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Toyota T.u.v

Review: Volvo V60 D2 Business

When you need to dig a hole you use a If you want some money you go to a And if you want a car to transport large and potentially a dog, then you get a Like a loyal family a Volvo estate has always seen as a faithful companion on roads. The only downside to dependable load luggers is the neighbours wouldn’t glance at it. Let us be honest, a big estate car isn’t the sexiest machine you could be That said, the Volvo V60 a good job of turning heads.

as a Volvo that still the practicality box, the V60 is a much sculpted and design oriented car estates of the past. Bonnet add some character, broad gives a sense of presence, and amounts of chrome trim to onlookers that this is much a premium product. Our car is the Business Edition, a model at those looking for a company car at a price, but still with the extras that make a bit more executive. In power the car looked very smart with the standard alloy

The interior is typical Volvo each component being to very high standards. the centre consoles vast of buttons is beginning to look a bit now, a new interior layout for the will come with the XC90, the controls are logically Something that always me with the latest incarnation of cars is just how meticulously the designers have been everything occupants interact Things such as the reassuring of resistance when buttons are or the shape of its sublimely supportive It certainly feels like cared an awful lot about how should feel inside the The instrument panel is predominantly in this Business Edition, but it feature an Eco gauge showing how your driving is. Space in the row is ample both in the head and leg Whilst the boot has a flat area and is big enough for all of your Volvo estate owner it is slightly smaller than thanks to the V60’s tapered The rear seats fold or can be individually lowered making for a space. This Business also receives satellite and Bluetooth.

Our V60 had the keyless option and so with a push of the starter its 1.6 litre turbocharged diesel to life. At idle the engine is smooth with hardly any penetrating into the cabin. In the diesel that produces and emits just 108g/km of CO2 is quiet. Only under acceleration does a hum begin to This Volvo V60 does a touch of turbolag that is noticeable at low rpm, but the turbo spools up and provides excellent to pull off overtaking manoeuvres. Its 6 manual gearbox is smooth and gear slots into with minimal fuss. On the Volvo V60 hold its own and is capable of cruising for long periods of Take the car into a more environment and you will find it to be a easy machine to drive good visibility all around. The is precise allowing for accurate of the car on the road promoting a feeling of However, the steering feel whilst well weighted little feedback. I also a small gripe with the as for a big car where people will a lot of time, the ride is firmer expected. However the upside of a setup is reduced body through corners, in this the V60 always feels composed. The of this car on one take of fuel, you drive sensibly is astonishing. I it will easily do over 700 and its claimed 63MPG isn’t too far off in the real world.

At £24,220 our car has some tough rivals in the of the BMW 3 Series Touring and Audi A4 yet the Volvo sets itself from the Germans with styling and trademark Volvo It might not be the most engaging car in its but if it is practicality, a touch of style and ergonomics you are looking for, the Volvo V60 D2 Business Edition is a choice.

Review: Volvo V40 T2

Technology is something that and everyone of us takes for granted in world. Take a moment to about how convenient it is that smartphone can tell you what the is like where you are going, you of what time to leave in to avoid the traffic it has found on route, as well as guide you to eventual destination. All of that a little box in your pocket was originally designed to make a call. Volvo are at the very edge of technology when it to the automotive sector. Their in safety technology and endless has not only provided their with safer vehicles to in, but also spurred competitors advancing their own technologies to Volvo’s reputation for safety is deserved and hard earned but the is can they package it in such a way much like our mobile we take it for granted? The V40 aims to do but also beat attempt the at their own game in the arena of hatchbacks.

Looking fantastically executive in the Sapphire Metallic of our test the Volvo V40 provides an aesthetic that is both elegant and The sculpted shoulder line and grill are complimented by that Volvo badge on the cars This being the R-Design means that it gets exhaust pipes and  a set of smart alloy wheels. Its are unique in comparison to competitors and the grownup premium nature of the

