Toyota beats them all when it comes to reliability in the 4X4 category

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Car troubles, importing vehicle, a vehicle clearing a imported used cars dealers.

I work and live in the rural so I deal with a lot of rough especially during the wet season.

recommend a good 4WD with a engine (diesel or petrol) and has clearance. Other than what other makes you recommend?


The moment you say VVTi, you yourself to Toyotas. But, any fully-fledged 4WD SUV will do the job.

I’m you do not want a full-size SUV (Landcruiser 100 or the “VX” or a Nissan Patrol), so you can a Nissan Terrano, a Mitsubishi (a good choice, actually, in of comfort and ability), maybe a Rover Defender if you do not mind the of an Eastern European prison a Land Rover Discovery if pockets go deeper than Isuzu Trooper. the list is

I would, however, advise you to to Toyotas, especially if you can get your on one made in the mid to late 1990s.

I now that you operate from the reliability and ease of repair be top on your list after the obvious off-road capability.

If you say, a Discovery, what you do when the air-suspension goes and you are a million miles from

Try the J70 Toyota.

It might be a bit too geometrical in and carrying milk in it might see you your business to sales of and ghee, but, as cars go, it is and will go anywhere.

The J90 Prado is an option, with a bit more added to the equation, but anything than that and you will be with expensive repair

Choose wisely.

Hello Baraza,

My car smells of after going six kilometres. could be the problem? I service the car


Hi Lorine,

Maybe you a petrol can inside the car with What happens beyond six

Anyway, it could be one of many leaking fuel lines, a air cleaner connection, a loose filter, plugs that are not properly. I need more for a more definite answer.

No, I do not containers in the car. Three ago, it stalled. I thought the was down so we ‘jacked’ the car.

It for about two metres then showing the battery, engine and ABS on the dashboard.

The mechanic seems not to what the problem is. The petrol are now so strong that you can smell from outside.

The car is a Toyota with a D4 engine, which have been telling me is

Please elaborate on the engine and its


You jacked the car? Do you that you have just me that you stole the car? Did you you jacked it up, or jump-started it?

Displaying all notifications on the dashborad is normal. starting a car, the moment the key the “ON” position, all the dashboard come on.

They then go off the key reaches “START” and stay off the engine is running (unless the car has all those problems).

When a car all those lights come on the key is in the “ON” position but the engine is

I think I can now presume what problem is. One of your fuel is leaking badly, as I had approximated

The only marriage between a petrol smell and a stalling car is a fuel system: you are fuelling the but the fossil fuels seem to go to the ground rather than their way into your

I cannot say for sure that problem is connected to the D4 characteristic, but I do D4s have problems.

Tell mechanics to check the connections the fuel lines feeding the filter, the ones from the to the throttle body and at the throttle itself.

If they don’t what a throttle body is, it is the of metal at the top of the engine into air is fed from the air cleaner, and the origin of the

All the best.

Hello Baraza,

I own a FunCargo, 2003 model and relatively new. Every I drive on a highway and do above it starts vibrating, literally the entire car.

I have not advice from a mechanic I wanted to consult a specialist

Please advise.


M Kihara.

Hello Edwin,

FunCargo could be suffering one of these: the wheels need or one of them is loose and needs Check the alignment also, but I if this is it.

Hi Baraza,

I have imported a Toyota Wish, in 2004, and just want to if there is anything in particular to out for with this model.

mine does not come a CD-DVD player/TV (as is usual the more recent models), and like to know if you can suggest a and honest person who can install for me at a pocket-friendly price.

I am also on the for a good and honest mechanic in Nairobi. Female car owners out know what I’m talking

We are charged double or triple the for some of the services provided to us by and unprofessional mechanics.


Hello Pamela,

About Wish lacking CD/DVD, the very first owner one who bought it in 2004) did not specify on his/her vehicle.

