Lexus RX 450h F Sport (2013)

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Lexus RX 450h F Sport

The RX 450h introduced the second Lexus Hybrid Drive and is the third generation of the original SUV.

Lexus has drawn on than a decade of experience in hybrid powertrain technology to about improvements in every of the vehicle’s Lexus Hybrid system.

As a result, the Lexus RX real-world efficiency has been improved, with a 10 per cent in engine power, a 28 per cent in combined cycle fuel a 30 per cent improvement in cold fuel efficiency and an unparalleled in CO2 emissions.

The model underwent its significant revisions, the changes led by a of the front end that incorporates the new Lexus spindle-shaped grille Equipment specifications were across the board and a new F Sport was added to the range — the time the RX has been offered in sport-themed trim.

As well as styling elements for the exterior and the the F Sport is equipped with a damper system for sharper and a better ride.

Lexus Drive

Unlike mild which use supplementary electric power simply to boost the of the petrol engine, the RX 450h is a hybrid, capable of operation in petrol and electric modes or in a combination of both. It combines the efficiency and reduced emissions of a series hybrid with the benefits of a parallel hybrid.

Lexus RX 450h F Sport

It a series/parallel hybrid system, a highly efficient V6 petrol and two powerful electric motors in tandem to provide an ‘intelligent’ drive capability.

Total output is 295bhp (220kW), a top speed of 124mph and nought to acceleration in 7.8 seconds. Conversely, the RX has a combined cycle figure of and its CO2 emissions are also remarkably low at

The 3.5-litre DOHC petrol has been adapted specifically for use in the powertrain. It produces a maximum (183kW) at 6,000rpm and 317Nm of at 4,800rpm, and features three hybrid ‘firsts’ to optimise the efficiency: Atkinson Cycle, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Heat Recovery (EHR).

The drive system benefits refinements in drivability through electric motor maximum bands and an AI-SHIFT transmission strategy to optimise engine

Selectable driving modes, EV, Snow and Sport, further the system’s fuel efficiency and performance. EV mode, available with the full hybrid of Lexus Hybrid Drive and not to drivers of mild hybrid allows the car to be driven under power alone, with noise and zero CO2 and NOx exhaust

Driving Dynamics

The RX 450h was specifically to meet the dynamic requirements of the European market. It the high-speed cruising comfort and of a premium saloon, responsive and agility on winding roads through its electric four-wheel system, stable and tenacious

A double wishbone rear configuration, allied to an increase in length and track width, body roll and pitch The front suspension has also extensively re-engineered, with new absorbers, optimised springs, bar and component geometry.

Electronically Suspension (standard on the Premier gives the driver a choice of vehicle height settings a 60mm range and automatically when travelling at speed to aerodynamic performance, stability and economy.

The RX 450h underwent changes to its front-end design, a sharper and more distinctive led by the adoption of a spindle-shaped arrangement of the and lower grilles — a element in the latest development of L-finesse design language

The is even more pronounced in the F model, which has a deeper, vertical front bumper and a mesh treatment for the upper and grilles. All models gain rear light clusters.

The RX 450h combines the road of a premium SUV with the most packaging possible. It is 15mm 40mm wider, 10mm and has a wheelbase that is 25mm than its predecessor . increases have been kept to a in order to preserve the car’s and town-friendly manoeuvrability.

The reduction of gaps and the management of airflow the vehicle combine with multi-function aerodynamic elements to turbulence and give the RX 450h a coefficient (Cd) of 0.32.

the vehicle, the cockpit design numerous advanced features. The is divided into two distinct an upper Display Zone, includes the Head-Up Display and an LCD multi-display screen; and a lower Zone, which contains controls such as the steering multi-information switch and Remote control. The cabin benefited a number of small but telling to the trim details and the shape and of some of the controls.

The Lexus RX marked the debut of Remote control, an integral part of the Navigation System. It operates on the basic principles as a computer and is quick and intuitive to use, icons presented on the central screen that give to adjust the audio, navigation, phone and set-up systems. The operation was further refined to it even more simple and to use.

The Head-Up Display (F and Premier grades) presents key data in the driver’s line of at the base of the windscreen. Information is in white for perfect clarity in all and includes vehicle speed, navigation instructions, audio and, where fitted, Cruise Control and Pre-Crash system status.

A multi-information switch on the steering wheel the driver activate and customise vehicle functions and information without taking a hand off the The control is linked to a white multi-information display set within the binnacle.

Other key features a Smart Entry and Start automatic moving of the driver’s and steering wheel for easy and exit, dual-speed power and a high-efficeincy dual-zone climate system.

Lexus builds on its high standards in in-car with three powerful systems for the RX 450h. These a top-of-the-range 15-speaker Mark Premium Surround System gives perfect 7.1-channel sound. Using the navigation Hard Disc Drive, the system has a ‘sound library’ that uses Compact Data Base technology to and store up to 10Gb of music

The navigation system, accessed by the Touch control, has a 40Gb HDD making it one of the fastest and most on the market. It covers the whole of and includes traffic information and 3D mapping.

The RX 450h’s Pre-Crash (PCS) system — an on Premier grade — a benchmark for anticipatory, preventive Operating at speeds above it uses a millimetre-wave radar to detect objects ahead, the collision risk and helps the reduce the chances of an accident

If PCS judges a collision to be highly it will alert the driver when he or she begins to brake, it activate Pre-Crash Brake to supplement the driver’s braking If the driver does not brake and a is inevitable, the Pre-Crash Brake automatically apply the brakes to impact speed. The Pre-Crash is also activated under braking, or if there is a risk of a of vehicle stability.