The interior is a masterclass in practicality, quality and design. Seating in comfort the overall spacious in the V40 is the basis for a pleasant environment. The models receive a set of these sporty half leather alcantara seats that good levels of bolstering and Rear passengers are treated to of leg and head room, not to mention a dozen neat storage Heading back to the front of the car you find its completely digital and instrument cluster that the high-tech tone that throughout. DAB radio, satellite Bluetooth and other media are all accessible using the controls on signature floating central On said console there is access to some of the V40’s safety features, but we shall get on to later. The thing I love about the interior of this car is the to detail. It really does like engineers have sat and looked at every element of the thinking “is there any way we can make better?” Take the mirror for Designers have made one without a black frame the edge, a very small and irrelevant detail, but in doing so the now piece of glass is much pleasing to the eye. Everything you or interact with has a nice feel that promotes a sense of care from the who built it. My only real with the interior is that the as it isn’t quite as big as competitors and has a lip. Other than it is genuinely hard to fault.

with a 1.6 litre 118BHP engine, this Volvo V40 T2 into life at the push of a The intuitive digital instruments detailed car graphics for alerts and speed limits in a manner shows it to be a very user interface. In motion the V40’s is responsive and in cooperation with a geared 6 speed manual, it is a to drive. The driving position is comfortable and useful steering mounted buttons are logically bringing peace of mind as to the blind panic of some when you accidentally cancel the Its pedal set feels good the weight of the steering complimenting the way in this car interacts with the Turn-in is precise and the whole is actually good fun when hard on quiet country Over bumps the V40 is comfortable when the road surface particularly bad it does feel a bit On motorways it becomes apparent vey that the Volvo can swallow distances with ease. the radar guided cruise allows the driver to relax and the journey. The car will sound an if it feels you are getting tired or a break as well as ensure you accidentally drift into lane. It will also the brakes to avoid a collision the vehicle ahead if the situation That collision mitigation also works for pedestrians at speeds. Sticking with the of running over members of the Volvo have equipped the V40 a pioneering new safety system deploys a bonnet airbag to a pedestrians fall onto the A fantastic feature that no doubt save lives! of the cars useful gadgets is its to parallel park itself, handy in a built-up urban

The Volvo V40 T2 R-Design puts a very competent and complete for those who desire safety, levels of technology and comfort. are the days where you would sit behind the driver of a beige who appears to be stuck in 1989. No, Volvo man wears a sharp has the latest iPod in his pocket and along in a car that is at the forefront of The V40 does it all without you even about it, a bit like your

Review: Toyota GT86 TRD

few cars of late have as much of a buzz amongst car as the Toyota GT86. The joint between Subaru and Toyota has a car that has all of its efforts pointed in the of driving pleasure. GT86’s cost the Earth, are Toyota proof and as previously mention, a to drive. TRD, or Toyota Development as they are known in has got their hands on these sports cars producing a run of just 250 for the UK with a few added over the standard car. We the keys to one of them…

Ok, the obvious first. What is the difference the standard car and this TRD model? The is not too much actually. Firstly is that much more bodykit which fills out he of the car nicely and gives the machine a appearance. Next up are the wider tyres in tandem with a set of new alloy wheels. However, the mechanical change you will is the addition of a quad exhaust Now the 86 is a great car as standard and so not medaling a successful formula is wise, said the car could do with an 20 or 30BHP, something the TRD does not to the table. 197BHP, 0-62MPH in 7.6 are unchanged from the standard

Approaching the TRD you get to admire that new swollen body. It really make it look like a bit of kit and does a very good job of it from the base car. The is sleek but this cars is written all over it. It just rear wheel drive Long bonnet, snug and a sort rear overhang are all that get us petrol heads a bit

Getting into the car and being by those heavily bolstered puts you in the prime position to all of the things Toyota are getting with this car. The is focused with the rev counted placed centrally. Its console cluttered and just houses the Rear seating may be a bit of a squeeze but assured that there is in the car to store four spare tyres.

Hitting the starter brings the GT86 TRD to life those new exhausts giving the car a deeper tone. Bumbling town the GT86 is comfortable a much more compliant than many competitors. The larger alloys don’t into potholes and the steering is weighted. Visibility is good this car to be considered as a genuine driver. Picking up the pace, the shines bright with handling and the most delicious changes. It just seems to from bend to bend a deer, completely effortless in its The steering at speed is direct and of feeling allowing accurate and corning capabilities. The new rubber is when directly comparing car to the standard. Where the base was quite loose around the the TRD has more grip allowing for cornering speeds. A cheeky is still very possible, but you can that this car is a bit more lap time and not getting an ASBO. that take some of the fun from the GT86? Yes and no. Whilst sideways in this car is intoxicating and a very big selling point, the TRD has a bit focus, that in my opinion, hitting an apex a bit more Putting your foot to the reveals brisk acceleration as mentioned earlier, the 2.0 litre could do with just a tad power. Throttle response is as the new exhaust system aids the to breath better.

