Japan’s Greatest (And Most Useless) Concept Cars Of The Future

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Japan’s Greatest (And Useless) Concept Cars Of The

In 1904, Torao Yamaha Japan’s first domestically vehicle, a bus. It was steam and probably could turn a mech suit. Soon in 1907, Komanosuke Uchiyama Japan’s first gasoline car, called the Tokuri. By Japan had its very own car company, eventually became Nissan (I’m guessing you’ve of it).

Since then, come a long way in the car making Toyota has the most successful car on the market (seriously, like other car I see nowadays is a Prius), is well known for its good, and smartly engineered cars, is paving the way in electric cars looking at you, Leaf), and is all nice and 4-wheel-drivey or something that. All-in-all, Japan’s pretty well with the car thing and I only see Korea up to them in the somewhat near

Despite this, they’re not sitting on their couches of yen. All the Japanese car manufacturers been coming up with cars. Cars of the FUTURE. we may not see these cars anytime (or at all), I sure wouldn’t if I could jump into one of sooner rather than Let’s take a look at the

Modern Japanese Concept

The cool thing about / recent concept cars is there’s still the possibility of showing up in the real world. haven’t been forgotten or away. There’s still hope that one day you will be the road in a sideways driving or attracting aliens in your Kiyora. These are my favorite Japanese concept cars. cars your thing? to the second half.


You can always count on Nissan to a lot of weird looking concept Out of all the car manufacturers, they’re the ones who come up with the strangest and I gotta say, I like of them. Like the Nuvu, for

The Nuvu is an electric car that on Lithium Ion batteries. On this it can travel about 80 miles, doesn’t seem too bad considering how it is.

I really like the shape of car for some reason. Seems it gives the interior a lot more despite being a really car. It seats three (comfortably 2), and has a nice pillar on the for some reason. I guess supposed to be kind of like a Or maybe an electricity whirlpool? You

This concept was debuted in and I can definitely see some of its inspiration on the Leaf. Perhaps the leaf-shaped cells all over the roof was a bit of foreshadowing? I can only assume so. I’d rather have one of these the Leaf’s travel distance, please). I like that in the middle. Seems nice to on to while someone’s blazing the freeway at this car’s max speed. VRrooom!


Can you guess what inspired car’s design? Turns out water. You can see how flowy it is (though I’m they’d recommend you don’t it into the ocean anytime

Depending on how you read this, 清ら means “elegant beauty” and the itself, 清 means “clean/pure.” way, I think both sense. Japan’s automakers are an eco-friendly car future and Mazda’s the Personally, though, I’d be more this car if it was a little bigger. now it feels a bit too small.


I remember seeing this car 5-6 ago in Tokyo (on display somewhere, remember where). Sure, it may ridiculous, but did you know its wheels can sideways, completely destroying the to parallel park? WHAT? see a lot more teenagers passing driving test if this car was I think.

The inside is pretty too. Completely changes how normally think of the inside of a But did you know the wheels aren’t the thing that can turn? The top carriage can rotate 180 degrees, that you’ll never to back out of a parking space

And, lastly, do you see that robot in the dash? He talks to you and you company,” according to Nissan. How until he turns EVIL. of I’ll stick with my car, thank you very

Honda FC Sport

I’m a big fan of Honda. owned two Hondas in my 9-year career, but after looking up concept cars, I’m starting to a little old fashioned.

The Honda FC is a concept hydrogen fuel car that doesn’t actually Really, it just looks and sits around at auto but does have some things about it.

Since hydrogen powered (or supposed to designers got to rethink the engine and how the car works, meaning they can put in different places, add more for other things, and really do whatever they want. I doubt that hydrogen cell technology is anywhere ready for the masses, I’m hoping to see of this kind of tech in the

Toyota CSS

“Hello Mr. Bond. car you have there…” Except you won’t see Bond driving a anytime soon. The CSS for this car stands for “Compact Sports and and uses the setup that the popular Prius.

If you look closely, though, I would say the bottom 2/3rds of this car a lot of modern Toyota cars. concept was shown in 2003, so been a lot of time to steal and pieces from it. To be honest, I kind of like it. I don’t I’d buy one, but I wouldn’t mind I was interested so I could take a

Honda “Small Hybrid

The whole idea behind concept car reminds me of what trying to do, although this a hybrid and not an electric car. wanted to make a small hybrid that isn’t to drive. Despite all the good though, it looks like won’t be manufacturing this Sorry eco-friendly dudes to pick up some eco-friendly you’ll have to look

Nissan Forum

Ever that problem where you someone up from somewhere, go to turn your head to back, only to find you no longer have a neck? concept car solves that immaculately. The outside, while isn’t all that strange. the inside that makes concept car great.

