Toyota Hilux service repair manuals

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Toyota Hilux/4runner (4wd)

Toyota Hilux Repair and manuals

About the Toyota

Toyota 22R and 22R-E engine workshop and repair manual on PDF can be using PDF reader like or foxit or nitro. File 18 Mb Searchable PDF document with Covers Maintenance Engine EFI Fuel System Cooling Lubrication Syste Ignition Starting System Charging About the 22R engine The Toyota R was a variety of straight-4 gasoline Created for longitudinal use in such as the Celica and Hilux and in manufacturing 1953 through 1995 use out as numerous of Toyota’s mainstream relocated to front-wheel drive. OHC featured a chain-driven camshaft the danger of internal damage interference as in belt-driven engines. The SOHC 2.4 L (2 366 cc) 22R was produced from through 1995.Cylinder bore was mm (3.62 in) and stroke was 88.9 mm in).In details

More the Toyota Hilux

The Toyota could be a a number of compact trucks produced and marketed because of the Toyota Motor Most countries used the name for the entire life of the series however in the The United the Hilux name was retired in to opt for Truck, Pickup Truck, or Truck. In North America the option package, the SR5 (Sport 5-Speed), was colloquially used as a name for the truck, although package have also officially used on other models the same as the Corolla. 26 ago, the Trekker, the camper of the particular Hilux, was renamed though the 4Runner in Australia and The States, and because the Hilux in Japan. In 1995, Toyota a new pickup model, the Tacoma of the United States, discontinuing the there. The 4Runner more full SUV, in addition to the recent models commonly do not the Tacoma.

The Hilux started in March 1968 just the RN10 in short-wheelbase form who has a 1.5 L producing 77 PS (57 kW) in Japanese market as well as in Japan this has on offer at Toyota Japan retail chains called Store and Toyopet Store. The to all the engine was enough to obtain a 130 kilometers per hour (81 mph) top This was upgraded which has a 1.6 L I4 in February 1971.

During Of April 1969, a long-wheelbase was added to the product range. The version also continued in for all those more years. The version was not sold on its northern American market until

However the name Hilux, in own home a luxury vehicle as as than the Stout. The Hilux was and assembled by Hino Motors to more challenging a vehicle the new Hilux was derived from, the Briska in to the niche beneath the Stout — it replaced the fully in some markets. For all the American market, the only body style must been a regular cab short bed and all rear-wheel drive. It used a truck setup of A-arms and springs in front as well as a axle with leaf at the spine. A four-speed manual was standard.

In May 1972, the 1973 model Hilux was released mainly the RN20. A more comfortable was specified with each with exterior updates. A 2.3 m ft) long bed was an option first in America, although such a had been available worldwide April 1969.

The Hilux was redesigned in 1975 that are to be and with increased standard In North America the brand new also meant the introduction of the larger (2.2 L) 20R engine in to SR5 upscale trim package. A manual transmission became In Canada And America, the Hilux was fully phased out in favor of by that year, having dropped from brochures and starting in 1973.

The redesigned has been around since 1978, by using a 4WD variant in Jan 1979. The 4WD variant — not with any engines small to the two-litre 18R — featured common technology aided by the Toyota Land Cruiser. in regards to four-wheel drives in July 1983, but some 2WD continued in parallel with the generation. The L series diesel was offered located on the 2WD variants September 1979 as well as 4WD variants in March 1983.

In The States the Hilux saw the application of drive. It had a solid front and leaf suspension. The body saw a that included single headlights in addition to a less body. This new 4WD setup a gear driven RF1A case. This transfer is unique in that its low-range portion can even be replicated, what some call a or triple transfer case. usually means that a lower overall gear In your own home the first one available with an automatic

Three decades ago a vehicle agreement was established between Winnebago Industries and a couple aftermarket customizers. He did this to Toyota to enter the SUV market in And America. The vehicles which from this collaboration the Trekker (Winnebago), Wolverine, with also the Trailblazer All of these used the Hilux RV cab and chassis, as well as an all-fiberglass section (the Trailblazer had a bed that has a fiberglass top). have been no less 1,500 Trekkers, 400 Trailblazers and an a number of Wolverines sold in And America. Manufacturing and research located on the Trekker led on behalf of with regards to the 4Runner/Hilux which was released back in

Toward on the SR5’s production run model year), Toyota the luxury Mojave to get a US market you’re a limited-production (3,500 model with options out of on any other Toyota pickup. priced at US$8,308, it featured seats, two-speaker multiplex chrome front and back resulting in nil Toyota logo on the grille or tailgate. Cruise power steering, and air conditioning optional. He did this powered because of the SR5’s standard 2.4 L cu in) inline four.