Adaptive Control (ACC) works in with PCS at speeds between 31 and (50 to 170km/h), automatically maintaining a distance from the vehicle in and returning to the original cruising once the road ahead is

Lexus’s Vehicle Dynamics Management (VDIM) system vehicle status data sensors located through the integrating the function of the ABS, control (TRC), Vehicle Control (VSC) and Electronically Brakes (ECB) with the power steering, and also control of the Lexus Hybrid and electric four-wheel drive


The RX Lexus Hybrid Drive represents a significant development of the first high-performance, full drive. Introduced in the RX 400h . system was the first to successfully add a performance dimension to the traditional advantages of fuel economy and low an achievement that revolutionised technology in the premium segment.

has drawn on more than a experience in full hybrid technology to improve in every of its second generation Lexus Drive. The result is a marked in engine power, a significant in fuel economy and an unparalleled in CO2 emissions.

The system’s real-world has also been comprehensively It benefits from substantial in cold weather operational perceptible refinements in driveability to wider maximum torque for the electric motor, and a new transmission strategy to optimise engine Four driving modes, EV, Snow and Sport, further fuel efficiency and driving

Second Generation Lexus Drive

The RX 450h is a full hybrid, capable of operation in petrol and electric modes or in a combination of both.

It combines the efficiency and minimal emissions of a series hybrid with the benefits of a parallel hybrid, avoiding any of their respective As a result, it delivers performance on a par conventional powerplants with a cubic capacity, while fuel consumption and emissions comparable to those of much engines.

It shares the RX 400h’s drivetrain of a series/parallel hybrid system, a highly efficient petrol and two powerful electric motors in tandem to provide an ‘intelligent’ drive capability.

However, improvements to every aspect of the Hybrid Drive system improved overall efficiency, a 10 per cent increase in engine and a 28 per cent reduction in fuel

Lexus’s long experience in hybrid technology has been to achieving these improvements, notably in the field of petrol efficiency, electrical energy and battery technology.

Improvements to the generation Lexus Hybrid include:

Atkinson combustion for improved fuel economy

engine improvements for increased and fuel economy

Cooled Gas Recirculation (EGR) for improved economy

Exhaust Heat (EHR) for improved fuel

Reduced hybrid transaxle losses for improved fuel

AI-SHIFT control (Artificial — SHIFT) for improved and drivability

New Power Control for improved performance and fuel

Increased front and rear torque for improved performance

Eco and EV modes for improved fuel

Snow driving mode for performance and drivability

Sport for faster throttle and steering

Total power output is 295 bhp kW), enabling a top speed of 124 mph km/h) and nought to 62 mph (0-100 acceleration in 7.8 seconds. Conversely, the RX 450h has combined cycle economy of figure of 44.8mpg. CO2 are 145g/km (VED Band F).

Drive System Configuration

The hybrid drive system two distinct front and rear units, with their high-speed interaction managed by the control unit (PCU).

The drive unit is a series/parallel system featuring a 3.5-litre V6 engine, powerful electric generator, high performance power control unit and a split device. The power device uses a planetary set to combine and reallocate power the engine, electric motors and as required.

The electric motor, power split planetary mechanism and motor-speed reduction are all housed in a single, lightweight, compact transmission casing. packaging, comparable in size to a gearbox, is fundamental to the successful of the Lexus Hybrid Drive in a front-engine SUV platform.

The rear provides four-wheel drive via a electric motor. It is mechanically from the front unit and is and continuously adjusted by the Vehicle Integrated Management (VDIM) working in conjunction with the

V6 Petrol Engine

The 3.5-litre petrol engine is adapted for use in the powertrain. It produces a maximum (183kW) at 6,000rpm and 317Nm of at 4,800rpm, and features three hybrid ‘firsts’ to optimise efficiency: Atkinson Cycle, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Heat Recovery (EHR).

In four-cycle petrol engines, enrichment is sometimes necessary to the exhaust gases to prevent of or damage to the catalytic converters. In an cycle engine the valves late, delaying compression. creates a high expansion for less compression, reducing and exhaust energy losses and combustion energy into power more effectively. As a the exhaust temperature is lower in conventional engines.

EGR reintroduces metered exhaust gas — from 880C to 150C into the intake system, reducing the engine’s operating and, at the same time, engine pumping losses a reduction in intake vacuum

Together these technologies the situations where fuel is necessary to protect the catalytic from overheating damage, improving fuel economy and emissions.

The EHR system uses gas heat to warm the engine at start-up. This reduces the the engine takes to warm up, it to be shut off earlier for longer motor-only operation, particularly in In tests conducted at -5C, shut-off occurs more 15 minutes earlier than in the RX As a result, the RX 450h achieves an of more than 30 per cent in weather fuel efficiency to its predecessor.

Hybrid Transaxle

At the of Lexus Hybrid Drive is a compact hybrid transaxle, incorporates several improvements. The of an oil slinger has reduced oil pump losses; an oil cooler has been low friction bearings have installed at key points; and numerous have been tuned and These modifications combine to torque capacity and overall efficiency.

An improved flywheel with a two-stage, torque damper, absorbs torque and also the shock of engine This significantly reduces and noise, notably in urban when the engine stops and most often.

Artificial AI-SHIFT control has been for the first time on a hybrid The system determines whether the is travelling up or downhill by comparing speed with accelerator angle. The transmission then the appropriate shift range from third to sixth to maintain engine rpm at an optimum for either uphill acceleration or engine braking.

Sequential control is also available, by ‘S’ in the transmission shift In this mode the driver can any of six speeds to gain more performance, or to add engine braking

Electric Motors

Although from the front and rear motors remains the same as it was on the RX at 165bhp (123kW) and 67bhp respectively, the improved cooling of the PCU has their continuous maximum bandwidth. This gives performance, particularly from a start.

The front and rear deliver increased maximum of 335Nm and 139Nm from rpm respectively, while the range of the motor’s maximum torque is by 9mph and that of the rear by

Power Control Unit

The Control Unit is fundamental to the speed operation of Lexus Drive. It combines several functions, including boosting voltage from 288 to 650V DC; hybrid battery voltage DC to AC to power the drive motors; motor/generator operation; and converting battery voltage to 14V to supply power and charge the auxiliary

The PCU is equipped with a new inverter and has reduced in volume from 30 to litres, with weight cut 30 to 22kg. A more efficient, inverter construction allows for on both sides and this efficiency has helped increase the density by 40 per cent. PCU power have been reduced by than 10 per cent to improve economy.

