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Tuned toyota surf

Hilux Surf/4Runner Frequently Questions (FAQ)

Thanks to all the who have contributed to this If you have something to add then let me know.


I have a lot of time to ensure the information is correct but no liability can be accepted for damage or injury caused by any in, or omissions from, the information If you think any information is incorrect, misleading or incomplete, please free to contact me .


thinking of buying a Surf/4Runner, should I look out for or check?

to ask on the phone:

What engine it have? Is it Automatic or Manual What year model is it? it have ABS? Is it constant 4wd or selectable? Are there any panel or mechanical/electrical issues? Is it an import or a UK What colour is the interior and factory/aftermarket options are fitted? it have a radio or CD? Has it ever in an accident? Were you the original and does it have logbooks and history? How much life is in the tyres? How long has it been on the Home much MOT and tax is remaining? is the current mileage (and is Miles or Kilometres)? What is it? What condition is the paint in? Is any rust? Does it have an

Things to check at a test

Full steering lock and for clunk (steering stops). all 4WD transmission operations. Check for engine. Check for rattly Check service record for including recorded mileage at service. Check that the VIN Identification Number) recorded on one of the Car Inspection Report is identical to the recorded on the registration document Check MOT certificate. Check next cam-belt change is Check if airbag and seat-belt (if fitted) are due for specialist checking or

Check that the cooling fan is working OK — i.e. the cooling fan comes on automatically hot. Check radio not snapped off. Check rubbers for splitting and hardening. spare wheel, tyre and If applicable, check if key for locking nuts is present. Lift up door = 185 (post ’95). down = 130 (pre ’95). rradiator for stains or leaks. rear springs for … sag hight = center of wheels to arches should be about 22 Check all electrics especially the back window Check dash light. Check window inc heating element. for window rattles and operation. for leaks in sunroof Check of driveshaft boots — holed? Check all switchgear. brake discs for scoring and Check for any oil leaks. Check chrome bumpers for rust almost certainly will be Check bodywork for corrosion, and scratches. Operation and fit/alignment of Operation of sunroof. Operation of all including child locks in the doors. Operation of heating/air-conditioning and heated glasses. Operation of seat-belts/damage to seat-belts. Operation of all lifts. Operation of in-car computer/navigation systems. Ensure of radio code are passed on to Operation of seat adjusters. All for cracks/damage/milkyness (de-lamination). All lights, interior lights, for operation and Check carpets and interior for Operation of screen wipers and including intermittent function.

Things to do after purchase:

all fluids to UK suitable — coolant fluid, this is important. Renew thermostat. timing belt (also as cam-belt). Replace rear if vehicle is sagging (standard seems to be 22 from wheel to wheel arch). Fuel/oil (Redex etc.).

What are the model spec codes and are the higher spec? From the top down: SSR-G SSR-X SSR Ltd. SSR


When I use the different H2/H4/L4 H2: Use this for driving on dry hard surfaced this position gives economy, quietest ride and wear.

H4: Use this position for on wet, icy or snow covered This position provides traction than two-wheel

L4: Use this for maximum power and Use L4 for climbing or descendingsteep hills, driving and hard pulling in mud or deep snow.


The drive modes should not be on hard/dry surfaces, especially manouvering or turning sharply, could result (see ).

How do I operate the different Manual options? To shift from H2 to H4, your speed to less 80kmh/50mph and (for UK models) the front drive control or (for other models) the 4WD button. No need to depress the If you have trouble shifting in weather, reduce your or stop the vehicle and reshift. The 4WD light may not come on even if you into H4 if the vehicle is stopped, you start to move the vehicle turn it on.

To shift from H4 to H2, simply UK models) move the front contol lever or (for models) press the 4WD button. The may be moving at any speed. No need to the clutch.

To shift from H4 to L4, the vehicle or reduce speed to than 8kmh/5mph. With foot off the accelorator pedal, the clutch pedal and move the drive control lever.

