2014 Toyota Corolla Sedan Reveal Set for After 10:00 PM EST [Updated…

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Toyota Corolla Compact IV

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Calif. (June 6, 2013) – The 2014 Corolla will dramatically amplified elements of design, quality and craftsmanship, building upon the stellar reputation for reliability, efficiency and making Toyota’s newest the most surprising and capable yet.

Corolla for the World: 47 154 Countries, Built in 16 Locations, Impact

With nearly 40 units sold, the Toyota is the best-selling car nameplate on the planet, and year marks its 47th on the market. Since the Corolla appeared in Japan in 1966, it has a major role in the motorization of and its global popularity has had a significant on transportation throughout the rest of the The global scope of Corolla now it manufactured in 16 locations and sold in 154 The Toyota Corolla’s appeal as a car is rooted in a product philosophy set by Tatsuo Hasegawa, the first chief engineer, who sought “to a car that brings happiness and to people around the world.”

As a of more than 40 years on the satisfying consumer needs, compact car has developed into a supporting Toyota’s famed for quality, durability, and reliability. The maybe more so than any Toyota sold globally, has the answer for consumers in the market for a efficient, and affordable compact

In developing this new 11th of Corolla, Toyota designer and relied on exhaustive consumer to help shape key elements of the on a global scale. Customers the overwhelming importance of vehicle on product perception in the marketplace. The 11th generation Corolla a much stronger design with more compelling and interior executions that the pre-conceptions about Corolla. The generation Corolla continues the brand’s recent momentum set by design-focused product launches as Avalon and RAV4. The 2014 will remain appealing to the consumers while helping the most popular car grow in with youthful car buyers.

Exterior Design is Expressive,

The all-new Corolla makes an visual impact with a expressive, chiseled exterior that elaborates on the “Iconic theme first seen on the Furia Concept that at the North American International Show. The new Corolla is distinguished by its more athletic proportions ride on a longer wheelbase (+ inches/ +100 mm compared to model). With the wheels out toward the corners, compact and more tapered front and expression, the new Corolla communicates a dynamic compact sedan even at a standstill. The new sedan is inches (99 mm) longer overall and yet a more compact appearance the current model thanks to a shape that tapers at the and rear of the vehicle to help the wheel arches and wheels-to-the-corner

The new Corolla features an expressive fascia with sharper, pronounced details above a trapezoidal grill that beneath a thin intake below the hood.

The front of the new Corolla reveals a continuation of the themes seen in recent sedans such as Camry and and it creates a sleeker, more impression of a Toyota compact with its more precisely surfaces.

Among the challenges by the new Corolla’s original design was the need to execute more rounder corners to achieve the sleeker image. The thick of conventional headlamps would the appearance of deeply rounded Sleek, compact LED lamp were adopted to reduce the mass and help accentuate the tapered, rounded-corner, front- end theme. In addition, the low heat by the LED lamp enabled the use of a lighter PES resin lens instead of glass. Corolla is the first sedan to offer standard LED headlamps.

2014 Corolla

Basic Exterior Dimensions to Current model (change in

Overall length 182.6 in. in.) 183.1 for S-grade mm (+99), 4650mm for S-grade

width 69.9 in. (+0.63 1776 mm (+16)

Overall 57.3 in. (-0.39 in.) mm (-10)

Wheelbase 106.3 in. (+ in.) 2700 mm (+100)

Overhang 37.7 in. (+0.90 958 mm (+23)

Rear Overhang in. (-0.94 in.) 981 mm (-24)

the exterior design’s attention to the new Corolla’s athletic profile door handles that been sculpted into the to align with a character that spans the length the surfaces, utilizing a vertically door handle design. The new C-pillar features a “faster”, sloping angle that in to the rear deck more The rear view is highlighted by sharply-sculpted rear taillight The new Corolla is available with a rear deck-lid spoiler accentuates the sportier nature of new compact.

Elevated Interior With a Greater Sense of in its Design

The new Corolla’s interior the “Iconic Dynamism” theme to a stylish, highly functional, and interior space with a sense of craftsmanship in its design, use of and attention to detail. A horizontally dash structure helps the interior’s sense of spaciousness providing a more wide-open, functional space for interface vehicle controls. The interior a premium aesthetic with its use of gloss trim highlighted by ornamentation and trim that an upscale yet sportier image.

on interior color theme, black or amber pinstriped are used in conjunction with the and door panel ornamentation to the premium appeal of the interior. stitching along the leading of the dash pad adds a sense of to the interior’s upscale nature. An decorative boot with stitching surrounding the shift adds a sporty, premium

As a result of the 3.93 inch in vehicle wheelbase, the new Corolla’s package has been dramatically in terms of passenger comfort, considerable legroom for the rear occupants. Compared to the outgoing the rear seat hip point has moved back 2.95 (75 mm), and additional leg-room was by adopting a slim front back. The rear passenger was also made flatter by exhaust pipes beneath the to offer better middle foot room. Rear comfort is also enhanced the use of denser urethane pads and inserts within the seats.