But in case did, these things get at the port in Mombasa. A while it was almost impossible to get a second-hand with the stereo/TV intact.

aftermarket tuners/modifiers install entertainment kits. The most are of course the ones who do matatus, but might charge you matatu and you might have to join a

One way of ensuring honesty might be a bit buy the kit yourself and then ask what the labour cost is. Theft and typically occur at the point of of the kits you seek.

As for the mechanics, are no guarantees unless you enter into a crash course in vehicle basics.

For now, a trustworthy male friend who one or two things about cars and him accompany you to the garage, or better let him take the car to the mechanics. Several of my friends do this with me, and I it works.

All the best.


I a Toyota Mark II Regalia, old (KAY XXX). I took it for an wash and it appears some sensors got in contact with because it is now too slow to accelerate.

My is: are there known dangers with engine washes? If how can they be avoided? Thanks a lot for the column.



To be honest, Sir, I think is becoming a problem of epidemic because similar complaints are thick and fast from readers.

Yes, water have got into the electronics. And it is rectifiable either lizard-style or

The lizard style involves your car in the sun with the bonnet for some hours (not 100 per effective, bad for your paint job and the car be uncomfortable inside when you pick it up).

The hairdresser involves getting a blow and applying it to the areas you suspect the might have got into tricky: most blow have short cords, and it is embarrassing for a man to be seen using a female electronic device on his

Do this: Perform the engine yourself, because it seems most car wash outfits out are putting drivers into

Engine wash is not the same as wash where copious of water and detergent are needed to a gleam.

A wet rag, meticulously should clean your and spare your car future

Dear Baraza,

I drive a Sunny B15, 2001 that I imported three ago. My agony started the original front shocks got out.

All other shocks I fitted hardly last months. We even replaced the coil springs with ones but this has made difference in prolonging the lifespan. The are alright.

The car is only driven by me, a distance of six kilometres daily to Parklands) and occasional trips

It covers on average 600 kilometres a and is carefully driven. The rest of the are okay (engine, electrical, braking, transmission etc).

Is a common problem with model? What would you


One common mistake make is replacing the springs and but forgetting to change the mounts

This tends to be counterproductive: it is washing one sleeve of a dirty or replacing one worn out shoe in a

The suspension problem could be of B15, but I do not see how a drive from to Parklands and back would a suspension change. Maybe the are short-changing you; I don’t

My advice towards addressing problem will sound and generate heat among circles: maybe it’s we started paying more to locally franchised cars, when buying second-hand.

have the advantage of having support and in some cases you even get a car with an outstanding which will be a relief to your bank manager and dependants.

When I discussed I was disparaged as a minion for the local but now it seems a good number of are facing complications from imports.

Maybe the chicken come home to roost?

Mr Baraza,

My Nissan Sylphy N16 not engage the reverse gear travelling for a distance.

It however has no in the morning or after parking for than two hours. What be the problem?

Thanks, Isaac.


Is it manual or auto? way, it looks like you have to face the music and the gearbox dropped to the ground for investigation. Take it from me, it is not an you will enjoy.

Have check the linkage (on either type) first before the gearbox.

If the linkage is intact, for the have the electrical systems checked (with the manual go straight to disassembly). If the electricals are well, take the bull by the

Just so you know, you might to buy a new gearbox. or learn how to make right turns in order to go

Hello Baraza,

I have a Duet (YOM 2000) was a perfect car until some last year when it on the road.

When the car was fixed by the it started vibrating. He told me the needed to be changed, which I and the work was carried out.

months later, despite visits to the mechanic, the vibrations not stopped.

This problem is pronounced when in traffic and the car is in gear. I have now changed all the and I’m wondering what is next.

I the car and its fuel efficiency. It normally not give me any other problems as I it for service regularly when it is due 5,000 km).


I strongly suspect you changed the for nothing. I think the first messed up the idling settings on car, so have the idle (at the throttle body), before you yourself to more expensive

Let me know how this goes and we take it up from there.

car problems? Send your to

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