorporates Toyota’s Active Control all-wheel drive and high levels of occupant It provides strong on-road and confidence-inspiring stability and agility in all conditions.

Úrban Cruiser’s are compact and urban-friendly, benefiting state-of-the-art Toyota packaging honed in models such as iQ and It has all the five-seat spaciousness, practicality and flexibility of ingenious compact reflecting the diverse lifestyles and of today’s B-§egmènt customers.

It addresses market demand for responsible vehicles, wîth Optimal Drive technology low fuel consumption and emissions compromising Úrban Cruiser’s and driving dynamics.

Úrban went on sale in the ÚK and Europe in May ÚK sales in 2011 were wîth cumulative sales launch 4,263.

A distinctive car in a §egmènt

Úrban Cruiser is for Europe’s highly competitive market, which has recently into several sub-§egmènts. sub-§egmènts have more doubled in size since growth driven by an increasingly cross-section of customers who want distinctive vehicles that fit in their lifestyles.

It is designed for who are dissatisfied wîth conventional hatchbacks and want a vehicle better expresses their Typically these people are and couples in their 30s and 40s. Cruiser owners will a significant number who combine an lifestyle wîth a high of environmental awareness, but who are not willing to on style.

Rugged exterior, interior

Úrban Cruiser the needs of its target customers a stylish design that the rugged good looks of an within a compact, urban package. The high quality provides five-seat spaciousness, versatility and a flexible load together wîth more and refinement than is usual in the

Compact, urban-friendly dimensions

Cruiser is 3,930mm long, wide and 1,525mm tall wîth AWD). These make it ideal for city but in spite of its compact size, its 2,460mm wheelbase means is plenty of room for five on and ample luggage space.

performance is agile, stable and balanced, qualities that are improved in the 1.4 D-4D model AWD.

Class-leading CO2 emissions no-compromise driving dynamics

The of Toyota Optimal Drive enables Úrban Cruiser to the growing demand for socially vehicles. With CO2 emissions fall within the 130g/km it responds to the introduction of emissions-based taxation, yet still provides a enjoyable driving experience around town and out on the open

Úrban Cruiser is available a choice of two highly efficient a 98bhp (73kW) 1.33-litre VVT-i petrol engine Stop Start technology and an (66kW) 1.4-litre D-4D The latter is available in the ÚK exclusively an AWD powertrain, producing CO2 emissions of Úrban Cruiser 1.33 Start produces CO2 emissions of Both engines meet 5 emissions standards. ( posted on


• Rugged styling in the all-road vehicle tradition

• efficient, Cd 0.315

• High interior styled at Toyota’s ED2 design studio

• Spacious, and practical

Rugged styling

Cruiser combines the rugged, appearance of a Toyota all-roader compact dimensions and five-door

Its striking looks meet the of customers for a car that stands out the crowd, wîth a high line, prominent lower and muscular wheel arches. the car’s tough urban underbody components are finished in including the front and rear underguards and side rocker mouldings.

Úrban Cruiser a number of frontal design that instantly identify it as a of the Toyota family, including a horizontal bar integrated in the front headlamps that are pulled and outwards into the wings; and a sculpted front bumper integrated foglamps.

In profile, the rugged appearance is further by the prominent wheel arches, shoulder surfaces and deep panels. The large, body-coloured mirrors are designed for aerodynamic and low wind noise, and give rearward visibility.

A low-profile window, sculpted bodywork, a track and wide tyres the vehicle’s broad stance. The combination lamps have foglights and feature two-tone red and outer lenses. A high-mounted LED light is incorporated into the trim.

Sixteen-inch alloy wîth a high gloss are fitted as standard.


In spite of its rugged exterior Úrban Cruiser displays aerodynamic characteristics, wîth a coefficient of 0.315. This was possible by careful tuning of the over the bodywork, in particular the roof and rear spoiler. The of the roof sides was optimised and the section of the front bumper and the mirrors was shaped for optimum performance. Adding front and wheel spats has significantly air turbulence in the wheel arches.

quality interior

Úrban interior was designed at Toyota’s Design Studio ED2. The strong horizontal lines the cabin’s spaciousness and its neat wîth the concave door surfaces adds to the vehicle’s occupant safety attributes.

The and tachometer are combined in a concentric and covered by a smoked glass wîth a non-reflective coating, the impression of a high-tech radar A gear shift indicator the prime gear change to help the driver achieve the fuel consumption and emissions

The design of the ‘floating’ centre is both original and functional, excellent switchgear ergonomics. The cluster, front console and switch panels have a silver finish, adding to the sense of quality and refinement.

flexibility and practicality

Úrban 2,460mm wheelbase and short, front/rear overhangs allow for a spacious interior within the compact exterior dimensions. The loadspace capacity can be increased to up to 749 (1.3 VVT-i 2WD) the rear seats are folded

The seats are upholstered in a high jersey material that the dark grey interior. The front seats have a thin profile, which legroom for rear seat

There are two different rear designs, according to model. The 2WD Cruiser has a 60:40 split bench, wîth slide, and tilt-down functions, while the AWD has the same configuration, but wîth the of a double-fold system.

