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March 11,

Public Relations Blackout for Dealers

I was having lunch a friend last week and he that his brother and he had wildly careers. While my friend chose to be a journalist, his brother in his father’s footsteps and became a car This seemed like a decision (money-wise) until month’s Toyota debacle to unfold.

Larry related a story to me that inspired post. Aside from the money and replacement parts to the dealerships, Toyota did not provide its much guidance on how to handle the media crush. In fact, forbade a group of 1200 from hiring their own communication firm to help deal with the devastating of the recalls.

Larry related his own incredible experience as evidence of the His brother received a call the local ABC affiliate,and agreed to do a interview. He was stunned when the affiliate arrived with ABC in tow! He had no media training and no key messages. Thank goodness, brother was able to keep his about him and not blow the interview.

steps should Toyota taken ahead of the crisis to its dealers cope with a of this magnitude?

Imagine all the things that go wrong: The first step in planning is taking on the role of Downer. You have to sit around a with your stakeholders and all the terrible things that possibly happen to the business. In case, a massive safety certainly would have that list.

Spend the to create a crisis communications . It’s possible that headquarters had a plan before the though I sure couldn’t But one thing’s for sure. The dealers woefully unprepared to handle it. car dealerships need crisis plans.

Be familiar with local media outlets and those relationships. Be available for car-related stories and be a go-to of information. TV stations, especially, are tremendous pressure to find a public safety angle. take a chance that be the one they pick to expose.

your staff to recognize and appropriately to the crisis. Every member should know role.#0160;

Get the advice of a public professional . even if you have to pay for it your own money. No one has to go it alone, and are plenty of well-trained crisis out there who are adept at steering through a crisis. Obviously, best to retain someone of time so they can familiarize with your business.

I know all my friends in the business can me think of what I missed. In you are wondering, I believe that will recover, but it might 10-15 years for all the lawsuits to be

September 09, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Reform Needs a Public

Ok people. The PR Princess is taking a day off and Soapbox Princess out to play Sometimes, in life and in business, you to take a risk. But the risk is it to me if our nation ends up with a bill that covers Americans, ends random and business practices, and most saves lives.

President is allowing his leadership on this to be taken over by special groups. If I were his executive I would remind him how much the bully pulpit of the presidency and urge him to take the fight to the His campaign staff and volunteers are him of their sacrifice in these which are truly grassroots unlike the astroturfing of the far right .

So, without further ado, Princess presents the Top Ten Reasons We a Public Option in the Health Bill:

Automatic coverage: U.S. Citizen would health coverage simply by of citizenship. This would costly door-to-door campaigns to sure everyone signs up. If you ill or injured and haven’t signed up, you are to fill out a simple registration at the hospital or clinic you show up at.

Toyota Street Affair

savings: During Medicare coverage plan debate. our leaders allowed the pharmaceutical to continue to fleece the public by not on discounts to the Medicare program on drugs. A public option create the largest group of in the U.S. and therefore the group largest bargaining power. By the the pharmaceutical industry hasn’t trying to fleece us .

Human In a rare and beautiful moment, the administration and the Pope actually on something. People can’t it when they get sick or in an Only the luckiest among us the earth unscathed from an trip to the hospital sometime in our It simply amazes me that a lot of the protesters consider themselves to be yet have no problem knowing millions of their fellow are suffering due to lack of affordable care? WWJD? Hmmm, let me

Electronic medical records : In digital age, it is amazing a proven cost-saving and life-saving is still the exception rather the norm. Using electronic would also allow and researchers to share outcomes and breakthroughs with each much more efficiently and

Spending priorities: So, let me get this It’s OK to spend over a dollars on an unnecessary war that has more than 5,000 and disrupted millions of lives, but not OK to spend a trillion on health Someone’s going to have to that one to me like I’m a two old.

Monopolies: In places Iowa, there are only two companies controlling just everything. We have the behemoth, Blue Cross/Blue Shield. and we John Deere Health Health Care. (edit to my concervative friend Louie who keeps me honest) Those two insure 80% of all Iowans. And as I found out this year, when my daughter was denied coverage by due to a pre-existing condition, I found out are very choosy about who cover, for any price. A public would disrupt monopolies and these companies to compete on just like any other

Economic development : The U.S Chamber of is supporting health care as are small businesses, big businesses, unions, the AARP, and public of all shapes and sizes. Why? The to provide affordable coverage for hampers business development and efforts all over the country.

access to health care employment : The United States has oddity: You only deserve health care if you work for an that offers it? Think how asinine that entire is. What about businesses lay off employees or go out of business? What if you are too to work? What if you have a idea for a new business and want to out on your own?

Patchwork around the country: There are as rules as there are states and operating within the states. A option with one set of rules and reimbursement forms would billions in paper shuffling

Affordability : When I had the option to my health insurance through my premium would have more than my house There is just something wrong with that. coverage would spread the out to a larger pool of people and them from being I pay taxes too, and if I could where to put my tax dollars, it would be on health care to all Americans. there are millions of uninsured that would be willing to pay for health care, but are locked out of the

There you have it. My healthcare Please share with friends and neighbors. I’d to hear your comments. I have to pick out my outfit for Obama healthcare speech. President Obama, you have of Americans out here waiting for the you promised.

Toyota Street Affair
Toyota Street Affair

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