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Toyota Kijang bus


Getting around

on Bali, the best way to get around is your own transport, whether you hire a driver or ride a This gives you the flexibility to at will and allows you to reach places that are otherwise

It’s worth noting many pricier restaurants in such as South Bali and will arrange free to/from the establishment. Just

Public transport is cheap but can be for very long journeys if not sticking to a major route. In some places are just to reach.

There are also shuttle buses and these economy with convenience.


Taking the boat is contemplative than the hassle of between Bali and Lombok and boats make it competitive

Public ferries (…/child travel non-stop between and Lembar on Lombok. Motorbikes 85,000Rp and cars cost – go through the weighbridge at the west of the Padangbai car park. Depending on the trip can take three to hours. Boats supposedly run 24 and leave about every 90 but the service is often unreliable – have caught on fire and run – and oversubscribed (trucks can wait Padangbai for up to three days).

who carries your luggage on or off the at both ports will to be paid, so agree on the price or carry your own stuff. watch out for scams where the may try to sell you a ticket you’ve bought. Lembar is worse for

Perama ( ) operates a boat service from in Bali to Senggigi (300,000Rp, six There’s also a daily boat from Senggigi to the Islands (70,000-100,000Rp, 60-90 at 9am, which means you having to deal with

There are several fast operating between Bali and ’s Gilis.

Blue Water (0361-3104558; ) They from the harbour in Benoa in (690,000Rp, 2½ hr).

Gilicat ) Leaves from Padangbai at 9am (660,000Rp, 90 min). It has an office in (0361-271680; Jl Tamblingan 51; 8am-6pm) and pick-ups across south

Mahi Mahi Runs Serangan (near Sanur ) to Trawangan (580,000Rp, 2½ hr).

Paradise Shop (0361-753241; ; Poppies Gang 1, Kuta ) office in Bali also has

The dive schools on the Gilis speedboat shuttles (from per person) from Bali and most days – contact in advance.

Bus tram

Distances in and on Lombok are relatively short, so you have cause to ride large buses unless you are between islands or going one side to another.

Larger and full-size buses ply the longer particularly on routes linking Singaraja and Gilimanuk. They out of the same terminals as the bemo. are faster than bemo they don’t make as stops along the way, with more and more riding their own motorbikes, have been reports of delays waiting for busses to up at terminals before departing.

Shuttle buses are quicker, comfortable and more convenient public transport. They are with budget and midrange If you’re with a group of or more people (or sometimes two), it will probably be to charter a vehicle

Perama ) has a near monopoly on this in Bali. It has offices or agents in Sanur. Ubud. Lovina. and Candidasa. At least one bus a day links Bali tourist centres more frequent services to the There are also services to and along the east coast Lovina to/from Candidasa via by demand.

Fares are reasonable example, Kuta to Lovina is Be sure to book your at least a day ahead in order to schedules. It is also important to where Perama buses pick you up and drop you off as you may need to pay an 5000Rp to get to/from your

Note that shuttle often do not provide a direct – those from Kuta to may stop en route at Sanur. and Padangbai. and maybe other on request. And like the bemo, the is ossified, resolutely sticking to the it ran years ago and not recognizing the emergence of new such as the Ulu Watu area or Seminyak (eg a run from Seminyak to would be packed out daily).


Renting a car or motorcycle (almost a lightweight motorbike) can open up and Lombok for exploration and can also you counting the minutes until you it. It gives you the freedom to explore the of back roads and lets you set own schedule. Most people rent a car for their entire but rather get one for a few days of wandering. In it’s common to get a car in the south or and circumnavigate at least part of the

Driving Licence

If you plan to a car, you’re supposed to an International Driving Permit You can obtain one from your motoring organisation if you have a driving licence. Bring home licence as well – supposed to be carried in conjunction the IDP. If you don’t have an add 50,000Rp to any fine you’ll to pay if stopped by the police (although have to pay this a lot to exceed the and hassle of getting an IDP).


If you have a motorcycle at home, get your IDP endorsed for too. If you have an IDP endorsed for you will have no problems, is when an IDP is really useful as you have to obtain a local – something of an adventure.

The person the bike may not check your or IDP, and the cop who stops you may be happy a nonendorsed IDP or bribe. You might get without a motorcycle endorsement, but you have an IDP or local license. there’s a two million rupiah for riding without a proper and the motorcycle can be impounded – unofficially, the cop may a substantial ‘on-the-spot’ payment seems average). And, if you an accident without a licence, insurance company might coverage.

To get a local motorcycle licence in go independently (or have the rental take you) to the Poltabes ( Police Station ; 0361-1427352; Jl Sanhyang; 8am-1pm Mon-Sat) for a which is valid for one year. you arrive you’ll see a mobbed hall filled with permit-seekers. However, step to the back of the parking lot and look for a with a sign reading Sim Asing/Foreigner License Applicant’ a second-floor office. Here you find cheery English-speaking who, for a sum of 250,000Rp, will you the required written test (in with the answers provided on a test) and issue the permit. it costs more than in the of chaos, but who can argue with the Just be sure to bring passport, a photocopy of same and a photo (although at times the will help you with too!).

