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AN: Once my thanks go out to VampireJacinta (yes, you are a queen of reviews and you absolutely feel like royalty), and Breezy isn’t Breezy’s name in this story, I just never thought of a name for her. It can be Brianna. xD try to incorporate some Mabekah in somewhere but it might be difficult. But give it a shot!

Finally, the thickens! Behold!

Part Sibling Rivalry

Klaus in and out of the trees, hunting for whomever he had from the river. There was no mistaking it – there had been here. A vampire. In the distance, he hear Rin laughing with another human girl, but he was that wasn’t who he’d The stranger in the forest was moving far than any human and was still before him, leading him into the woods.

Suddenly, the was still. Finally, the mystery was no longer running.

Show called Klaus. Despite his vision, he couldn’t seem to where exactly the person He just knew that were close, and no longer

Gladly, brother, came a from behind him. stopped, taking a deep to control his sudden nerves and his eyes. He then turned and greeted his sibling.

Hello, Kol. Might I ask the hell you’re doing in Falls? He smiled coolly at his who was, as usual, the picture of He’d always had a baby – the kind no one would suspect. Klaus actually resembled the he was, Kol was rather misleading. was always coldness to his expression, as if his features could never match the hardness in his eyes. His made hunting depressingly so he often had to find other to satisfy his innate craving for and meddling. It seemed every sibling had their own bizarre

Just paying a visit to my Must say, didn’t to find you having a splash war in the with a human girl, said Kol with a knowing It was all Klaus could do not to deliver a punch to his brother’s darling face.

Though it is my business, have you know it’s not you think.

Oh, I know that. been wondering for a while really, what you could be with a telepath. Then, I something. There’s a spell for you want, is there not? It was If Klaus wasn’t thoroughly off at his brother’s presence before, he was He’d been snooping, and the sound of it, for a while now.

How have you been following me Kol? he demanded.

Only enough to figure out why you visited witch in New Orleans a visit year. Got her to break Carmel’s for you, did you? Bought off a item? Or several magical Klaus had heard enough. He in the mood to confirm or deny suspicions and he didn’t want to what he was planning. Klaus was confident that no matter his short-sighted brother could up, it was nothing he couldn’t handle. He Kol aside and began walking in the direction of the parking lot. He walk home.

I don’t really care you’re up to anymore; it’s obvious you’re only in annoying me, he said over his as he walked away.

Really? by all means, Klaus, walk on I’ll just let you train her up for me and the time comes to do the spell be that, said Kol with a Klaus had a bad habit of acting he was on top of things when he knew he Sure enough, Klaus in his tracks and turned around to his brother once again.

I that witch something been looking for her entire Good luck topping my brother. Beneath the confidence, Klaus was concerned – Kol already too much; had he already found better to offer to Maya as too? Kol approached Klaus. was something cold in his grin – always gotten a kick out of his brother’s plans.

Some of us don’t need to anyone anything to get what we he said, patting Klaus on the in an exaggerated, brotherly gesture. see when the time comes. In that might be fairly Rin seems to be drawn to the bad boy type, Do you think she’ll appreciate how my longer now? Klaus was How dare Kol interfere? This was not his and most certainly not his business. The part was that Klaus he was only doing this to up his plans. Kol had absolutely no interest in what Klaus wanted, and he take it if only to spite Klaus took another towards his brother, towering him.

Some of us need to playing games before heart is ripped out of their and fed to them, said Klaus in a low He was not tolerating any bullshit from his tolerable sibling. At least didn’t actually meddle in his She only wished she could.

Kol smiled warmly and took a back, raising his hands in

Of course, Klaus, I wouldn’t to mess things up for you. not with all the planning you’ve put this Rin business, he said. Say to Elijah for me, said Kol before into the woods. Elijah?

Now that he was gone, Klaus panic. He ran his hands through his taking deep breaths. He a tree, leaving a deep in its trunk, and couldn’t wipe the glare off his face – was Elijah too? Would Kol pursue Rin When would he strike? he leave her alone even for a How would he keep her safe?

Toyota RiN

The town’s water supply was no spiked with vervain, particular program had ended at the of Liz Forbes after the Salvatores had So he couldn’t rely on that. But Kol even interested in her blood – he probably seduce her and then her to go along with the spell. He probably use his insufferably perfect to show her what a raging Klaus was and make her turn him. He had to be stopped. Rin would for it in a second; there was no way for her to know ill intentions.

Or Klaus’, for that but that was a different story.

rushed back to the water to the girls and tell Rin to stay from him. He’d her to stay inside, to not invite in. He would tell her Kol was going to her. That’d do the trick.

when he got to the river, there was no one They’d left, and considering their scents were strong, just recently. He to the parking lot only to get there in time to see Rin’s Toyota the corner. She was probably headed

Just then, Klaus the wonders of modern technology. It he too often forgot just how it was now to reach people. He fished his out of his pocket and dialed Rin’s No answer. Furious, he took a to stare angrily at the empty lot before opening a blank you’re in some danger. do not strangers in. do not stay out at night, and go out alone. we’ll talk He sent off the message, hoping she saw it He really did not need this right now, but he would one step ahead of Kol. all, that was all it took,

Damon, meanwhile, had just fed on small-town tourists behind the office in the Historic District and was on his way when he barely avoided mown over by a Toyota. Rin had on the brakes, thankful that she was a decent high driver. She down the window.

Damon, get the out of the street! she yelled playfully, at him. Damon walked up and his elbows on the door, sticking his in the car.

Maybe you should to drive, stoner. I smelled the in this car from all the way behind the office, he replied. Who’s the Marissa grinned at him from the seat.

Name’s Marissa, she

Nice to meet you, Mind if I join your asked Damon. Rin was thrilled – the the merrier! She had a couple of dimebags over from a night out two ago she wanted to offer since had smoked her up twice now. etiquette.

Get right in, bro, said Oh, Rin, you got a text a minute ago – me to read it?

Nah, I’ll get to it she replied. Damon hopped the backseat and grabbed the joint Marissa as Rin stepped on the gas again. Ah, was no thrill quite like the of reckless driving. The three of continued on their merry way to apartment. She was perfectly at peace, two of her friends and two grams of weed them. Things were looking up.

Toyota RiN
Toyota RiN
Toyota RiN

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