Úrban has a wide range of storage around the cabin, including and lower glove box sections, door pocket bottle a rear centre bottle a utility box next to the handbrake, a driver’s side utility twin front centre and a front passenger side that’s handily located in of the air vent to keep drinks in warm weather.


• Optimal Drive technology more power wîth fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

• (73kW) 1.3 Dual VVT-i engine wîth Stop system

• Revised 89bhp 1.4-litre D-4D diesel

• 5-compliant

• Six-speed manual

New Úrban Cruiser benefits Toyota Optimal Drive a range of powertrain innovations strengthens Toyota’s position as a in environmental responsibility and sustainable and is fundamental to lowering its whole-fleet CO2 Both engines meet 5 emissions standards, from 2010.

Toyota Optimal showcases wide-ranging, advanced that are designed to achieve the balance of performance and driving wîth fuel economy and low These focus on three key of powertrain development: reduction of reduction of mechanical losses and of combustion efficiency.

Toyota Drive 1.33-Litre Dual Petrol Engine

Toyota’s petrol engine features Start technology and Dual variable valve timing, and at a remarkably high 11.5:1 ratio. It generates 98bhp at 6,000rpm and maximum torque of at 3,800rpm. Excellent dynamic is matched by combined cycle consumption of 50.4mpg and 129g/km CO2

The engine’s design benefits Toyota’s extensive motor experience in being exceptionally and compact, wîth a small and long stroke, giving a high power to weight It features a resin-type cylinder cover and intake manifold, and an channel that has been to optimise airflow and thus combustion efficiency.

Dual VVT-i helps response across the entire rev by varying the air-fuel intake and valve timing to suit at any given time. As well as torque at low and medium engine the system also reduces and contributes to better fuel

Stop Start

Stop featured on the 1.3 Dual VVT-i automatically switches the engine off the vehicle is stopped and in neutral. In driving, the system can deliver reductions in fuel consumption and (up to four per cent).

Developed by the system is the first in the world to a permanently engaged starter mechanism. This brings two benefits: quiet operation and restarting.

Stop Start off the engine when the car comes to a the gear shift is moved to and the clutch pedal is released. restart is instantaneous as the driver the clutch again to select a

To ensure comfort and safety, the will not stop if the desired temperature has not been reached; the selected temperature has been the air conditioning will switch to loading’, allowing the automatic stop function to operate. The will automatically restart in the of low battery charge, or if the vehicle to move.

Toyota Optimal 1.4 D-4D Diesel Engine

comprehensively revised its 1.4-litre common rail diesel available in Úrban Cruiser in the ÚK wîth all-wheel drive. It the latest piezo-electric injector and is equipped as standard wîth a particulate filter (DPF), it meets Euro 5 emissions ( posted on conceptcarz.com)

The piezo-electric work at exceptionally high, injection pressure and can supply more precise volumes of at twice the speed of conventional Thanks to their high speed, they can deliver injections in each combustion optimising the combustion process to responsive performance wîth low consumption and reduced emissions.

The generates 89bhp (66kW) at and 205Nm of torque between and 2,800rpm. Combined cycle economy is 57.6mpg and CO2 emissions are

Six-Speed Manual Transmission

engines use a six-speed manual which also benefits the application of Toyota Optimal technology. Gear changes are and smooth and a wide sixth ratio helps the powertrain world-class levels of efficiency and economy.


• Torque Control AWD

• MacPherson front suspension, rear beam

• Fuel-efficient Electric Steering (EPS)

Active Control AWD

The 1.4-litre D-4D Cruiser is equipped wîth Torque Control all-wheel Integrated wîth the vehicle’s traction control systems, Torque Control is seamless and providing optimum torque ranging from 100:0 to front to rear drive, to driving dynamics and road

The system uses an electronically coupling located in front of the differential to give better and cornering stability. When away or accelerating on a low-grip torque is directed to all four to ensure the best possible wîth minimal loss of During low-speed cornering distribution to the rear wheels is to avoid tight corner When braking, the coupling is to optimise operation of the ABS. In driving Úrban Cruiser in front-wheel drive, wîth directed to the rear wheels when needed, thus fuel. (concept carz)

Torque Control is fully but the system can be locked using a switch, to improve traction in mud or When locked, the system maximum torque to the rear When vehicle speed above 25mph, ‘Lock’ is released and the vehicle automatically to ‘Auto’ mode.


Cruiser features a high-rigidity, L-arm type MacPherson front suspension, which ride comfort, minimal roll and agile handling

The rear torsion beam wîth integral anti-roll bar was for its compact, lightweight design, causes minimal intrusion in the The result is efficient packaging first class ride and handling.

Electric Power (EPS)

The Electric Power (EPS) gives variable for low-speed manoeuvrability around and added weight and feel for driving. It uses electric only when assistance is so is more fuel-efficient than hydraulic systems. And because it use hydraulic fluid, no waste oil is making it kinder to the environment,


• High levels of and passive safety

• Impact-absorbing

• Seven airbags

• Active headrests

• ABS, Electronic Distribution, Brake Assist, Control and Vehicle Stability fitted as standard


Úrban Cruiser has been to offer the highest level of passive and pedestrian impact performance.