Actually, this minivan probably has more in mind than else. There’s cameras send a video feed of the to overly suspicious parents obviously don’t care not being distracted while their children around), systems for every seat, and middle chairs (RV, This is about as fancy as it soccer moms, so keep eyes peeled for this car or vans that borrow from this car sometime in the

Toyota 1/X

Weighing in at 420kg, the 1/X is approximately half the weight of a Yaris (already a small Why? Because this car is of carbon fiber reinforced It’s a plugin hybrid gets double the fuel because it’s half the I guess that’s one way to do it, though I’m how safe it is.

You probably won’t to figure that out, because this car won’t be to the real world anytime (or ever). I wonder if we will see carbon fiber cars Sounds interesting, though not something I’d want to have in where all cars are at least 23 heavier than this

Honda P-Nut

The P-Nut Neo Urban Transport) reminds me of the a bit. This Honda-designed was made to have a small and have great visibility to see all the trees you’re saving). The as you can see, are also pretty The driver is in the middle at the front and the are to the sides and back of the driver, it seats three (but comfortably). This car sort of me of the Honda Fit, one of Hondas popular models (if not the most right now). I like how the covers everything, though I it’s a pain when get dirty. Where are the windshield

Isuzu FC-12

In America, our are terrible. I hate them, In fact, around most of the bus innovation has been lacking. So, good to see Isuzu (which to do more big vehicle stuff, trucks, buses, and so on) messing with something like Although I’m not sure what were thinking on this one tell me, is this aerodynamic?) I that it looks like kind of robot bug from the so I’d get on / be eaten by one if I had the chance.

Nissan Glider

The Land Glider is a electric vehicle that… for it… leans into turns of like a motorcycle). It’s to be driven around the city maybe for your second and is full of futuristic insides. For the steering wheel isn’t attached to your wheels in any way via computers and wires). The Land holds one person and is incredibly

If these started hitting the I wonder how often you’d see passing other cars by the lines on the road. I hate it motorcyclists to that, freaks me

Toyota CS&S

Whatever happens, I love car’s interior. It’s you get to drive a small, eco-friendly jet around town. I don’t I could stop making pew pew any time I drove this Pew pew pew!

Japanese Concept Of The Not-So-Distant Past

Although modern concept cars and and all, there have some really cool by these very same car manufacturers done a long ago as well. In order to see where all modern design came we have to look at some of the stuff. Which era is more I wonder? Here are some of my

Toyota EX-II (1969)

The was more of a normal car. was it’s tiny, slower, powered little brother. I how the little circular windows, I don’t think I could how low to the ground it is.

Nissan Boga (1989)

London Taxi (1993)

was made with the Royal of Art in London. It’s a taxi only a single passenger because it was assuming that London would create around being able to normal (bigger) cars. it’s hard to tell this image, I’m guessing car was tiny .

Honda Fuya-Jo

Isn’t 1999 a little too for a car like this? Fuya-Jo “Sleepless City” – can you guess type of person this car was That’s right, the party It’s all about the excitement of the with this car… The dashboard resembles a DJ’s desk and the steering wheel like a turntable. If a car like doesn’t make you cool, I’m not what will.

Although this car is low to the ground and is supposed to youth the feeling of riding a or something like that I guess I’d be falling off this car all the Despite the weird looks of car and the turntable steering wheel, I of see where Honda was coming on this one. Although concept car was a big flop, you can see a lot of the good of the Fuya-Jo showing up in Totota’s line. Boxy, low to the ground, I guess artists steal,

Toyota RV-2 (1972)

The That’s so old school. The RV-2 is the fun is at. Part sports car, RV, and part transformer, this was attempting to capitalize on the popularity of Just open up the back and connect the pieces with waterproof) fabric, and you’ve got an RV… well, kind of.

For me, I’d just be too to transform my car. I’ll pack a tent in my trunk, you very much.

The Future Of

It’s kind of interesting to at all these concept cars and them to what actually There’s a lot of bits and pieces from even the wackiest of so you can’t discredit them

It’s pretty obvious Japanese cars are really towards even more vehicles. Totally electric is to be the future, and I think we’ll see a lot of that only house one or two (or in several cases) people as

I’m also hoping for some changes in car design. Cars are of boring, you know? Luckily, I we’re starting to see a shift beauty in design rather trying to make cars or more sleek or something Even the Prius was a big change in the day, though now it’s standard. New cars, like the FJ-Cruiser, and plenty of cars you see Japan are also quite from normal car design though I’d like to see more. I if we can get out of the mindset of what a car looks we can come up with some neat ideas. Not all of them work, but I guess that’s why you concept cars, ammiright?

So, car was your favorite? Would you be dead driving any of these For me, I think I like the P-Nut the though the Nissan Glide be a sweet second-car.


Did you that there are way more concept cars than Like, a lot more. Check out Tentacle and Japanese Concept for way more. The ones above are my favorites (and hopefully too?).

Toyota CS&S
Toyota CS&S
Toyota CS&S

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