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Toyota Raum

Is Raum’s fuel consumption fine?

I have just bought a Toyota Raum model 2001. What could be its consumption and also what is the effect of driving with air conditioning on the fuel?

The Toyota Raum’s 1.5 litre petrol engine will give you an average fuel consumption of 13.8km to the litre on a highway. Driving in urban traffic will drop your fuel consumption down to about 10km to the litre. These statistics however can be altered by other factors such as your driving style (frequent stops and aggressive take offs) and the running condition of your engine ignition system (spark plugs, air filter and throttle).

Driving with air conditioning, technically speaking, will increase your fuel consumption as it adds load to the engine. However, another school of thought suggests that driving fast with your car windows open lets in bursts of wind which increase your car drag or resistance against wind’s dynamic force. This adds weight to the car and increases the load to your Raum engine and subsequently the fuel consumption.

I have had a BMW 318 model 2004 a.k.a G-string for about two and a half years now. It started developing problems of losing power when ascending and it was showing an “eml” light signal. When I first took it to a mechanic who used a diagnostic computer, it reported a problem “2A67 valvetronic actuator motor activation”. The mechanic interpreted this to mean that I needed to replace the motor which I bought expensively, but it didn’t help. Then I took it to another mechanic who simply cleaned a few things and it worked for a few weeks and the problem reoccurred.

When I took it again for computer diagnosis, the same problem of e267 was reported. Now, they tell me that I need to replace the engine! Before that, they had said I had to buy four parts namely, the computer itself (DME), the VVTI, the camshaft and another part. Replacing one part in isolation wouldn’t help! When I found the price of buying all those parts prohibitive, they said it was easier to simply buy a lesser electrical engine (lower version model-the dolphin).

My question is do you think that is the ultimate solution to my problem? I forgot to mention that it is now grounded completely and can’t even start. The last time I got tired with a particular mechanic who had fidgeted with it for two weeks. When I got it from him, it just stopped and I had to hire a carrier to take it to another mechanic. It is this latest one who advised that I should buy a smaller less complicated engine. I am so confused. Awaiting your advice for the best way forward.

Toyota Raum

Your BMW E46 diagnostic trouble codes: 2A67 valvetronic internal fault and 2A6B valvetronic power limitation servometer eccentric not moving to full lift means that there could be some serious mechanical and electrical damage on your BMW valve train intelligent variable valve timing system.The nature and scope of the damage can only be determined after a thorough inspection by a qualified

Your mechanics are right about the range of costly parts you may require such as the camshaft variable valve timing

I noticed some black sludge in my engine after opening the oil cap. Is that a bad sign? Will flushing oil sort it out? It is a Toyota Corolla AE110 with 120,000km. Bob. Mbarara

The thick sludge under your oil cap is because the engine ventilates crankcase pressure up through the valve covers, this includes oil residue which builds up under the oil cap overtime. A bad positive crankcase valve (PCV) a strong likelihood at 120,000km, may prevent the release of combustion vapours which end up back in the engine combustion system. Eventually these vapours collect and can turn into sludge. The use of adulterated or poor quality engine oil will accelerate the formation of sludge in your engine. Sludge build up can block the fine oil passages in the engine and cause expensive damage. Flushing out an old engine once a year may prevent this oil sludge build up.

However, for newer engines built after the late 90s it is recommended that the vehicle engine oil maintenance is carried out with quality engine oil to prevent sludge accumulation. Modern reputable engine oils or fully synthetic oils have ingredients such as detergents, anti-oxidants and hydrocarbon absorbers which clean your engine to reduce sludge buildup. You may need to clean the oil pickup strainer in your engine oil pan incase its clogged by this debris, to allow sufficient oil pressure buildup.

Toyota Raum

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