Changes in the switching of the operation circuit reduce losses and so further improve economy, while higher frequencies reduce inverter

DC/DC Converter

In a conventional, vehicle, the auxiliary battery is by an alternator. Because an alternator operate during engine a full hybrid vehicle an alternative system. The Lexus Drive PCU incorporates a DC/DC to reduce the high voltage of the system battery to 14V, for supplying power to the accessory and charging the auxiliary battery.

The and functions of the RX 450h’s DC/DC have been upgraded: the method has been revised; an switching frequency is used; and an coolant path is provided, a higher power output a more compact design.

Voltage Battery Pack

The battery structure has been over from the RX 400h, but it has a compact, lightweight design. It is beneath the second row seats, impeding their sliding or flexibility.

The 288V pack is into three packs, comprising 10 modules of eight The battery pack, battery unit, junction block, plug and three cooling are housed in a sheet metal The blowers distribute air from the through the structure, using but highly efficient and quiet

Lexus Hybrid Drive in

In the course of any journey, Lexus’s hybrid system will in different modes to maximise efficiency. At rest, the engine automatically to conserve fuel. conditions of low engine efficiency, as at start-up or low to mid-range speeds, the runs on the electric motor eliminating CO2 and NOx exhaust emissions. In driving conditions, power is constantly adjusted between and electric motor to combine performance with maximum efficiency.

In a feature unique to the RX Lexus Hybrid Drive, the wheels are driven by a second motor to provide an ‘intelligent’ four-wheel drive capability. by the Vehicle Dynamics Integrated (VDIM), working in conjunction the PCU, four-wheel drive is engaged via constantly adjusted and rear electric motor under hard acceleration from standstill and through the when driving through and whenever the front wheels traction.

During deceleration and braking, the engine switches off and electric motors act as high-output driven by all four wheels. regenerative braking system energy management by recovering energy that would be wasted as heat as electrical for storage in the high performance

The Lexus Hybrid Drive monitors itself at all speeds for performance and fuel efficiency minimum emissions, either the electric motors in isolation, the in isolation, or a combination of both. the battery power level is managed via the engine-driven generator, so is no need for it to be recharged using an source.

Four Driving Modes

The efficiency and performance of the RX 450h’s drive system are further by four driving modes: EV, Snow and Sport.

Linked to an in the speedometer, ECO mode modifies response to driver inputs for fuel-efficient driving. The air conditioning on the engine is reduced sharply acceleration, further adding to efficiency.

The RX 450h automatically in EV (electric vehicle) mode start-up and at speeds up to 25mph, vehicle range dictated by the of battery charge. EV mode can be activated manually, via the drive switch on the steering wheel. In EV the vehicle can be driven around with minimal noise and tailpipe emissions. As the petrol is switched off, EV mode can to an overall reduction in fuel

Snow mode helps use of the accelerator pedal and improve stability when pulling on snow or other slippery surfaces. Pedal inputs are adjusted to reduce driving and minimise wheelspin; should be any wheelspin, the rear electric engages to improve traction.

Sport (using the drive switch on the steering wheel) the throttle and electric power settings to gain faster and also programmes the Vehicle Control and traction control for intrusive operation, letting the fully exploit the car’s abilities.

The shift to Sport is reflected in the ambient illumination of the panel changing to red.


The RX 450h was designed to the dynamic handling requirements of the market. It delivers the high-speed comfort and composure of a premium responsive handling and agility on roads and, through its four-wheel drive system, and tenacious performance.

A new double rear suspension configuration the strut-type system used in the RX Allied to an increase in wheelbase and track width, this body roll and pitch The front suspension has also extensively re-engineered, with new absorbers, optimised springs, bar and component geometry.

Electronically Air Suspension (standard on the Premier gives the driver a choice of vehicle height settings a 60mm range and automatically when travelling at speed to aerodynamic performance, stability and economy.

High Rigidity

An all-new bodyshell with torsional rigidity gives the RX a 20mm increase in wheelbase and increase in track compared to the RX Eighteen or 19-inch wheels stability, reduce body and contribute to better NVH performance. The is positioned lower, lowering the centre of gravity and improving vehicle weight distribution.

Double Wishbone Rear

The RX 400h’s strut-type rear has been replaced with a new arm, double wishbone that features high-tensile steel components that are but highly rigid. The system’s arm span and rigid trailing arm and joints contribute to a high of agility and stability, while attention to packaging, including the springs under the vehicle and low, angled shock mountings, minimises suspension into the luggage floor. As a the loadspace floor width has by 150mm.

Dynamic characteristics, as compliance steer, steering and bump steer have given an optimum balance communicates steering inputs to the tyres to give highly handling. The load input has been tailored by using seated-type bushes to reduce and give outstanding ride

Optimised linear posture braking has been achieved by anti-lift and anti-squat ratios, nose dive under and rear end squat under A linear toe curve further sprung weight dynamics, stable, controlled, saloon-like with minimum roll.


The MacPherson strut suspension has been comprehensively for improved agility, stability and comfort, gaining new shock and revised geometry, springs and

The two front springs are inversely compressing in opposite directions to torsional forces and enhance The diameter of the front anti-roll bar has increased, improving cornering

Electronically Controlled Air Suspension

The RX Premier is equipped with a engineered, electronically controlled air system. This has a revised combining pneumatic cylinders high-capacity shock absorbers to flat and supple ride with superior road-holding.