The Corolla elevates the compact interior experience by treating to a high level of cabin Environmental noise, in addition to and engine sounds entering the are mitigated by an acoustic glass improved floor carpet an instrument panel seal the cowl and the windshield, a fender insulator, and an inner dash pad.

Corolla’s front include a longer, more lower cushion and an improved design, while offering a (15-mm) increase in the seat’s of adjustment to help accommodate a range of physiques. The effort operating the Corolla’s front slide, reclining, and lift has also been greatly

Corolla’s standard gauge offers three dials sharp image detail and blue illumination, surrounded by trimmed rings. Within the dial is a multi-information display shows odometer, trip current fuel consumption, fuel consumption, cruising and average vehicle speed. The meter cluster offers a technology feel with a black and white TFT display rests between two large

The new Corolla offers an expanded of interior choices with fabrics that create an contrast with the piano and metallic-accent surfaces. Depending on the trim level, the seating are trimmed in premium, detailed or a durable, upscale SofTex™

Four Distinct Grades; of Standard Equipment

The 2014 is available in four distinct L, LE, S, and the new LE Eco grade. While each offers its own equipment level, all feature LED lowbeam headlamps LED daytime running lights, an AM/FM antenna, color-keyed door handles, color-keyed mirrors, a 60/40 split rear seat, power locks with automatic feature, power windows driver-side one-touch up/down, air with pollen filter, Bluetooth connectivity and eight

Other popular features for Corolla’s trim levels Smart Key System on front and trunk with Push Start, auto air-conditioning pollen filter, leather-trimmed three-spoke steering wheel paddle shifters and audio Multi-Information Display, Bluetooth phone voice-command controls, heated front seats, and a of audio capability that offer navigation and Entune™ accessible through the head Much more will be regarding Corolla’s grade content, capability, and price closer to on-sale timing in the

Drivetrain and Aerodynamics Maximize

The Corolla has always prioritized outstanding fuel economy and the new model maintains that The new Corolla LE Eco model targets an EPA highway fuel economy of over 40 mpg. The Corolla LE Eco is a new that enhances the fuel with the help of aerodynamic covers, color-keyed rear a more efficient 1.8-liter with Valvematic technology, low resistance tires on 15-inch or available 16-inch aerodynamic wheels, and an efficient CVT.

to reduce wind resistance helped the new Corolla achieve a coefficient of 0.28, which it near the top of the compact-sedan class. attention has been taken to airflow and reduce turbulence the front and rear edges of the The Corolla’s underbody features a flatter smoother design to reduce turbulent airflow. the LE Eco grade and S grade offer placed vehicle under located below the bumper engine, front floor, floor, and fuel tank to manage airflow under the for improved efficiency.

The 2014 offers two efficient 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engines. The base unit with VVT-i is on the L, LE, and S grades and is rated at 132 horsepower. The new LE Eco trim level is equipped a 1.8-liter engine with a valve train technology appears for the first time in America with Corolla. offers a broader range of variable valve timing and phasing) to provide optimal valve (not on exhaust operation relative to engine Valvematic offers more a five-percent improvement in fuel and engine output (140

2014 Corolla Engine


Engine Type 2ZR-FAE

Number of Cylinders/arrangement 4 in-line 4 cylinders, in-line

Mechanism 16-valve DOHC Dual VVT-i 16-valve with Valvematic

Bore x mm 80.5 x 88.3 80.5 x

Toyota Corolla Compact IV

Displacement c.c. 1798

Compression Ratio 10.0:1

Fuel System EFI EFI

Max Output 132 Hp/ rpm 140 Hp/6100 rpm

Max Torque 128 lb-ft/ 126 lb-ft/4000 rpm

The 2014 Corolla offers improved fuel thanks to its advanced Continuously Transmission. This CVTi-S (i for S for shift), which will be on the LE, S, and LE Eco Corolla models, features enhancements to improve its efficiency and performance with discrete points that help a sensation more similar to a hydraulic automatic transmission.

the efficiency and reduced weight in a pulley-type CVT would seem an solution for vehicles emphasizing efficiency, the characteristic CVT “rubber driving sensation of the engine to its power band upon has earned detractors. With new CVTi-S, Toyota’s engineers the drivability of the new Corolla by adapting stepped “gears” or shift into the car’s acceleration and curves. The Corolla’s new CVTi-S mimics the familiar characteristics of automatics creating a sense of shift engagement. On the Corolla S up to seven shift-points can also be actuated from the shift or steering wheel paddle

As the first pulley-style CVT product by Toyota in North America, the effort prioritized making the new operation and power application appealing and familiar to North drivers. Corolla’s engineers the fuel saving design in a pulley CVT while enhancing its to provide a more “direct to pedal inputs through analysis of traditional automatic operation. The new CVTi-S will a more linear connection pedal effort and acceleration compared to previous CVT designs.

engineers addressed challenges by typical CVT design such as the level of hydraulic pressure require for operation, and the optimization of the ratio range to offer the performance and fuel economy. CVT hydraulic-fluid pumps are driven at the rate as engine speed; as a the pump wastes considerable hurting transmission efficiency at engine speeds as the pump more fluid than to lubricate and sandwich the CVT’s With this new CVTi-S, pressure was reduced to an optimal to protect against belt while conserving drive to limit excess pumping The Corolla’s new CVTi-S is fitted an oil pump that features a 2-port design that a 25-percent reduction in pump torque compared to other designs, and results in a greater with its reduction in parasitic loss.

