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Available Years for Toyota Trailer Hitch

Trailer for Matrix Matrix

Hitches are designed by Draw-Tite, Reese, Hitch, Curt, and Torklift to fit Matrix Matrix. Choose the that is right for your needs and your budget.

Hitches, Front Mount Fifth Wheels, Goosenecks, RV and Weight Distribution

Toyota Trailer Hitch Videos

we are going to be installing Hidden part number 60898 on a Toyota Matrix. This will also apply for part number 24812. we are underneath the vehicle and we are looking at the frame rail here. As you can see at the we have got three existing nuts. Those are going to our three attaching points for the hitch. That is going to be the over on the passenger side. It may be to clean the weld nuts out to putting the hitch up into on some models that seen a winter or two where might have been road grime or corrosion up.

Toyota Matrix Trailer Questions and Answers

You are correct, dirt bike and carrier exceed the weight rating of any hitch for the Toyota Yaris. is also important information you should be aware of when additional cargo with Yaris. In the United States Toyota recommends against a trailer hitch for any type of mounted accessory such as a motorcycle or cargo carrier, at on models from 2005 to the In the Canadian market, Toyota for the installa

The area that to be trimmed in order to install trailer hitch # C12228 on a Toyota Matrix XRS will not be unless the trailer hitch removed. A small area need to be trimmed to make for the receiver. I have included a to the installation instructions for you. If you on doing some towing the ball mount is # C45501 and you need pin and clip # PC2. For a inch ball use # 19256 and for a 2 ball use # 19258. For trailer

You would not use a tap to clean the threads. A tap be used to cut new threads. To clean out the nuts on the vehicle in order to a trailer hitch you will need some WD40, a brush like # DW00254, and a elbow grease. I have a link to our FAQ article and a video on out weld nuts for hitch

In the picture attached you can see that Hitch # 60965 does not out past the rear bumper. The opening of the hitch sits below the bumper/fascia on the Toyota If you are looking to carry bikes, I attached a link to Class I racks that are compatible your hitch. If you are planning light towing, for a 1-7/8 in I recommend the Tow Ready # 19256 and for a 2 ball, I recommend the Tow Ready # If you will need trailer

I spoke with my contact at and the measurement from where the mounts to the frame down to the top of the is 6.69 inches on Curt hitch # C12013. From the top of the to the bottom is 1-3/4 inches. I included a picture a customer showing the hitch installed to you a better idea of where it be on the vehicle. I have also a link to the installation instructions for you to If you are planning on doing some then use

The correct ball or draw bar for the Hidden Hitch I 1-1/4 Inch Hitch, # 60898, on your 2010 Matrix will be Draw-Tite Mount, part # 3593. towing with a Class I or II trailer hitch, the ball that is recommended by the hitch should be used. All Class I and II trailer hitches are tested and with the specific ball for that hitch. Using a mount that is not recommended by the will void the warranty. A

If you at the instructions for Curt hitch # which I have linked for the bolt size used is x 30mm. This is a 12mm This is the size that the factory weld nuts on the Toyota Matrix. Sometimes the nuts can get packed with or corrosion and it will seem the bolts are too large to fit. We a video and an FAQ article which I linked for you that shows how to out the weld nuts to get the hardware to fit If you plan on doi

We do know that on the Matrix XR and XRS versions there is trimming required to install hitch # 24812, but not on S models. I included a couple of links installation for you to view. If you plan on some towing the recommended mount is # 3593 and you can use hitch pin and # PC2. For a 1-7/8 inch use # 19256 and for a 2 inch ball use #

The Curt trailer hitch # will have the receiver below the rear fascia on 2006 Toyota Matrix. a look at the review with on the product page to get an idea of it will be. Curt does say you need to use a stabilization strap, # for any non-trailer loads such as a rack. It will be close to the and steep inclines like could cause the hitch to on the ground. The Softride Element, # will only fit in a Class II

We not yet had the opportunity to install Hidden trailer hitch # 60965 on a Toyota Matrix XR. What I did was a the hitch from the top of the mounting to the bottom of the receiver. This is 7-1/2 inches. If you measure the location on the vehicle using the I have linked for you and measure there down 7-1/2 and then from that to the ground. That will you the ground clearance. If you plan on som

The Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Receiver # 24812 that you would be a good choice for 2010 Toyota Matrix. I installation instructions and an installation for you to check out. For a cargo I would recommend you get a 20×48 Carrier by Draw Tite # This carrier has an angled that give the carrier 3 of rise and has an adjustable shank so you can have the platform anywhere 5-1/4 inches from the of the hitch pin o

You should check out the Hitch Trailer Hitch # This hitch does not that you remove the rear on the Matrix XR models for installation. I installation instructions for this for you to check out. Since hitch (and all hitches for vehicle) are Class I hitches you need to pick out a bike that is compatible with a I hitch. I attached a link to a that has all of the racks that are with Class I hitches.

The CURT hitch you would for your 2011 Toyota AWD XR would be a CURT Trailer # 12221. I attached installation for you to check out also. You will to trim the lower fascia to this hitch. The CURT # 12234 that you referenced is not a fit for your vehicle so I would not it for you. You may be interested in purchasing the products to complete your setup: Tow Ready Custom Fit Wiring # 118460 (insta

The Hitch Trailer Hitch # 60965, does fit a 2005 and a Toyota Matrix, so provided the is correct it should fit. The should be 12mm x 40mm hex according to the instructions I have for you to view. If cleaning out the bolt with a spray lubricant and brush (it can take a long and a lot of elbow grease) just not work, you can make a tap. you have to be very careful to the tap in straight. I have included a to

We do sell the installation hardware for the Hidden Hitch Trailer # 60958. You will need # RHK. Enter the hitch and manufacturer where indicated on the page. We know what where to put together based on the instructions, linked for you to view, from information from the manufacturer. I have also a link to a video showing a installation.