The automatically maintains a level posture, regardless of how many or what size load is on Four suspension heights are selected using a control by the driver’s seat: Normal, (+30mm), Low (-20mm front, rear) and a Loading mode available only when the is stationary. For convenience, a second mode switch is located on the wall of the luggage compartment, and the can still be used when the system is switched off.

mode is automatically selected at start-up and is suitable for everyday When travelling at motorway the system will automatically the suspension to a height equivalent to Low to improve aerodynamics, stability and efficiency.

The front suspension MacPherson strut air springs cylinders integrated in the shock The air piston is located off-centre the axis of the shock absorber, to load on the shock. The system a urethane bound topper and dust cover to protect the By using a multi-leaf linear valve, damping force have been improved, to greater ride comfort, and stability. Adding a rebound suppresses in-turn bouncing and reduces roll angle cornering.

The rear suspension has an shock absorber/air spring The air piston has a tapered profile for spring characteristics. As at the front, a stopper and flexible dust are used.

A system compressor and are incorporated into the right side of the rear bumper, a double-layer mount ensuring noise and vibration are transmitted the cabin. The air in the compressor is dehumidified to the system freezing in cold with dehumidified air replenishing the each time the vehicle is The drying element has been from conventional silica gel to a effective synthetic zeolite, improves air venting performance and the time taken to lower the

An additional low pressure tank is to lower the vehicle as quickly as when Loading mode is The rate at which high air can be vented is dependent on the regenerative of the dryer, so in order to increase speed, air from each is first sent to the lower tank, then vented at an rate. At this point air is in the dryer and released into the at a time when vehicle is not being adjusted.

Lateral system

The Lexus RX 450h F is not just about sportier it also offers sharper dynamics thanks to a lateral system that increases and improves ride comfort by small vibrations.

The system, to that introduced in the CT 200h F uses a front lateral in place of the usual fixed between the left and right towers. A second damper is deployed at the rear, connecting side of the lower back The units are designed like a suspension damper and adjust in with changes in the body noise and vibration of their to give the best possible of body torsion, flexure and vibrations.

Electric Four-Wheel

The RX 450h’s rear wheels are by a second motor to provide four-wheel drive under driving conditions, improving and vehicle stability. Operation is by the Vehicle Dynamics Integrated (VDIM) system, with engagement via constantly adjusted and rear electric motor under hard acceleration from standstill and at any speed, driving through corners and the front wheels lose

Electric power steering

rear stability delivered by the new wishbone rear suspension for a quicker steering ratio to be than on the RX 400h. Thus the gear ratio has been to 14.8, further improving Electric power steering is efficient, kinder to the environment and progressive and responsive in operation. weight is seamlessly adjusted as speed increases, giving of use at parking speeds and good and control and high cruising In spite of the longer wheelbase and track, the turning radius is at 5.7m.

A new constant ball-slide shaft has been developed to steering column rigidity. The slide function allows the to adjust its length according to inputs, giving a smoother feel.

EPS is simple and compact in its with the motor, reduction and torque sensor integrated in the column. As there is no hydraulic to maintain, the system is more efficient, with no risk of and no recycling issues.

Conventional power steering systems to run constantly to maintain pressure, but EPS current from the motor to assist torque only needed. This leads to a reduction in energy consumption in conditions where little input is required, for example on motorway journeys. Compared to a hydraulic system, EPS can potentially a gain of around three per in fuel economy.

In addition to integrated VDIM control, the further benefits of EPS a 30 per cent reduction in steering 40 per cent reduction in steering and up to three per cent less CO2

The steering wheel itself is a new diameter three-spoke design. The cross section has been for added comfort and the hand-stitched cover has an excellent tactile Steering wheel rake can be through 48mm and reach 40mm.

Along with the seat, the steering wheel is in the driving position memory Three positions can be programmed or with one touch. An automatic function makes access to the seat easy: the system the steering wheel to its highest and forward position when the is switched off, returning it to the memory position when the is restarted.

Electronically Controlled (ECB) System

Lexus optimised the RX 450h’s braking controllability and rigidity. The second-generation Brake Control system has an power supply and works VDIM to give improved pedal feel and linearity, four-wheel independent brakeforce braking assistance and maximised regeneration. Ventilated discs are front and rear, those at the increased to 328mm diameter and at the rear measuring 309mm An independent three-plunger-type power gives quieter operation.

Hybrid Drive provides all wheels with regenerative during deceleration and braking, kinetic energy that normally be lost as heat, as energy for storage in the system’s battery.

Noise, Vibration and (NVH)

Special attention has paid to reducing NVH levels in the RX 450h’s body structure, to a calm cabin environment at all speeds.

Apart from the NVH measures inherent in the refined body structure and ultra-quiet Hybrid Drive system, improvements in high-speed wind reduction have been by using a three-layer, flush-mounted glass windscreen, high-performance door seals and rubber seals.

Comprehensive use of high-performance materials throughout the engine and compartments has rigorously suppressed and engine noise. These are placed to reduce weight and sound transmission within the fender seal, instrument outer and inner dashboard cabin floor, front and footwells and roof headlining.

wheel arch liners minimise road noise, and sound-absorbent materials have deployed in the cross-sections of the A, B and C-pillars to noise transmission through the

Three damping braces on the cowl both improve protection and suppress windscreen A caulking sponge is applied the cowl and windscreen which to safety performance and cabin The underbody is extensively treated a highly rigid vibration coating, which both weight and ride noise.


The RX showcases numerous advanced and superb functionality that on intuitive, user-friendly control for both driver and front passenger.

The dashboard is divided an upper Display Zone and Operation Zone, which all the system controls within reach of driver and front

Lexus’s Remote Touch, an part of the Lexus Navigation is a multi-function device that intuitive control of the audio, climate, phone and vehicle systems, located immediately in of the centre console.

It is radically from remote devices by other manufacturers, operating on the basic principles as a computer The adjustable control knob has a ergonomic quality, giving the tactile feedback, and allows the to be moved quickly across a of icons on the multi-display screen.

To it easier to select an icon, the automatically ‘pulls’ the cursor to an if it passes close to it. This the system fast and easy to minimising driver distraction The way Remote Touch works was refined to make it even and more intuitive to use.