The Toyota TRD is a brilliant car and a real wake up to all those manufacturers who gave up on the sports car. Every I get behind the wheel of this car I it with a big dirty grin on my The TRD does demand a premium of (making it £31,495) over the car and for that you get all of the previously mentioned and an exclusive spot in this one of 250 Is it worth the extra money? In no. The TRD is a fantastic machine but the price leave me and many others what would we do with a GT86 and a spare £6,500.

Drive: Toyota GT86

Oh how I waited like an impatient for today! I love sports there is just such in their design, in their and the way they make you feel it is time to play. The Toyota has been coveted by the worlds and won many awards from However, its popularity is the very it has taken me so long to get the opportunity to it. Enough drivel about my let’s get down to the bit you really about… The car.

You know when someone a big blockbuster film before you do and say how “amazing” it is, but then when you get to watching it the hype leads the to be a slight disappointment? Well, the GT86 is nothing like This car not only met my high but exceeded them. This priced 2+2 is equipped with a four boxer engine sends 197BHP to the rear This recipe sounds already doesn’t it? Factor in this good looking can be yours for under £25,000 and you you are onto a winner.

Inside the is snug and the driving position is spot on for a sports car. The are supportive and the minimalistic architecture of the leaves no distraction for the driver. car is all about the way it moves and my goodness it can The steering is razer sharp in its to inputs and has fantastic levels of Its gearbox provides a satisfying of cogs every time and begs that you use it to drop a gear. Revving to 7,400RMP the thrived on the Alpine test at Millbrook revealing a rather character when you really to push. It’s hips with a twitch of the throttle the exit of a corner and when the does come out to play it is so manageable.

As you can probably tell, the GT86 scores very in my books and does a heroic job of the fun back to our roads that are with crossovers. We hope to the keys long enough for a review soon.

Review: VW Polo 1.4 Match

Nobody being second best. No what our mothers told us we were younger, “you won” is no consolation for missing out on time at the top. VW may dominate the industry by owning giants as Audi, Lamborghini, and Bugatti, but in the hatchback sector the Polo has played second fiddle to Fiesta. “No more” say the Germans as go all out with this new generation

Looks pretty sharp it? Our test cars metallic paint does well to the much more aggressive characteristics. The well defined garnished with bold gives this Polo a of importance that was absent previous generations. As the vast of car purchases are made mainly on how the looks, this one should do as it ditches its once bland The pleasant architecture is carried to the interior bringing with it nicely sculpted surfaces as as well defined areas of the console. Every button and not only looks and feels but they all bring a sense of to the cockpit. Too many cars have meaningless symbols like lost scrabble all over the place, but here has been logically placed and That is really what the must take as its most element. Whilst the Fiesta and are cheaper and have other this German hatchback pass as a small saloon to its high levels of refinement. is supportive with some functional headrests. I mention specifically as driving the Polo is so that you will find leaning back much often. In the rear section is generous but the space for passengers was distinctly average. Boot is again average for the class but include a false floor to fragile or precious items

In motion the 1.4 litre motor well delivering good of performance around town. out of junctions it may be a little slow to thanks to not having the most throttle peddle, but to the casual it isn’t anything major. The is also well balanced for the environment and provides a rather little turning circle.  At the engine is near silent and provoked comments such as “is it on” from many of my friends. The deserves particular admiration as it is so smooth that you can literally a cog with your little Pair that with its clutch and you find yourself a fantastic car for commuting. The whole element of this machine is polished and with good of grip it never leaves you that the car is anything less capable. On motorways this is bliss as journeys of a few hours are completed and soothed from a perspective thanks to a sound of high quality.

