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The Basics of Car Model Naming

In the of consumer products, the name of a can be almost as important as its quality. A or confusing name can turn an effective product into that buyers instinctively This is particularly true in the arena, where names Ford Explorer. Chevrolet and Dodge Ram are recognized while like Pontiac Fiero. Lumina. and Buick LeSabre. may be familiar. The process of naming a new car long before the car is ready to be and in some cases is done in advance. In many instances, of the car’s future rests on the of a name.

When buyers to search for a new car, they may see unusual and unforgettable names. may also be interested in knowing how names were chosen and how cars succeeded in the marketplace. guide describes the type of the mission, and the process that is employed in the choice of a new car’s It will also list places where buyers can for a car, including online eBay and local auto

The Team

New cars are named by the car advertising agency. The team is selected for naming the cars includes the agency’s top thinkers and minds. The agency’s team meet on their own to brainstorm and marketing concepts, but they also consult frequently people from both the sector and the advertising sector of the car

The Mission

Consumers might that the naming process be simple. After all, the only has to come up with one However, the advertisers and marketers how much needs to be packed that one word. The name of the car has to with the company’s mission, its and its image. It must reflect about the unique nature and qualities of the car. The name has to speed, style, comfort, power, versatility, or some trait that will buyers want to own the car. that are tasked with a new car have to be sure that no company in the world has trademarked particular name. They need to ensure that the has no unfortunate double meaning in or in some other language.

The also needs to sound to the customer’s ear. Since the of the car model will be paired its make, the two words have to when said aloud. The cannot be too long or too difficult to Essentially, there needs to be a poetry or rhythm to the name makes it sound good spoken alone or with the name.

The Process

Once the team will name the car has been they are given all of the available about the new car, including any directions or suggestions from the car Brainstorms and meetings follow, in some ideas that are presented to the marketing and advertising from the manufacturer. When teams decide on a name or the ideas usually pass up the approval chain until reach the marketing and advertising who give the final yes or no on the name.

Each agency’s brainstorming is different. However, those who worked in advertising agencies can to the fact that naming a usually involves to some long and frustrating meetings. and energy drinks sometimes as fuel for tired minds as the members sit around a table, different words and concepts. To with the brainstorming, the members on the may consult various sources for They might look at literature, nature, other seasonal terms, and even Name ideas are often with possible slogans and so that the team can gauge each name is marketable.

One of the members of the team that the Ford Taurus wrote at one that one of these types of had lasted far too long. Everyone was and frustrated, with one member of the suggesting that they the car Howard and another suggesting the of the name Edsel. Fortunately for the agency and the Ford marketers did a good name for the car. decided to keep the car’s name, Taurus, a name implied strength. In the years its development, the Ford Taurus has a popular, reliable, and affordable car for and individuals.


The number of and executives that have to the name for a new car varies depending on the car and its structure. Sometimes, executives may be about signing off on a name, that their job may be on the line if it fails. These fears are justified, since the name is vital to the success of a new car. In cases, positive results customer test groups and surveys can help to alleviate an concerns about a particular car With hard facts to up the idea, executives will be more likely to sign off on the

Positive Results

In most the name that is selected for a new car is met a positive reaction from Some car names may work for the car and enhance its sales. Other prove to be highly appealing for They help the car stand out the crowd, and this success is in excellent sales numbers.

Toyota Deliboy


The Ford Mustang is acknowledged to be one of the best-named cars The first Mustang was released in The name Mustang had a double behind it, as a particular kind of War II fighter plane was called a with the car taking its name that plane. However, also strongly emphasized the association with the wild horses that were mustangs. These animals the descendants of horses who escaped the earliest Spanish settlers. The were smaller than horses, yet they were tough and fast. They the open plains for decades. managed market the idea its Mustang had the same hidden strength of spirit, and love of open spaces as the horse for it was named.

Dodge Caravan

The Dodge is an example of a name that is clever and meaningful. The word describes a group of people together, which fits with the purpose of a minivan. also has an exotic connotation of the word’s Arabian connections. The could also be taken as a of the words car and van. The multiple in caravan balance out the short Dodge so that the two words pleasant when spoken

Lamborghini Diablo

The name is synonymous with a fast, car. The word Diablo something intense, daring, and When the two are combined, the result is the Diablo. a car name that is exciting to every potential

Other Popular Car Names

examples of popular car names the Chevrolet Corvette and the Rolls-Royce Research shows that consumers prefer cars after fierce wild The Dodge Viper and Plymouth are two excellent examples of cars are named after vicious

Negative Results

Despite the hours and mental powers are invested in a new car’s name, are times when the result is not good. Some of these named cars have well-known among consumers, but not in the way the automaker originally intended. The below lists some of the car names of past decades.

Toyota Deliboy
Toyota Deliboy
Toyota Deliboy
Toyota Deliboy


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