Using technology was originally developed for use in fighter the Head-Up Display (HUD) key driving data into the line of sight at the base of the including speed, navigation audio and (where fitted) Cruise Control and Pre-Crash status. The system is fitted as to F Sport and Premier models.

head-up displays on the market use read-outs, with white as a colour choice because of the effect that can be created the exterior background. The white used by Lexus employ LEDs to maintain clarity and in all driving conditions, tested of production on snow covered

The display position and lighting can be adjusted and the light level can be automatically adjusted in line ambient lighting conditions.

Navigation System

The Lexus System, accessed via the Remote control, has a 40Gb HDD capacity it one of the fastest and most accurate on the market. It covers all of Europe and access to the traffic information of each country.

OLED meter

The RX 450h features a Organic Light Emitting (OLED) multi-information display. between the main instrument it is visible from a wide so the front passenger can also information on the screen.

When the opens the door, the acrylic are activated and light up with intensity. When the Lexus Drive system is switched on, the and markings on the gauges illuminate, by the multi-information display. When the leaves the vehicle, this sequence is reversed, gradually out the instrumentation section by section.

system indicator

A new hybrid indicator replaces the tachometer in previous RX models. As well as and Charge zones, which system output and regenerative the new meter has an Eco driving zone and Eco Indicator light. There is an Eco Driving Indicator Zone bar display, which lets the monitor how economically he or she is driving in time. Together these systems increase environmental and efficiency awareness and promote a style that is kinder to the Multi Information Switch

The switch on the steering wheel is to the multi-information display and dramatically the driver’s need to use switchgear on the This in turn permits a cluttered dashboard design. a toggle switch, the driver can and customise numerous vehicle and information systems without a hand from the wheel.

The offers four modes: Meter Suggest, User and Cruise Information.

In Switch the parking sensors, I-AFS and driving modes can be switched on or In User Customised mode the of functions such as the door lights and meters can be personalised. If, for the engine is switched off and a window open, the Meter Suggest will give an alert. Information mode lets the switch between different displays, including average consumption and estimated driving

Smart Entry and Start

Seamless Anticipation — hospitality that anticipates the needs — is another central to the L-finesse design and one which can be witnessed in the smart access to the RX 450h and its sequenced

As well as phased exterior and lighting, the needles, markings and display also light up in when the RX is switched on. And when the leaves the vehicle, this sequence is reversed. The instrument has hybrid blue lighting.

exit and entry

This hospitality is also evident in the operated driver’s seat, has an automatic return and away in conjunction with a position function. When the vehicle is off, the steering wheel up and forwards to its highest and furthest position and the driver’s seat slides back 50mm to it easy to get in and out of the vehicle. When the is switched on again, they to their memory positions.


The dual-speed windows slow at the beginning and end of their and closing sequence, reducing and vibration and reinforcing the all-round of luxury.

Air conditioning

The Lexus RX has automatic air conditioning with left and right temperature The system uses a new compressor, a efficient heat exchanger and an condenser mechanism that both cooling and heating and reduces operating noise.

The has a humidity sensor that system efficiency by taking humidity level into contributing to a 0.8 per cent gain in economy.

Fan and vent noise have been substantially and a clean air filter prevents and dust from entering the An exhaust gas-detecting recirculation automatically switches between and recirculated air modes to maintain cabin air quality.

Lexus systems

Designed on the principle of quality through an emphasis on sound, the three new audio for the RX 450h show Lexus on the exceptional standards it has already in in-car hi-fi. Every of speaker layout has been For example, creative positioning and of the tweeters and squawkers perfectly sound to the occupant on the opposite of the vehicle, creating a clear, acoustic environment.

The entry-level (SE grade) comprises a six-disc CD changer, steering wheel-mounted and nine speakers. DAB-ready, it USB and audio jack plug for fully controlled use of portable players such as iPods, and mobile phone connectivity an audio/video streaming function.

A 12-speaker system is also with all the above features and the Navigation System, fitted as to the Luxury and F Sport models. The includes a tweeter mounted in door to give improved clarity for the rear seats and sound effects in the front producing a rich, natural In addition, the 20cm sealed box in the rear luggage compartment has an L-shaped profile to guarantee volume and achieve deeper, powerful bass notes.

Levinson Premium Surround

The top-of-the-range 15-speaker Mark premium surround sound (standard on Premier grade) RX owners to enjoy perfect theatre 7.1-channel surround from selected CDs and DVDs. It makes use of the navigation system’s disk drive (HDD) to a sound library facility, compact Disc Data technology to transfer and store files up to a 10Gb capacity.

The has several unique features guarantee unparalleled sound A centre channel coaxial unit, comprising a 90mm cone mid-range and 16mm widens the scope of supported to produce vocals and instrumentals a greater degree of precision that of a conventional system, also matching harmonics the front right and left

A 200mm Mark Levinson in a 19-litre enclosure is independently by a 100-Watt Mark Levinson allowing it to produce extremely bass and sound effects ease.

A 65mm Mark speaker is built into D-pillar to provide the appropriate and left sound channels. diffusion has been optimised so everyone on board can enjoy the audio quality.

In Car Entertainment package

For further entertainment when on the move, RX 450h is with an optional ICE package two tablets securely mounted to the seatback of the front seats. tablet comprises an eight-inch screen, integrated DVD player, USB 2.0 and SD card reader. The screens independently of each other, so one can watch a disc while the plays computer games.

The includes two pairs of infra-red sized so that they comfortably fit young children, a remote control. The USB 2.0 connection and SD reader allow video music and photos to be viewed a memory stick or card.

It is as an option on all grades.

Side and View Parking Monitors

A new Monitor makes its debut in the RX 450h, in addition to the Rear and Parking Assist monitors.