However, as everything, you can unearth a few undesirables the Polo when you get nitpicking. The wheel isn’t the most object to hold in your for lengthy periods of time. Its plastic surface feels a abrasive for my liking and that is a as everything else is of such a standard. As I said the steering is balanced for the urban environment, but at speeds it can feel a little I guess this is the trade off Volkswagen made in order for the car more suited to an urban My only other gripe car is with its onboard computer telling me what gear I be in. One of the joys of owning a manual car is able to make a decision as to gear you want by yourself. The isn’t intrusive but the arrow on the telling me to change up in order to fuel became a pet hate. But these aren’t deal issues and the Polo can still tall and proclaim itself as one of the all round hatchbacks on sale

Our model as tested cost which isn’t all that more expensive than a specified Ford Fiesta, the gap is much more narrow what it has been in the past. So the Polo surpass the master of class? It really is very but where Fiesta loses out on fit and finish, it does make up for in its on country roads. The VW Polo is a fine car and does such a job of being a dependable machine you would be pleased to own.

Vauxhall Astra GTC 1.4 Sport

The Astra has long since the bread and butter of British car Never quite as defined as the leading Focus, but a reliable of practicality and value. Though are a great pair of traits to be with, they do very to please those of us who want a more from a car than its A to B function. The latest Astra is a step up in quality, however, as to tickle on the odd country road it very little. Enter the Astra GTC and from the get go the statement it is is very different from its If you think that this car is an Astra minus a couple of you would be wrong. Very

From a visual perspective not a body panel is carried from the hatchback, and whilst the was never ugly, it just touch this. What we here is the first Vauxhall in capable of turning heads. It is lower and wider than the model. Those sculpted and bold rear lines the car a rather domineering silhouette. It overly aggressive, but its appearance it apart, and when you have such as the VW Scirocco to consider is no bad thing.

Toyota T.u.v

Inside you are greeted what has become Vauxhall’s interior since the launch of the Gone are those nasty facias of the previous Astra, and in place sits a rather center console. Everything is laid out, and by that I buttons are in logical locations, the main cluster does a little crowded. Our test car the Sport model lacked the leather interior and the far superior wheel found on the SRi, said all the fundamentals of the cabin above par. The seats are but not intrusive, rear passenger is surprisingly generous with levels of head and leg space, and it is garnished with many features such as numerous storage spaces. The boot may an olympic hurdle of a lip that the shopper must overcome in to place items in the back, but aside the amount of space is than what you would in many of this cars

Under the bonnet of this machine is a 1.4 litre turbocharged that produces 140BHP. is becoming all the rage again it provides more power helping to meet the new European standards. The only real comes in the form of turbo-lag by the delay in pressure build up the turbo. It can and has been a real of many otherwise brilliant So what hand has fate to the GTC? I am pleased to report aces! The engine loves to rev and the delay is almost unnoticeable. Get the GTC out of gear and it really surges completing the 0-62MPH run in a respectable 9 The general noise of the engine is at low speeds, but get above 4,000RPM and it for quite pleasant listening. on further through the rev band and you just hear the whistle of the under the bonnet. I would the general demeanor of the motor as It is refined when pottering town but becomes adequately once you put your lead on. Stop/Start tech is also to reduce emissions but Vauxhall gives you the option to turn the off if you so wish.

The GTC is at its best when the going twisty and the suspension begins to its development hours. You can really it into corners and be completely in how the car will react. The high of grip and direct steering for an enjoyable combination. The gearbox is a credit to this car as with sharp movements you can crack the gears much like you expect from a proper car. I only really had two with the Astra whilst it. Firstly for a car that is more focused I wish the steering was a more communicative. True want to feel the tarmac the tyres and I couldn’t help but that the GTC has been softened to a wider market. Secondly the around town are a little bit on the side and tend to obscure at junctions. These are by no means faults, but they are the sort of that prevents this car being the class leader.

The 16v VVT Turbo with 140BHP at £19,625 which is very priced in comparison to the Megane and Personally we would opt for the SRi model some smarter alloys and a comfortable steering wheel it is only an extra £1,000 it be worth while.

Overall car has been very enjoyable and a burst of excitement from the badge. We eagerly anticipate the VXR

Review: Toyota iQ 1.0 VVT-i

world is packed with little gadgets and gizmos. transform your music into a small on-the-go mobile phones turn of cables into a go-anywhere even tape measures are packed with lasers and the It appears the trend   is to make smaller but more functional, but how to do in the motor industry? The last car to such a revolution was the original Cooper but with todays and safety flim-flam engineers be as creative as they would to be.