According to my contacts at no fascia trimming or other is necessary for installing the Class I part # 24812 on your Matrix S. On the XR and XRS models, trimming be needed. To see the installation details, on the provided link.

I went out to the and examined the Curt Hitch # and # C12013. While they are there is a key difference in the designs. the top of the mounting brackets on each of the hitch down to the bottom of the hitch # C12013, hangs This makes sense it is designed to fit all models including XR and XRS of the to 2008 Toyota Matrix. models have a rear that hangs lower so a that hangs lower is Since you have a ba

First, the car was built is not as important as what the car was built for. If it was built for the market, it does not matter if it was in Canada, Mexico, or Japan. You probably noticed that cars for any given year out about a year early, so it is not to see a model year 2009 car a build date of 2008. A II hitch is going to be the better and out of the 2 Class II hitches, I recommend the Trailer Hitch # 12228 it wil

Toyota Matrix III

The trailer wiring harness for the Toyota Matrix, # 118460, not come with the Draw-Tite Hitch, # 24812. We include products on the right side of the and if you have entered the year, and model of the vehicle in our fit guide to at hitches, the correct wiring also appear along the recommended ball mount and but all items are sold separately indicated on the product page. The ball mount is # 3593 and you can use pin a

The Hitch Class I Trailer item # 60898, can be installed on all of the 2010 Toyota Matrix. If Toyota Matrix is an XRS or XR Sport or has the same rear center that center fascia be removed for hitch installation. No or cutting is required. Some you may need to complete your I towing setup are listed Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle # 118460 1-7/8 inch ball, # 19256 2 inch ball # 19258 Hitch # 7

I did some research and from I can see on the 2009 Toyota Matrix the fascia is very similar on the S and XRS You may find that there is a in the center of the fascia that to be removed on he XRS and XR Sort models, but no is required, this part snap out of the rear fascia, if vehicle has it installed. The Adapter 4 to 7 Pole Vehicle End Trailer item # 30717, can be added to vehicle with the addition of the Tow Custom

The reason your on your 2009 Toyota has a dimple is because all Class I feature this dimple. And Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Receiver — Custom Fit Class I — 1-1/4 part # 24812, is a Class I The reason your bike shank does not have a in it is because it is a Class II hitch and is designed to only be used on II hitches. The dimple is a safety that is installed onto I hitches to prevent Class II

The two Curt Class II Receivers for your vehicle, parts # and # 12228 have the same capacities and install in the same Part # 12221 is constructed of tubular steel that find more attractive the square tubing from part # 12228 is constructed. If Matrix is the XR or XRS model, minor of the lower bumper fascia be required. If you are planning on using the for towing purposes, you will need the T-1 Vehicle Wirin

All of the I receiver hitches available for 2010 Toyota Matrix, the Hidden Hitch Trailer part # 60898, will be from the rear. The receiver as well as the cross bar are below the of the rear fascia. I have a photo showing part # installed on a 2010 Matrix and a to instructions for part # 60898 you may find as a good reference.

The trimming or modification required is if 2008 Toyota Matrix is an XR or XRS The installation instructions for Curt Hitch, # 12221, linked state that if you do have an XR or XRS the lower valance MAY require All of the available trailer hitches similar disclaimers; that MAY be required. If you plan on doing towing, the trailer hitch with the required ball You can use hitch ball # 19256 inch diameter) or

On the Draw-Tite I Trailer Hitch, # 24812, it fit on your 2009 Toyota XRS with the lower rear The rear fascia has a center that will have to be when you install the hitch. It is not to remove that section it is made to be removed for a trailer installation. Also needed for would be the Draw-Tite Ball # 3593, and either the Tow Ready Inch Hitch Ball, # or the Tow Ready 2 Inch Hitch # 19258. The wir

I can provide a link to the The image is small, but you can make out the opening below the fascia. I also included a link to the details for the Hidden Hitch Hitch, # 60965, for your Toyota Matrix.

Yes the Hidden Hitch Class I Hitch, item # 60965 is a on style hitch and does not drilling. You will use existing nuts in the vehicle frame to the hitch, as you can see by clicking on the provided link. I have listed items you may need to complete towing setup below. Ball # 19256 or # 19258 Lock # RH2-XL Ball # 3593 You can see other available for your Matrix by clicking the link.

Yes, the Draw-Tite 1 Trailer Hitch, item # will fit your 2004 Matrix XRS. The rear on your car has a center section will have to be removed to the hitch. The fascia will not be We also have the Hidden Class 1 Trailer Hitch, # 60965, that will fit car with no modification to the rear This hitch comes the drawbar Pin and Clip. Some you may need to complete your set up, with these hitches, are

There are no 2 inch hitches for a 2009 Toyota Matrix, we do have a solution for you. We 1-1/4 inch hitches for Matrix and a nice adapter for your 2 inch bike work with 1-1/4 receivers. First you will a hitch. The Hidden Hitch, # 60898, has a high customer and would work just for a bike rack and includes a pin and We even have a video of one of hitches being installed on a Matrix, I have added a to it.

You can see an image of hitch 60965 on a Toyota Matrix. Click on the below the image of the item Vehicle.

Toyota Matrix III
Toyota Matrix III
Toyota Matrix III

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