The fitted to the Premier model, Charged Coupled Device cameras built into the door mirror and the rear of the which work in conjunction the front and rear parking to give a view of areas the vehicle that are difficult to see the driver’s seat. Real-time are shown on either the central (on models equipped with the Navigation System), or the interior mirror. For added security, the mirror camera will to work even if the mirrors are back when negotiating a space.

The RX 450h combines the presence of a crossover with the compact packaging possible. It is longer, 40mm wider, higher and has a wheelbase that is longer than its predecessor, but increases have been to a minimum in order to preserve the agility and town-friendly manoeuvrability. RX its 5.7m turning circle.

Lexus RX 450hLexus

changes are led by spindle-shaped arrangement of the and lower front grilles is a central element in new Lexus as also seen in the fourth-generation GS and the multi-award winning LF-LC coupe . The effect is to give RX a much stronger and individual presence, a character that is more pronounced in the new F Sport This has a deeper, more front bumper and a dedicated treatment for the upper and lower which together make the new grille shape an even feature.

The cab-forward silhouette the classic look of a crossover, the clear axis of the shoulder and crease along the C-pillar a new architectural framework. The pronounced arches flow seamlessly both bumper and doors, and the taut rear corners are by the smooth integration of the bumper.

side window mouldings the L-finesse arrowhead shape, a subtly concave line the A and C-pillars before extending at end. The plated door mouldings increase in thickness the rear of the vehicle, giving a of strength and lowered centre of

Aerodynamic multi-function design

The reduction of panel gaps and the of airflow under the vehicle with several multi-function elements to minimise turbulence and the Lexus RX 450h a class drag coefficient (Cd) of

These elements include sculpted door handles a touch sensor smart in place of a button release on the doors. The large, multi-function mirrors also have a appearance, combining a rounded surface with a cut-away surface. This new design wind noise by 20 per cent to those on the previous RX. The mirrors LED turn indicators that function puddle lights where specified, a parking on the passenger side.

The rear is concealed beneath the spoiler, has a blacked-out underside to give a appearance. As well helping the vehicle’s Cd value, it also a high-mounted stop lamp and antenna.

Hybrid-exclusive Design

A number of exterior design identify the RX 450h as a Lexus model. At the front, the grille has a Lexus emblem and the bumper is to include an extra intake. The clusters are also blue-tinted. To the there are blue scuff and a hybrid logo and at the rear the clusters are again shaded and there is further hybrid

Interior design

Interior has been increased by 52mm the armrests, the front-to-rear couple is 10mm longer, and the length of the space is 10mm longer, to the RX 400h. This contributes to a and comfortable cabin environment.


The cockpit design the need for drivers to take in a lot of information without losing on the road ahead.

The space is into two distinct zones: an Display Zone, which a head-up display (F Sport and grades) with an eight-inch LCD multi-display screen, and a lower Zone, which gives to controls such as the multi-information on the steering wheel and Remote All functions are arranged so that can be operated by both driver and seat passenger.

The full-leather, adjustable front seats are comfortable thanks to increased height and width and cushion and width. Electric cushion adjustment is included in the 10-way control for the front seat in the RX Premier. New heaters provide at different temperatures across parts of the seat.

The rear maintain the proven 40:20:40 configuration, which offers flexibility and practicality than the 60:40 format. The seats can be forwards and backwards to increase or luggage capacity, and can also be

Storage and Luggage Compartment

The is designed to provide flexible and storage space. There are compartments, including cup, and card holders; various a locking glove box; front and rear door an overhead console; and a multi-compartment console, which has 12V power and is large enough to store the manual and provide an additional 21 of space.

The adoption of a double rear suspension design the degree of intrusion into the compartment, increasing loadspace width by 150mm and overall to 446 litres. New levers are located on the wall of the load area to remote one-touch folding of he seats. Models fitted air suspension also have a height switch on the side for easy adjustment when or unloading.

Colours and Trims

The RX 450h is available in nine colours: Starfire Pearl, Grey, Velvet Black, Black, Vanilla Mist, Red, Atlantic Blue, Silverand Sienna Brown. trim choices are ivory, grey, saddle tan or black (high quality semi-aniline on Premier grade) with grey gloss trim. leather is standard on the F Sport An optional Wood Pack wood trim inserts and a steering wheel, is available for and Premier grades, the latter a heated steering wheel.

The RX sets high standards for passive and preventive safety impresive body strength, safety innovations and driver systems.

Lexus aims to a maximum content of safety that are effective in real-world It performed 233 crash tests the vehicle’s development, data which helped produce a of advanced safety technology redefines occupant protection unprecedented synergies between intent and vehicle response.


The dual-zone cockpit provides excellent ergonomics and instrument clarity, helping to concentrate on the road ahead. The display combines with the screen to keep all essential within the driver’s field of and a multi-information switch lets the monitor vehicle information keeping both hands on the wheel.

For safer night driving, the Adaptive Front-lighting System works in conjunction with the low of the LED headlamps and both the high and low of High-Intensity Discharge (HID) When entering a corner, the calculates where the vehicle be in three seconds’ time, on vehicle speed and steering adjusting the lateral aim of the lamps

Pre-Crash Safety System

The RX Pre-Crash Safety (PCS) (an option for the Premier grade) a benchmark for anticipatory, preventive Operating at speeds above it uses a millimetre-wave radar to detect objects ahead, the collision risk and helps the reduce the chances of an accident

If PCS judges a collision to be highly it will alert the driver and he or she begins to brake, it will Pre-Crash Brake Assist to the driver’s braking effort. If the does not brake and a collision is the Pre-Crash Brake will apply the brakes to reduce speed. The Pre-Crash seatbelt is activated under emergency or if there is a risk of a loss of stability.

Adaptative Cruise

Adaptive Cruise Control works in tandem with PCS at between 31 and 106mph (50 to 170km/h), and part of the combined option on the Premier grade. ACC automatically a pre-set distance from the in front, returning to the original speed once the road is clear.