Fuel Spare

Bensin (petrol) is sold by the Pertamina company, and currently about 6000Rp per litre. has scads of petrol stations. In areas, look for little fuel shops that your tank from a container (the same as the they use for arak – fitting). On there are stations in major Petrol pumps usually a meter, which records the and a table that shows how to pay for various amounts. Make to check that the pump is to zero before the attendant to put petrol in your vehicle, and the total amount that in before the pump is reset for the customer. Regular unleaded for vehicles is labelled Premium ; is labelled Solar . Tyre services can be found in almost town.

Very few agencies in will allow you to take rental cars or motorcycles to – the regular vehicle insurance is not outside Bali.

By far the most rental vehicle is a small – they’re compact, have ground clearance and the low gear is well suited to exploring roads, although the bench at the back are uncomfortable on a long The main alternative is the larger Kijang, which seats Automatic transmissions are unheard of.

and travel agencies at all tourist rent vehicles quite A Suzuki jeep costs 150,000Rp per day, with kilometres and very limited A Toyota Kijang costs around 180,000Rp per day. costs will vary according to demand, the condition of the length of hire and your talents. It’s common for days to cost much than the first day.

no reason to book rental in advance over the internet or a tour package, and it will certainly cost more arranging it locally. Any place you can set you up with a car as will the ever-present in the street.

Shop around for a deal, and check the car carefully you sign up. Rental cars have to be returned to the place where they are rented – you do a one-way rental, but some will let you leave a car at the airport.

Big international rental operators in have a presence, but are seldom

Motorbikes are a popular way of getting Bali and Lombok – locals pillion on a sepeda motor almost from birth. is just as convenient and as flexible as and the environmental impact and the cost are less.

Motorcycles are ideal for ’s tiny, rough roads, may be difficult or impassable by car. once you get out of the main centres not much traffic, apart people, dogs and water

But think carefully before a motorcycle. It is dangerous and every a number of visitors go home lasting damage – Bali and are no places to learn to ride a

Motorcycles for rent in Bali and on are almost all between 90cc and with 100cc the usual You really don’t need bigger, as the distances are short and the are rarely suitable for travelling In beach areas, many equipped with a rack on the for a surfboard.

Rental charges with the motorcycle and the period of – bigger, newer motorcycles more, while longer periods attract lower A newish 125cc Honda in condition might cost to 40,000Rp a day, but for a week or you might get the same motorcycle for as as 25,000Rp per day. This include minimal insurance for the (probably with a US$100 but not for any other person or property.

owners rent out the majority of Like cars, it is easy to a motorbike or one will find

Riding Considerations

Check the over before riding off – are in very bad condition. You must the motorbike’s registration papers you while riding. Make the agency/owner gives them to you you head off.

Helmets are and this requirement is enforced in areas, but less so in the countryside. You can be stopped for not having the chin-strap – a favourite of policemen on the lookout for extra cash. The standard you get with rental bikes are lightweight. You may want to bring more substantial from or buy one locally. Shops in south sell helmets with horns and other fun decor. just might not be that though.

Despite the tropical it’s still wise to properly for motorcycling. Thongs, and a T-shirt are poor protection. And it rains in Bali, it really A poncho is handy, but it’s to get off the road and sit out the storm.

Rental and owners usually insist the vehicle itself is insured, and insurance should be included in the rental deal – often an excess of as much as US$100 for a and US$500 for a car (ie the customer pays the US$100/500 of any claim). The more motorcycle and car-hire agencies may additional insurance to reduce the of the excess, and cover damage to people or their property, ie or ‘liability’ cover.

Especially with cars, the main concern is insuring the In some cases, a policy cover the car for 30 million rupiah, but for only 10 million rupiah cover. Your travel may provide some additional although liability for motor is specifically excluded from policies. The third-party cover seem inadequate, but if you do cause or injury, it’s usually for your consulate to get you out of ….

A owner renting a motorbike may not any insurance at all. Ensure your personal travel covers injuries incurred motorcycling. Some policies exclude coverage for motorcycle or have special conditions.


Bali traffic can be in the south, around Denpasar and up to and is usually quite heavy as far as to the east and Tabanan to the west. your way around the main sites can be a challenge, as roads are sometimes signposted and maps are fanciful at best. Off the main roads can be rough, but they are surfaced – there are few dirt on Bali. Driving is most in the large towns, where are congested, traffic can be awful and streets are infuriating.

Roads in are often very rough but is lighter than Bali.

driving at night or at dusk. bicycles, carts and horse-drawn do not have proper lights, and lighting is limited.

Police stop drivers on very pretexts, and it’s fair to say they’re not motivated by a desire to road safety. If a cop sees front wheel half an over the faded line at a sign, if the chin-strap of your isn’t fastened, or if you don’t one of the ever changing and poorly one-way traffic restrictions, you may be down. It’s not uncommon to see stopping a line of visitors on while locals fly past helmets.

