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Toyota Camry sedan IV

Available Years for Toyota Trailer Hitch

Trailer for Camry Camry

Hitches are designed by Draw-Tite, Reese, Hitch, Curt, and Torklift to fit Camry Camry. Choose the that is right for your needs and your budget.

All come with a limited warranty and are manufactured in the USA.

Hitches, Front Mount Fifth Wheels, Goosenecks, RV and Weight Distribution

Toyota Trailer Hitch Videos

we are going to install part 12339 from Curt, and we are to install this on a 2003 Camry. Before we begin our we will show you exactly the hitch will mount up on the First off, on the passengers it will mount up on these bolts right here. We taken these three — one, two, — and those will be with the bolts that with the hitch. Moving to the drivers side, there be couple of different varieties, on the vehicle you have. They always have these two right here. On some there will be no holes or maybe two existing holes. Or, in case, there is actually one underneath the sticker right You will not actually know you look underneath the vehicle. And is a threaded bolt hole. So, in case, we will only be these three holes.

we are going to install part 36336 from Draw-Tite on an Toyota Camry. The first we will to show you is where the mounts on the frame. And the hitch mount on the frame here these two bolt holes for However, on some models may be no more bolt holes, and might be an extra one here. In case, see? There is a black sticker covering the We will check it out and see if this is a hole. If so, we can actually use that. If vehicle does not have threaded hole here, you just drill out two holes the hitch as a template and then put a inside. We will see what we got here. And it looks like is a threaded hole. So on this we will be using three points. On the passengers side, the exhaust here, we have to down these two bolts, and the hitch goes in this And then the exhaust bracket bolts on top of the hitch.

Toyota Trailer Hitch Questions and

We offer a Hidden Hitch or a Class II hitch for your Camry SE. If you are planning on possibly some light duty in the future, the Hidden Hitch # would be a good choice, as it the ball mount and the pin and clip. also need a wiring # 118482 and the appropriately-sized trailer like # 19256 for a 1-7/8 ball or # 19258 for a 2 inch. If all wanting to use the hitch for is an attachment for a bike rack or other m

Both the Draw-Tite Hitches # and # 36514 will fit your Toyota Camry whether it is a or not. The only difference is the # 36514 comes with a mount and a hitch pin and clip. would work well for you they both will fit vehicle. If you go with the # 36514 you want the ball mount and the pin and you may also be interested in purchasing a inch hitch ball # 19256. I attached an install for you to check out also.

The drivers bracket is not reinstalled with the Class II Trailer Hitch, # because the bracket will not fit the trailer hitch is in position. I with my contact at Draw-Tite and he once the hitch is installed, the end and vehicle frame do not lose He said the trailer hitch into both end plates and the pan so the support bracket is not needed. If you like a trailer hitch will mount to the end plate and the frame,

I checked with and they confirmed that the Trailer Hitch Receiver # as a fit for your 2014 Toyota Hybrid. The pin and clip are included, the ball mount is Curt II Drawbar # C45017. If you need balls check out the 1-7/8 ball # 19256 and the 2 inch ball # 19258.

First, under body panel you on your 2012 Toyota will either need to be or trimmed to install the hitch, # If the car is leased then I recommend it and storing it some place so you can put it back on later. This hitch is an excellent choice for bikes. Class II trailer like this one are more and you do not have the limitations that you with a Class I trailer You will need to make the bike rack y

You definitely valid concerns and I think the way to address your concerns is if I go item by item. We produce videos as the opportunity arises in our If a customer happens to purchase a for which we do not have a video we install the product and video the We then post the video to all future customers as they their own installations. Unfortunately, we not had a customer get the Curt Trailer # C121

The only hitch that we for a 2012 Toyota Camry is Curt hitch # C12107 you have referenced. This is a II trailer hitch so the hitch can up to 4 bikes provided that the owners manual states the and tongue weight capacities are enough for the combined weight of the rack and bikes. And Curt the use of stabilization strap # 18050 to some of the stress off of the hitch. If you wanted a ball mount needed for a bike rac

The easiest way to get the installation hardware you would for your 2004 Toyota would be to go to the product page for Hardware Kit # RHK, enter the number of the hitch you have select the hitch manufacturer and then hit add to cart and we will you out the correct hardware kit. To see a of all the hardware this hitch with check out the picture I that I took from the instructions that has a complete par

lists two Authorized Dealers 10 miles of your location: Manufacturing 2023A West St MD US 21401 (410) 224-2887 or RV 117 Ferguson Rd Annapolis, MD US 21409 280-0800 The installation is not terribly If you are reasonably handy, you might be to complete the installation yourself. a look at the installation instructions I linked you to, you might find the installation is something you would fe