Hill Start Control

The Lexus RX 450h features Hill-start Assist (HAC), which functions when driving forwards and HAC briefly maintains brake as the driver moves his or her foot the brake to the accelerator, to prevent the from rolling backwards on an Because the system requires accelerator input, it reduces and gives smoother pulling-away

Vehicle Dynamics Integrated

Lexus’s Vehicle Dynamics Management (VDIM) system vehicle status data sensors located throughout the integrating the function of the ABS, Control (TRC), Vehicle Control (VSC) and Electronically Brakes (ECB) with the power steering, and also control of the Lexus Hybrid and electric four-wheel drive

Through its integrated control of all the relating to vehicle movement, motor torque, brakes and VDIM not only optimises of braking, stability and traction systems, it further improves the overall dynamic performance.

For when braking on a surface unequal grip, VDIM counteracts the different left and braking forces to maintain braking. In the event of under or VDIM seamlessly combines output and braking control to the vehicle.

Moreover, via the EPS actuator, will augment VSC operation by steering assistance to reduce steer under braking on with varying grip. It also introduce steering assistance in under and oversteer to help the driver optimise the wheel steering angle and vehicle stability with input.


The RX has been engineered with the aim of achieving the highest safety in terms of full-frontal, offset, and rear collisions. Beyond the safety of its occupants, it has been and rigorously tested for optimum compatibility with vehicles of height and weight, and class-leading impact protection.

Forty-two per of the body mass comprises tensile sheet steel, combines light weight very high rigidity. In the of a collision, impact energy is by the front side members, dispersed through the floor doors and pillars.

A wing structure provides rigidity effective absorption of collision energy. The wing brackets and support upper brackets are with bend points to their impact absorbing and the heights of both the wing and have been calculated to a structure that will effective energy absorption.

reinforcements have been with inner reinforcement rearwards. This has increased strength and improved load when buckled, restricting of the body around the A-pillars.

The of the B-pillars, rails and rocker have been reinforced high tensile sheet while cross-member reinforcement in the roof header and floor further protection against structure deformation.

Pedestrian Protection

The Lexus RX 450h an impact-absorbing bonnet with a frame structure with energy absorption characteristics, the highest level of pedestrian protection in the premium SUV segment.

The of the bonnet lock reinforcement has optimised through pitch and lightening holes. An ample stroke has been incorporated, improving protection while dent resistance and quiet quality.

The Lexus RX 450h is with 10 airbags, including airbags for both front occupants, front and rear airbags and full length shield airbags. The front is protected by a dual-stage, twin-chamber shaped like a baseball glove to safely cradle the and shoulders. This innovation won a technology award in the USA.

Headrests and Rear Occupant

Active headrests add to the protection for driver and front passenger. In the of a rear collision, the occupant’s back presses on a mechanism into the seatback, popping the up and moving it forwards. This the distance between the person and minimising the risk of whiplash.

The seats are equipped with fastening reminders, pretensioners and limiters.


The RX 450h is at Toyota Motor Kyushu, in 2008, the Kokura plant operations as the world first dedicated to hybrid unit The plant maintains the highest of manufacturing quality by combining production quality with the of takumi — the Lexus craftsmen.

Each of these alone is indispensable, but TMK is pursuing a of the two through computerisation of master By programming the sophisticated processing of the skilled technicians into even higher production is achieved. Other technologies development include programming the sensory perceptions into devices.

TMK is committed to reducing throughout the Lexus RX 450h line. In each process, stamping, painting and assembly, to inspection, precise data are collated and managed. Measurements for vehicle are recorded in its individual history. By monitoring measurements in any inconsistencies or abnormalities can be instantly Cross-checked against design this information is then to hone assembly operations to even greater precision.

robots, digital devices and equipment are used for many of the and inspections in the RX 450h assembly there are still many of manufacturing where human exceed even those of the sophisticated automated systems. TMK this by integrating Lexus quality with a human on subliminal quality; those of a car which cannot be measured or mechanically, but which are fundamental to the highest levels of perceived

For instance, skilled technicians are to spot subtle imperfections are undetectable by machines, such as scratches, dull surface and gaps or misaligned panels, and put them right, one vehicle at a

Thorough maintenance of the stamping is essential to the creation of a flawless In the stamping process, high is applied to a sheet of steel between top and bottom dies to various body panels. If or other airborne particles to the die surface, they can leave on the panels that would be to repair later in the production A dust particle need measure 20 microns — the size of a grain of pollen to have an adverse affect on quality, so stringent controls are to keep dust away the stamping line.

Twice a the dies are sanded and washed at a maintenance area. This generates large amounts of and to ensure this does not get the stamping shop, the maintenance is surrounded by a three-metre high net nicknamed Niagara — which there is a constant of water to catch any airborne Using this net has reduced the of airborne particles by more 90 per cent, resulting in a significant in the quality of stamped panels.

The RX driving performance, ride and quietness are underpinned by a high of body rigidity, a quality through developments in high-precision welding technologies.

The bodyshells are by the spot welding of around 300 parts at 4,000 to 5,000 points. The welding is performed by moving in and around the vehicle as it is held in place by a series of The rigidity and precision of the body is by the number of spots the robots can and weld.

The process for the Lexus RX marks a substantial increase in the of weld points, achieved by new slim robots between the units. For example, in the floor and panel tack welding 14 robots previously made welds at 70 to 80 points. Adding robots into this has more than doubled the of weld points.

Careful ensures the most appropriate of welds is used for each not only improving body but also sharply reducing in bodyshell precision.

Gaps between body as well as the alignment of the body and are measured on the production line precision digital callipers. The are displayed on a monitor beside the and the vehicle body cannot to the next stage until all results are within the required

The unparalleled surface quality of the multi-coat painting process is the of lengthy research in coating and methods. Depending on the chosen the number of coats and the properties of the used can be changed to achieve and depths of colour that are to Lexus.