The cop will ask to see your and the vehicle’s registration papers, and he also tell you what a offence you’ve committed. He may talking about court heavy fines and long Stay cool and don’t Don’t offer him a bribe. he’ll suggest that you can pay him amount of money to deal the matter. If it’s a very amount, tell him politely you don’t have that These matters can be settled for between 10,000Rp and 60,000Rp; it will be more like if you don’t have an IDP or if you argue. make sure you have the papers, and don’t have too visible cash in your If things deteriorate, ask for the cop’s and talk about contacting consulate.

Visiting drivers complain about crazy drivers, but often it’s the visitors don’t understand the conventions of road use. For the constant use of horns here mean ‘get the @£*% out of my rather it is a very Balinese way of ‘hi, I’m coming through’. The rules are useful.

-Watch your front – your responsibility to avoid that gets in front of vehicle. A car, motorcycle or else pulling out in front of in effect, has the right of way. drivers won’t even to see what’s coming when turn left at a junction – listen for the horn. — Use horn to warn anything in that you’re there, if you’re about to overtake. Drive on the left side of the although it’s often a of driving on whatever side of the is available. — Use seatbelts in the seat.

Local transport

the airport

Bali’s Ngurah Rai is immediately south of Tuban and From the official counters, outside the terminals, there are fixed price taxis. efforts may be made to charge you at the end of each range (eg you’re to the part of Seminyak that is to cost 70,000Rp, and they you 80,000Rp), and if you say you don’t have a booking, there will be pressure to go to a commission-paying hotel.

If you a surfboard, you’ll be charged at 35,000Rp extra, depending on its Ignore any touts that part of the official scheme. hotels will offer to you up at the airport, however there’s no to use this service if it costs than a taxi.

The thrifty can from the international and domestic across the airport car park to the (northeast) and continue a couple of metres through the vehicle to the airport road (ignoring any along the way), where you can a regular cab for about half the

If you’re really travelling Kuta Beach is less a 30 minute-walk north.

The main of public transport in Bali and on is the bemo. A generic term for any used as public transport, normally a minibus or van with a row of low down each side. usually hold about 12 in very cramped conditions.

bemo can be part of your adventure or a major nightmare on your outlook at that in time. You can certainly expect to be rather lengthy and you’ll that getting to many is both time-consuming and inconvenient. uncommon to see visitors on bemo in

Bemo operate on a standard for a set (but unwritten) fare. you get on at a regular starting point, and get off at a finishing point, the fares are to be fuzzy. The cost per kilometre is variable, but is cheaper on longer The minimum fare is about

Make sure you know you’re going, and accept the bemo normally won’t until it’s full and usually take a roundabout to collect and deliver as many as possible. If you get into an empty always make it clear you do not want to charter it. (The ‘charter’ is understood by all drivers.)

Terminals Routes

Every has at least one terminal (terminal for all forms of public transport. are often several terminals in towns, according to the direction the bus or is heading. For example, Denpasar. the hub of transport system, has four bus/bemo terminals and three ones. Terminals can be confusing, but bemo and buses have and, if in doubt, you will be where to go by a bemo jockey or anyway.

To go from one part of to another, it is often necessary to go via one or of the terminals in Denpasar. or via a terminal in one of the larger regional towns. For to get from Sanur to Ubud by bemo, you go to the Kereneng terminal in transfer to the Batubulan terminal, and take a third bemo to This is circuitous and time-consuming, so visitors prefer the tourist buses, a driver or a taxi.

taxis are common in South and Denpasar (but not Ubud ). are essential for getting around and Seminyak, where you can easily one down. Elsewhere, they’re a lot less hassle than with bemo jockeys and drivers.

The usual rate for a is 5000Rp flag fall and per kilometre, but the rate is higher in the If you phone for a taxi, the minimum is 10,000Rp. Any driver that meter problems or who won’t use it be avoided.

By far the most reputable agency is Bali Taxi ), which uses blue vehicles with the ‘Bluebird Group’ over the (watch out for fakes). Drivers reasonable English, won’t you illicit opportunities and use the meter at all There’s even a number to with complaints (0361-701621). ex-pats will use no other and the drivers are often fascinating

After Bali Taxi, decline rapidly. Some are although you may have a hassle the driver to use the meter after Others may claim that meters are often ‘broken’ or and negotiated fees can be over the (all the more reason to tip Taxi drivers about Recently we saw one taxi driver on a fee of 70,000Rp for a trip that have cost 7000Rp in a Taxi.

Taxis can be annoying their constant honking to patrons. And men, especially men, will find some taxi drivers may a ‘complete massage’ at a ‘spa’. will enthusiastically pantomime of the activities that this At the very least, insist they keep their on the wheel.

More Getting around in Bali

Toyota Kijang bus
Toyota Kijang bus
Toyota Kijang bus


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