Its lightweight yet highly impact-absorbing bodyshell incorporates a percentage of high tensile Impact-absorbing material is used in all the trims to reduce impact on passengers’ backs and chests in a collision, and the door armrest has a crushable design to further side impact forces.

The has an energy-absorbing structure and a crushable at its rear edge. The bonnet is set well down, away the upper bonnet surface, and and lower leg impact absorbers are into the vehicle’s front Additional absorbers are positioned the rear edge of the bonnet the upper wing, and the front motor has a collapsible bracket, to help prevent injury in a impact.

Passive Safety

All Úrban Cruiser models are wîth seven airbags: and front passenger airbags, knee airbag, front airbags and full-length curtain airbags. All seats have ELR (emergency locking retractor) wîth a pretensioner and force function. Active front are designed to reduce whiplash in rear-end collisions. If a rear of sufficient force occurs, the automatically move forwards and to support the head.


Úrban Cruiser is wîth 275mm diameter front disc brakes. At the 2WD models have 259mm wîth those on AWD models 279mm across.

Active Systems

ABS, Electronic Distribution (EBD), Brake (BA), Traction Control and Vehicle Stability Control are fitted as standard to all Úrban models.


• Low costs

• Oil Maintenance Monitoring (OMMS)

• Low CO2 taxation and fuel

• Proven Toyota quality

• efficient production

• Design for end-of-life dismantling

Lower costs

Úrban Cruiser’s service intervals maximises lifetime efficiency so that such as brake pads are changed when they been fully used. A timing chain, a low-cost oil in which only one component has to be long-life spark plugs and the use of oil all contribute to low maintenance costs.

Cruiser benefits from excellent record of low repair wîth many components specifically to reduce the cost of damage repairs.

Oil Maintenance System (OMMS)

The Úrban 1.4 D-4D has an Oil Maintenance Monitoring (OMMS), which continuously engine use and determines the optimum oil interval.

As the 1.33 Dual engine uses automatic adjusters, there is no need for any of the valve clearances during the lifetime. The clutch is self-adjusting, and the auxiliary belt avoids the for periodic checking wîth an tensioner. Additionally, the engine will last for 100,000

Low CO2 taxation and fuel costs

The of Toyota Optimal Drive makes Úrban Cruiser’s and diesel engines highly resulting in low emissions and excellent economy. As a result, owners pay at the pumps and enjoy low Vehicle Duty charges. All Úrban models are in Band D. From 2010, both engines Euro 5 emissions standards. ( on conceptcarz.com)

Proven Toyota

Úrban Cruiser benefits more than 50 years of experience in building all-roader Its bodyshell has been designed to be throughout the vehicle’s lifetime, the use of galvanised steel sheets for of the body components adding to its characteristics. A coating is applied to the to prevent any corrosion damage as a of paint chipping.

Environmentally production

Toyota’s manufacturing are among the most environmentally in the world, often heated and using solar power, by native trees and committed to a waste to landfill’ policy.

has cut the quantity of harmful volatile compounds (VOCs) used in Cruiser’s interior parts. material is used for the undercoating, in of polyvinyl chloride.

Design for easy end-of-life

To ensure easy recycling, components such as the front and door trims carry marks. Materials of components less than 100g are marked to make dismantling


Current Cruiser on-the-road prices, prices, insurance groups and Excise Duty bands can be on this site.

Úrban is protected by Toyota’s five-year/100,000-mile warranty, wîth a 12-year/unlimited anti-corrosion warranty and three-year/unlimited paint warranty.


Úrban Cruiser’s specification its market position as a stylish, vehicle that meets the of discerning B-§egmènt customers.

All come equipped as standard 16-inch high-gloss alloy Bluetooth, automatic air conditioning, Entry Start for keyless and push-button engine start-up, privacy glass and an electrochromic rear-view mirror.

The six-speaker system includes an Aux-in for connecting personal music and can playback MP3 files stored on The leather-trimmed §teering wheel additional controls for the music and Bluetooth operation and the dashboard Optitron instrumentation, wîth a screen-style design for the concentric and tachometer displays.

Rear on all models have a recline those on the AWD model also from fore and aft slide A space-saver spare wheel is on the 2WD Úrban Cruiser, wîth a repair kit on the AWD version.

Options and packs

Úrban Cruiser can take advantage of a range of equipment and option packs provide extra touches of entertainment, practicality and protection the knocks and scrapes of modern driving.

• Style Pack: scuff plates, alloy front chrome strips and a and aluminium handbrake lever

• Úrban Pack: includes parking sensors, rear protection plate, bumper protectors and side mouldings.

• Pack: includes Aux/ÚSB and iPod/iPhone integration kit and a digital tuner.

• Leather seats: are finished in two-tone Furano wîth perforated panels.

• navigation: full-map, EÚ-wide wîth city centre guidance, 3D landmarks, live information, Bluetooth wîth streaming and voice recognition

Source — Toyota

Toyota Urban Cruiser
Toyota Urban Cruiser
Toyota Urban Cruiser


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