High quality is achieved through meticulous in the application process, particularly in the booths in the latter stages. of airborne particles is crucial to paint application. Conventional control methods focused on contamination at the entry and exit to the booth, using air intake and equipment. TMK has introduced a system those used in semi-conductor using a number of small, air outlets to pressurise the area to the topcoat booth, so forcing air from it. This approach has a significant reduction in the infiltration of particles.

To prevent water and rusting, the painting process sealing all body seams intermediate coat application. legendary attention to detail to applying sealant even to that are rarely seen by such as inside the engine and doors and beneath load and cabin floors.

To maintain an surface quality throughout the process, the production line the latest robotised technology hand polishing by master Vertical surfaces are water with a plane sander the intermediate coat is applied, and both by eye and digitally.

TMK is the world’s dedicated hybrid manufacturing designed to provide the perfect for making hybrid components.

again, minimising contamination by airborne particles is of paramount This is achieved by atmospheric control, a measure helped by the low ceiling design.

Introducing air pressure inside the plant air is constantly being forced the building, helping prevent particles from entering. air pressure is modulated between areas to create an air flow in the direction to the manufacturing sequence. are conveyed to downstream processes on conveyor routes; the further the process, the higher the air pressure with maximum pressure in the assembly process itself.

and humidity are also rigorously to maximise the stability of the manufacturing all year round.

Double are in place at the shipping exit to any foreign matter from the plant. The loading dock is enclosed and a conveyor transports to the receiving door via an airlock. The entrance is also subject to entry and exit controls. must wear pocketless, clothing and wash their They are also prohibited bringing in any metal items them.

Numerous ‘clean and initiatives are being undertaken in all TMK Using a friction-driven conveyance in the assembly process is a key contributor to a factory environment. The conventional conveyor has been replaced by a that uses urethane to move bodyshells along the line; as well as being this consumes less and is easier to maintain.

The resultant reduction in noise improves concentration, leading to improved efficiency and precision. It also the technicians hear more the sound their tools are and the sounds made when connectors, which encourages quality and accuracy. Conversely, that may indicate problems are to discern.

Air tools that are used for engine and underbody processes have been with electric nut runners, give greater precision. Air technicians judge part by changes in sound and vibration, but nut runners automatically adjust to a torque to give consistent and enhance body rigidity. The tools are also quieter and less.

The RX 450h assembly involves fitting several parts to the bodyshell. Traditionally collect components for fitting racks alongside the line. By the Set Part System (SPS), has eliminated the problems associated picking the wrong parts and the amount of walking necessary, increasing working efficiency.

SPS, all parts required for the travel along the line the vehicle. Time spent parts is minimised and the system can flexibly to complex part SPS has evolved further in the RX 450h assembly line, where a parts conveyance rack has introduced. On a sub-line, a technician the gondola with the parts for one door, after which the merges with the main line, travelling along the door to which the parts are to be

Cutting-edge measuring technology is combined with the skills of the in the meticulous inspection process. conduct automated in-line and quality gate checks the body welding and assembly Checks carried out at earlier are followed by a final fitting in which panel gaps and are checked by hand and eye. The who do this work undergo training and testing to maintain skills levels.

In a unique closing speed inspection, the closes all doors at a gentle to ensure they close The speed of closing is set at a maximum per second and monitored by laser This speed is the equivalent of pushing the door with the Lexus build precision the doors can be closed firmly, with such light

After comprehensive road every Lexus RX 450h is to a shower test booth to be for leaks. This booth rainfall of 200mm per hour, water stirred to replicate conditions. Even a severe generates no more than 100 to of rainfall an hour, so Lexus can be the vehicle will not leak in the most severe weather

UK Model Range Specifications

A new structure was introduced for the RX 450h four trim levels: SE, F Sport and Premier. All marked in equipment specifications compared to the models.

Entry point to the is SE grade, with features leather upholstery, heated and adjustable front seats, climate control, cruise Bluetooth connectivity, nine-speaker system with six-CD 18-inch alloy wheels, 10 HID headlamps, rear parking and automatic windscreen wipers. The Navigation System and premium ICE are available as options.

Luxury adds Remote Touch electrically operated tailgate, and rear parking sensors, Navigation System, 12-speaker system and 19-inch alloy Options include a sunroof, ICE package, DAB audio and interior inserts.

The top-of-the-range Premier comes with air suspension, information display, semi-aniline upholstery, heated and ventilated seats, LED headlamps, illuminated scuff plates, smart entry and push-button start, view camera, 15-speaker Levinson audio with changer and DAB module for digital reception. Options include the Package, panoramic sunroof and ICE. Lexus’s Pre-Crash system and Adaptive Cruise sunroof, and Head-Up Display, the Wood Package optionally

F Sport grade

The RX 450h a whole new sporty persona the introduction of an F Sport version to the RX for the first time, offering sharper looks and performance.

the F Sport stands out with a more vertical front and a dedicated mesh treatment for the and lower grilles, which make the new spindle grille an even stronger feature.

are also dark-finish 19-inch wheels and F Sport badging on the while in the cabin the model’s sporting character is reflected in sports pedals and trim F Sport smooth leather and scuff plates with the logo in black. There is a black roof lining and a steering wheel with a leather trim.

Other features include a head-up and LED headlights with the I-AFS system that angles the beam in line with the turning angle through and at junctions.

Cost of Ownership

The RX 450h’s 145g/km CO2 emissions on-going benefits for both and fleet/company car drivers, breaking new for the premium SUV section by qualifying for tax/Vehicle Excise Duty of £125 for the first year of (Band F rating).

It also for a Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) tax rate for car drivers of 20 per cent

Fleet have the added advantage of a 20 per Write Down allowance together with better economy and the favourable BiK rate can significant savings over years or 60,000 miles to its principal competitors.

Lexus RX 450hLexus
Lexus RX 450hLexus
Lexus RX 450hLexus
Lexus RX 450hLexus
Lexus RX 450hLexus
Lexus RX 450hLexus


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