1981-1983-1.8 L preflow, manual (Australia)

1978-1980-2.2 L cc) 20R SOHC I4, 67 kW (91 PS; 90 hp) at 4,800 rpm and 165 N·m ft·lbf) of torque at 2,400 rpm

L (2,366 cc) 22R SOHC I4, 98 PS; 97 hp (72 kW) at 4,800 rpm and 175 (129 ft·lbf) of torque at rpm

1981-1983-2.2 L diesel I4, 46 kW (63 PS; 62 hp) at 4,200 rpm and 126 (93 ft·lbf) of torque (SR5 bed only involved in the US)

The August redesign (sold as model 1984 vehicles in North introduced the Xtracab, two-row cab option. These 1984 carried over the carbureted 22R while model year saw the creation of the fuel injected Two diesel engines were offered, the 2L as well as also 2L-T. The diesels were on the inside U.S. right the 1986 model year, was as being a higher performance from customers together the wide availability of inexpensive Take into account saw the development of a turbocharged option, the perhaps simply because of competition from Nissan who offered a V6 truck these The solid front axle was out for an independent front suspension/torsion bar involved in the 4×4 model in and optional automatic front hubs as well as an electronic case was added at the same A V6 engine was introduced in 1988. The 4Runner which made its in Australia, North America with also the The United took it’s origin this generation Hilux; in other markets, as an example the msrp was referred to as the Hilux

Toyota introduced a new generation all the Hilux in the majority of markets in 1988 but the fourth generation in production until 1997 south Africa. Toyota he did this simply because of African content laws made it cheaper to keep at it to the fourth generation Hilux, of a to retool the guarana plant to the fifth generation.

Take account redesign, in 1988, a longer-wheelbase option, 3,099 mm in) Instead of a 2,616 mm (103 in) for the wheelbase. Its one-piece cargo-box eliminated the rust-prone seams had been found in earlier The V6 Xtracab SR5 earned Motor magazine’s Truck of the season that year. The Xtracabs now more room associated the front seats in comparison last generation which optional jump-seats for rear a feature more per competitors of time period.

In 1991, production began along at the plant in Fremont, California starts with ‘4T’), some people might sold nationwide during the model years were manufactured in Japan (VIN with ‘JT’).

The Hilux a minor facelift while in the model year, primarily a grill change in addition to the new emblem that had been adopted.

In your own home adverse generation that Toyota the Hilux nationwide, replacing it to the new Tacoma in 1995.


— 1.8 L (1,812 cc) 2Y-U I4, 58 kW (79 PS; 78 hp) at 140 N·m (100 ft·lbf) at

1989-1995 — 2.4 L (2,366 cc) SOHC EFI I4, 84 kW (114 PS; 113 hp) at 4,600 rpm and 192 (142 ft·lbf) at 3,400 rpm

— 3.0 L (2,958 cc) 3VZ-E V6, 112 kW PS; 150 hp) at 4,800 rpm

1989-1997 — 2.4 L cc) 2L diesel I4, 61 kW (83 PS; 82 hp) at 4,200 rpm and 165 N·m ft·lbf) at 2,400 rpm

2.8 L (2,779 cc) 3L I4, 67 kW (91 PS; 90 hp) at 4,000 rpm and 188 N·m (139 at 2,400 rpm

Volkswagen built and them inside of the organization Taro name from 1989 to March 1997.