For a belt-driven CVT, the of speed ratios is determined by the of the input and output pulleys. The the disparity in size between two pulleys, the greater the range of ratios, efficiency and performance the can offer. The clearances within the CVTi-S exterior casing and internal components have enhanced to better accommodate the optimally sized pulleys the compact transmission case. The offers a forward gear range of 0.396 to 2.480, works well for acceleration, speeds, and fuel-conscious driving a 4.761 final drive The new CVTi-S includes a transmission warmer is used to help get to optimal temperature faster.

The new CVTi-S is uses a lower CVT fluid that protects all of the internal parts while reduce parasitic loss to efficiency and performance. The CVTi-S offers extremely quiet from a compact, lightweight design that adds ribs and an optimal shape to suppress vibration and noise.

ECO and Drive Modes Add Efficiency and

Corolla models equipped CVTi-S offer the capability of an ECO or SPORT driving mode. On the LE Eco, the ECO driving mode accelerator control become to suppress the vehicle’s response to driving and contain acceleration standing start to help fuel consumption. The accelerator communication is the same as Normal-mode 50-percent throttle. In ECO mode, the air operation is controlled in the interest of with compressor power the utilization of recirculation mode, and time allowed to attain a interior cabin temperature.

As equipped on the Corolla S, the new CVTi-S a SPORT mode that deliver a more dynamic experience with software that alters shift creating transmission behavior acceleration that enhances the character of the S-grade. SPORT is not a track focused mode, but a transmission setting that, with unique electric steering programming, helps a sportier driving sensation normal road and freeway On the Corolla S equipped with steering wheel mounted shifters allow drivers to fast, sequential, stepped through “7-speeds” to help the driving experience. The Corolla S shifter also offers a gate (M-position) that allows drivers to make upshifts or downshifts using the lever. The next shift will automatically be engaged if the revolutions become high or down shifted if they low enough. The M modeactivity is displayed in the and white display of the Corolla S meter. The Corolla’s Sport was developed and evaluated on roads the key global markets to help a more energetic drive a broad range of conditions.

The model Corolla L is offered a four-speed automatic transmission or a manual transmission. The six-speed is also available in the Corolla S.

Unibody and Tuned Suspension Engaging Handling

The new Corolla improved handling and steering to a rigid unibody that can advantage of improved suspension to offer a more engaging, handling, more dynamic The Corolla’s unibody makes use of high-strength steel to improve the of the structure, but also keeps curb weight under pounds for all grades, which fuel efficiency. The use of high steel allows for reduced and optimized shape of structural while increasing strength to improve collision performance. is expected to perform very in collision safety ratings The new Corolla features additional bracing (tunnel brace and floor brace) to help platform rigidity over the model.

The new Corolla’s suspension a Macpherson strut design for the with a new, more control-arm design. A rear beam arrangement is used for the Both suspension layouts been designed to take of the additional body rigidity to improved handling responses and control. While the spring on Corolla have been for ride comfort, the S-model with 17-inch wheels unique coil, damper, and tuning to help offer a driving characteristic. The rear beam’s attachments points are now to the body at a slanted, diagonal for its bushings as opposed to the straight orientation of the previous generation This diagonal attachment layout contributes to improved handling, grip, and stability.

The new Corolla is equipped with an power steering system offers enhanced feel and in the hands of drivers, while its sense of directness with effort. The use of an electric rack and system eliminates an accessory hydraulic steering system, would represent parasitic to the engine. The lightweight and compact of the tilt, telescopic steering are designed to help enhance rigidity, while reducing A more structurally rigid intermediate shaft help the directness of the new Corolla’s steering. The new steering measures 3.19 from lock to lock.

The system includes a 10.82-inch ventilated front disc, and a 10.19-inch (259-mm) solid disc (available on S-grade) or (229-mm) rear drum other grades). Like all models, the 2014 Corolla feature Toyota’s Star System™ standard, which Vehicle Stability Control Traction Control (TRAC), Braking System (ABS), Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Assist. It also features the Smart Stop Technology system. An electronic tire monitoring system is standard

Corolla offers a broad of wheels ranging from wheels with covers (L and LE Eco 16-inch steel wheels covers (LE and S), 16 inch aluminum (LE), a 16-inch aluminum unique to the Eco grade and 17-inch wheels unique to the S grade. The help emphasize the character of Corolla model, with the fuel-economy-focused Corolla LE Eco wearing wheels with covers in low rolling resistance 195/65R-15 At the other side of the Corolla is the sportiest grade of Corolla S wears impactful available alloy wheels covers in performance oriented 215/45R-17 The 16-inch wheels used for the LE the steel and aluminum) and the 16-inch aero-wheel for the LE Eco model all use a 205/55R-16

The 2014 Corolla will the consumer’s experience for the world’s popular sedan with expressive styling, a more interior experience, improved economy and performance, and a strong of available features. Vehicle final grade content, and packages will be made closer to launch timing.


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