Toyota say they have smart with their iQ the pun). This is the smallest car on today measuring just 3 in length and despite this it seats four. From the the little iQ looks as fashionable as the offering of training shoes and in I think even the fabled Jobs would approve. Its in design makes for a clean and finished exterior. But what inside? Surely its size is to its

Incredibly the answer to that is no! Ok, so you probably shouldn’t expect class levels of space and but for a car of this size its a bit of a TARDIS. the   clear layout of the dashboard, console and compact wheel all the good levels of room. The iQ a conventional glovebox in favor of the front passenger a couple of more in terms of legroom. In the there is room for two medium adults thanks to an intuitive that takes full of every millimeter of space the has to offer. It isn’t claustrophobic and the out of the car is rather good thanks to the of the front windscreen. I wouldn’t to spend more than an in the back, but as a city run-about eventuality is unlikely. The only downfall of the interior is that the two rear seats upright the cargo you will be fitting in the are envelopes. Not good news for hoping to get the weekly shop the kids in the back.

Our test car was the 1.0 litre model with a few such as keyless go. On the move the engine was perky getting out of with the revvy motor. once you get to about 35MPH it begins to run out of puff. Though for the city we decided to take the iQ on a down the dual carriageway out of its comfort zone. This as it will get to 70MPH (eventually) but not do more once it gets Heading back into a town the iQ comes into its own a turning circle that has to be to be believed! Parking, as you can imagine, is a of cake in such a small and with parking sensors you surprise yourself as to the size of that you can get into.

In terms of efficiency and engineering the iQ is well its £9,995 starting price. Is it a incarnation of the original Mini? No, and I tell you why. Though the iQ is functional and very good at an urban mover, it just character. Your dishwasher, for is very good at washing but you don’t form any sort of to it. Its the same with the iQ, it just personality that a little car as this should have. Its not a breaker if you literally use a car to get from a to b and not for the experience, but to someone who enjoys some of its larger competitors do a better time behind the

So overall the iQ is very well and extremely safe thanks to its 9 Bounding around town it everything you could want but in the same way you don’t thank iPod for playing music, you appreciate the iQ for anything more its function.

Review: Vauxhall 1.4 SXI

The 1980’s was a golden era for the car. of today’s icons such as the Quattro turned their wheel back then, in a before health and safety. It was a good time for everyday for the masses as the UK had assembly plants up all over the country providing utilitarian transport. 1982 saw the of one of England’s biggest selling the Corsa. This basic yet motorcar came in many such a van and even a convertible. The car is going strong today sales ever increasing for popular urban hatch.

Our model was the five-door 1.4 litre SXI on the road comes to a tidy sum of For your hard earned you get the previously mentioned 1.4 EcoTec with 16 valves and a five manual. The trim level the highest, but I must warn the more options you tick on list the faster the price A top specification model can set you back and let’s face it, at that it’s no longer the reasonably super-mini its forefather was.

The door variant is spacious but by no an Olympic swimming pool of space. I’m not the tallest of men but I did find in the rear to be suitable for short but on longer motorway ventures it became uncomfortable. The seats provided good back in both the front and back the Corsa a good urban The car being designed for the family it was very functional with its wheel mounted buttons for the and flick-of-a-switch collapsible rear Though these features are new to any car, they certainly life with the little easier.

On the road the engine enough grunt to cleanly out of junctions and slipways despite its weedy capacity for raw power. I much of this is down to its however the car was rather fuel and could go a good distance fill-ups thanks to its large tank. In spite of all this, the does have some flaws that arguably cause you to reconsider your First up is road noise, commuting through town at low the car is rather tranquil, but let it lose on a and the road noise is about as as a fart in an astronauts space The droning of the engine combined the air gushing around the wheel is most annoying. Also car is unbelievably bland! It gives a new meaning to the colour grey its mono-tone plastics and basic Practical yes, but it’s not a car to set sole on fire. Finally the biggest issue is its price. Our top of the range model was well for a trip to the shops, but if you were to buy the costing a much more £10,000 it comes with And for that £10,000 think of all the competitors that you could buy better standard equipment. The 2 or the Fiat 500 are both fantastic to look modern and are better for the same price. Buying the over these would be living in Essex when given the opportunity to live in Carlo.

Overall the Corsa is a car for the school run and the weekly shop, but not good enough to see off its competitors…

Toyota T.u.v
Toyota T.u.v
Toyota T.u.v
Toyota T.u.v
Toyota T.u.v
Toyota T.u.v


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