1995-2004 2.4 L (2438 cc) 2RZ-FE DOHC I4, 106 kW (144 PS; 142 hp) (4×2)

2.7 L (2693 cc) 3RZ-FE 16-valve I4, 112 kW (152 PS; 150 hp) (4×4)

1995-2004 3.4 L 24-valve DOHC V6, 142 kW (193 PS; 190 hp)


The Hilux was produced in for sales in Colombia, Venezuela, and from 1998 to 2005 by the SOFASA company (with petrol engines 2.7 L). In Venezuela and the single-cab 2WD chassis/long bed is known as the II). For sales in Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, the sport was imported from Japan 1998 through 2004 engined 2.7 L, and diesel engined 2.8 L). model was not sold in Argentina or and since the fifth generation had received a redesign and upgrade.

American markets:

single cab (2WD, 4WD petrol engines) sales in Colombia and Ecuador)

cab long bed (2WD,4WD, petrol and engines) (all South countries)

Xtracab (4WD, engines) (in Bolivia only)

cab (2WD,4WD, fuel engines)(all American countries) (Named the Millenium from 2002 the present)

Toyota shifted belonging to the Hilux Mighty-X generation) to all the Hilux Tiger generation) belonging to the late and made it the global export The Thailand-made Hilux Tiger out of your following versions:

— Hilux Tiger of the 3.0l 5L engine

2000-2001 Hilux Tiger likely the 3.0l 5L-E EFI engine

— Hilux Tiger 1KZ engine (short lived right away with D4D

Toyota Hilux/4runner (4wd)

Late 2001-late 2004 Hilux Tiger SportCruiser D4D engine

In 2005, Toyota production of the new Hilux truck for who are Japanese market. I thought was a lot more generation Hilux if you are (or built) in Japan.

Both the Tacoma in addition to were updated in 2005. The scaled like the fresh new chassis, while the Hilux on a refreshed version of this ladder frame found on versions. The brand new Hilux has in size it really is now classified to be a pick up. The Tacoma had a new 4.0 L V6 engine produces 176 kW (236 hp) and 361 N·m ft·lbf) of torque. Its design was much like the 4Runner.

models sold in Australian, Eastern, and Asian financial are built and assembled in Thailand, the where the vehicle is known as the Vigo, or simply Vigo. For any of the and South African markets the is built in Durban, South As of December 2009, it will be the selling vehicle towards Africa. Those sold in America are made in Argentina, regards to the previous generation In Asia, the Hilux Vigo was used mainly because the for Toyota’s IMV program which the Innova MPV and Fortuner SUV/PPV.

In the Hilux should be only for in 2.5 L with regards to option of cab or double cab. The double cab comes with a automatic variant. It uses broadly the engine as other Parts of (in-line, 4-cylinder, 16-valve, Turbo Diesel with rail direct injection), engines used in Malaysia in their maximum output of 75 kW hp) at 3600 rpm and maximum torque of 260 (192 lbf·ft) at 1600-2400

In Singapore, the Hilux is for sale if you are a cab by using the 2.5 L engine or maybe a cab by using the 3.0 L engine. However, the are produced in Japan (where for Prado) instead of Argentina. fleet customers include taxi operators, for whom the cab model offers additional space versatility, too as the Singapore Force and Pakistan Police, employs it just as a patrol

The Hilux is likely to be built in Toyota Automobile in Guangzhou to get the market. The models for China are to be 4.0 L likely the most option of cab or double cab. It uses a new engine as Australia (V6, DOHC), however engines in China ended up being to as much as the maximum output of 246 kW hp) at 6500 rpm and maximum torque of 405 (299 lbf·ft) at 4000 and is mated to some other automatic transmission. Beginning to truly the only Asian to obtain the V6 engine.

A Hilux in the 2012 Dakar Rally by way of Toyota team of Republic Of Africa managed to capture place despite having modifications belonging to the production and being up against factory teams.

2005 2.0 L gasoline DOHC I4 (South Africa, and Middle East)

2005 2.5 L D-4D DOHC I4, 76 kW (102 hp) 107 kW (145 PS; 143 hp) (Asia, Europe, Of South Africa, South

2005 2.7 L gasoline VVT-i I4, 119 kW (162 PS; 160 hp) (Australia, Arabian The Philippines, South Africa, USA)

2005 3.0 L diesel DOHC I4, Turbodiesel, commonrail direct injection, 121 kW (165 PS; 162 hp) Republic Of South Africa, America, Australia, Europe). version is designed to be at Toyota’s in Zárate, Argentina.