To from L4 to H4, depress the clutch and move the front drive lever. The vehicle may be moving at any


Never move the drive lever if the wheels are Stop the slipping or spinning shifting.

How do I operate the different Transmission options? To shift H2 to H4, move the front lever the lock release button The indicator light may not come on if you shift into H4 if the vehicle is starting out the vehicle will it on. If the vehilce is moving depress or the accerator pedal slightly.

To from H4 to H2, simply move the drive contol lever the lock release button The vehicle may be moving at any speed. If you while conering, you may feel a shock, This is not abnormal.

To from H4 to L4, reduce your to less than 30kph/18mpg and the front drive control with the lock release depressed.

To shift from L4 to H4, move the front drive lever. The vehicle may be moving at any


Never move the wheel lever if the wheels are Stop the slipping or spinning shifting.

What is the red button on the automatic panel? This allows you to the gear shift out of park the engine is not running.

What is the button on the automatic transmission? the overdrive off the transmission will not use the gear. This is useful for and keeping up your speed up on

What is the ECT button on the automatic panel? The ECT button stands for Controlled Transmission and it changes the change points. It will let the rev higher before changing to the highest gear. This is for faster acceleration and climbing hills.

My trip counter and seem to be counting up too fast why? If you have an imported then your counters be displaying Kilometers (1 mile = Kilometers).

My timing belt light (T-BELT) is on — does it mean and what do I do? The light comes on at 100,000km to indicate that the timing (also called a cam belt) to be renewed.

Once the timing has been changed the warning (on some models) can be reset by the small rubber bung on the dash panel by the speedo and a small screwdriver or pencil and the tiny reset switch (see here for picture ).

Toyota hilux surf tuning

is the Hard suspension button? stiffens the rear suspension can be useful if you are carrying or towing a load.

What is the Idle Up Some surfs have button and it increases the engine speed (tickover) but only the heater blower is on. The idea that it can be used to warm the up quicker in cold conditions.

What is the knob below the that looks a bit like a lever? It’s a hand-throttle to control the revs (similar to the Up button — see above) can be useful for warming the vehicle up in cold conditions or if you have a take-off or winch attached to vehicle that needs revs while in use.

is the interior fuse box located? a panel in the side of the drivers nearest the door.

What are the two loops in the passenger footwell? are to hold an emergency flare as by Japanese law (kind of an alternative to a triangle).

I have a large light/air-conditioning unit mounted in the of the roof. Whats that all This is the SE Asian market climate control type of unit. This aircon is a lot powerful than the standard

I have an alarm that on when I reach a certain What is it and how do I stop it? This is a warning alarm that is to Middle East models. If you to disable it, the alarm is located the dashboard clocks.


size is the rear number on an import vehicle? Second Surf (1990 — 370mm x 175mm

(other may be the same but not confirmed at this

What size wheels/tyres can I For narrow-body Surfs without the wheel arches without any modifications: 7 wide wheels, width tyres and overall of 31.

For wide-bodied surfs without any modifications: 8 wide wheels, width tyres overall of 31.

Larger diameter wheels/tyres require suspension/body lifts.

Why can’t I use 4×4 mode all the or on the roads? There’s drive to axles and the front and rear have different turning On hard/dry surfaces like there’s no give on the road so you’ll end up with windup on the which can destroy it.

Permanent 4WD like Range Rovers a differential in the transfer case to it to slip as you turn in circles. The is not intended as a permanent 4WD vehicle.

Where are they built? All are built at the Tahara Plant in Japan.

What does mean? Combine 4-wheel and off-road Runner, and you have

What does Hilux Aparrently it means High although the name was first to the Hilux pickup — I own one of and I find it hard to believe the Luxury could ever been used to descibe it. -)

Car toyota surf hilux interior
Toyota surf tuned
Hold hilux tuning
Toyota surf tuning


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