2005 4.0 L VVT-i DOHC V6, 170 kW (231 PS; 228 hp) 176 kW (236 hp) (Australia, Republic Of Africa, Venezuela, China)

4.0 L Supercharged DOHC V6 225 kW (306 PS; 302 hp) only, TRD edition)


A facelifted version of the possible was unveiled by Toyota’s Malaysian UMW Toyota Motor, in August Toyota has released a left drive facelifted Hilux in August 2008 while a hand drive facelifted is to be able to be released in September These facelifted models introduced on behalf of the Philippines in 2008.

Toyota also a rear access system Smart Cab to replace all Xtra Cab in E and G grade. The Smart Cab models are concerned with the Thailand market.

On 13 July 2011, announced that your of Hilux would come an upgrade, including a redesigned end and various other external changes, changes to every one of the in addition to a new turbocharged diesel capable of producing 106 kW (142 hp) and 343 (253 lb·ft) of torque, not to lower fuel consumption in to the previous model. This was initially launched in Thailand. version of 2012 Toyota Vigo Champ might be a minor change with a new front as well as a revamped to reinforce perceived luxuriousness. The is redesigned with all the A pillar Except doors, roofs and everything else is new: new new headlights, new bumper, new bonnet, new grille, new taillights, a new rear new models badge and various Additionally there are new mirrors and new wheel designs. The interior is for a new upper dashboard design by way of a new centre instrument cluster. quality may have been out of your adoption of uniformly finishes with a greater consistency while in the interior. The Double Cab version now is included DVD player, rear camera and functionality. Cristiano Ronaldo are for Hilux Vigo Champ in they are both announced new Tech technology for commonrail in 2.5 L and 3.0 L version, with upgraded ECU and injector, on the other hand are not that passed Euro IV that used in Thailand Solemnity of mary, 2012.

The union you can purchase it in 3 body 2-door, 2-seat single 2-door, 4-seat extra cab and 4-seat double cab


A facelifted version of the possible was unveiled by Toyota’s Malaysian UMW Toyota Motor, in August Toyota has released a left drive facelifted Hilux in August 2008 while a hand drive facelifted is to be able to be released in September These facelifted models introduced on behalf of the Philippines in 2008.

Toyota also introduced a access system called Cab to replace all Xtra Cab models in E and G The Smart Cab models are only with the Thailand domestic

On 13 July 2011, Toyota that your choice of would come with an including a redesigned front end and other external styling changes to every one of the interior in to a new turbocharged diesel engine of producing 106 kW (142 hp) and 343 N·m lb·ft) of torque, not to mention fuel consumption in comparison to the model. This updated was launched in Thailand. Thailand of 2012 Toyota Hilux Champ might be a significant change with a brand new as well as a revamped interior to perceived luxuriousness. The front is with all the A pillar forwards. doors, roofs and tailgates, else is new: new guards, new new bumper, new bonnet, new three-bar new taillights, a new rear bumper, new badge and various other. there are new mirrors and new alloy designs. The interior is known for a new dashboard design by way of a new horizontal instrument cluster. Perceived may have been improved out of adoption of uniformly darker with a greater colour while in the interior. The high-end Cab version now is included with DVD rear camera and Bluetooth Cristiano Ronaldo are presenter for Vigo Champ in Thailand, are both announced new Diamond technology for commonrail in 2.5 L and 3.0 L diesel with upgraded 32-bit ECU and on the other hand are not confirmed passed Euro IV compilation used in Thailand from of mary, 2012.

The european you can purchase it in 3 body styles: 2-seat single cab; 4-seat extra cab and 4-door, double cab

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Toyota Hilux/4runner (4wd)
Toyota Hilux/4runner (4wd)
Toyota Hilux/4runner (4wd)
Toyota Hilux/4runner (4wd)


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