The I recommend is the Hidden Hitch Hitch # 90152. It is a good fit for car with a 1-1/4-inch receiver, a capacity of 3500 lbs and a tongue of 300 lbs. It comes with a hardware kit and requires no welding installation. The drawbar, pin, and are also included with the You will want to check the and tongue weight capacity of vehicle prior to using any hitch. If the weight capacities the vehicle and hitch ar

The Draw-Tite hitch # 24563 is not a fit for the 1998 Camry but we do have several that will fit. I included a link to them for The most popular option is trailer hitch # 36336. I included links to the installation and a link to a video showing a installation for you. If you plan on some towing the recommended mount is # 36061 and you can use pin and clip # For a 1-7/8 inch ball use # and for a 2 inch b

I looked up the 1Up bike and it states it will fit a 1-1/4 or 2 inch trailer hitch. The trailer hitch # 36416 is a II trailer hitch with a inch receiver so it is compatible the bike rack. I have a link to the installation instructions and a to a video showing a typical for you.

To use the Hoverlift on your Toyota Camry LE to haul the Power Chair it does to use a Class II or Class III hitch. All of the that are available for your Toyota Camry LE are a Class II inch hitch. The Draw-Tite # and Hidden Hitch # 90152 a tongue weight capacity of 300 The Curt Class II 1-1/4 hitch, part # 12343, has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. I up the weight of the Hoverlift and it was 80 lbs. will leave you

The Draw-Tite II receiver you mentioned # 36416 and the Doubletrack # TH990XT would very well together your 2009 Camry. will be enough clearance the rack and vehicle bumper for the to fold up into its storage I have linked you to the hitch video and a product demonstration for the bike rack.

Since you are using the hitch to carry you will not need a ball that is used when a trailer. Because of that the hitch I would recommend for 2012 Toyota Camry model would be the Draw-Tite II 1-1/4 Inch Hitch, # 36514. This hitch not include a ball mount. If you a Hybrid model of the 2012 you will need to use the Curt II 1-1/4 Inch Hitch, # C12082. Since you will be the Curt hitch for a non-trailer loa

The Hitch # C12082 that you will fit the 2012 Toyota Hybrid models. You will to remove the underbody panel and the heat shield to install hitch. The lack of the under panel will not significantly the undercarriage of your vehicle winter road conditions as panel does not seal the so salt and road grime still find its way in there. As for a shop to install the hitch, much any qualified mechanic

I spoke with my contact at Hitch about trailer # 90079 for your 2012 Camry. He stated that the frame where the hitch to the bottom of the receiver measures inches. I have included a to the installation instructions for you to view. Use the to measure from where the mounts down to the ground and subtract 7-3/16 inches to get the clearance. This hitch with the correct ball hitch pin, and clip. If you on

The Draw-Tite trailer hitch, # will fit a 2007 Toyota Hybrid. A Toyota dealership install it but I recommend going to a mechanic or an RV dealer or shop works on trailers to have it if you do not want to tackle the project I have included a link to the details and a link to a video a typical installation for you. If you on doing some towing the ball mount is # 36071 and you can use pin and # PC2. For

The plastic cover you are about is covered in step 3 of the I have attached for you. It If present, remove the plastic covering located under the pan. You will not re-install the The plastic cover does not a functional purpose and we have not come across a Camry yet had it. Removing it will not be an issue. If you on doing some towing, the comes with the correct mount, pin and clip. For a ball you can use # 1

are two possible clearance issues installing the # 24563 on a 1994 The bottom of the valence panel at the of the frame member might to be bent upward to allow mounting flanges to sit flat the vehicle frame member diagram). If your Camry has the chrome tipped exhaust the exhaust hanger bolts need to be loosened so that the pipes drop to allow for hitch. They will be re once the hitch is in place. The

For 2006 Toyota Camry, I recommend the Hidden Hitch II receiver, part # 90174. The Hitch includes the ball and the pin and clip. To complete your system, you might also the following: Trailer wiring part # 118308 2 inch ball, part # 19258 inch trailer ball, # 19257 If you were planning on using the hitch as an attachment for a bike rack or other mounted accessory, the Draw-Tite # would be a be

Basically for all of the hitches for the 2012 Toyota Camry you have to do the same modifications. You need to temporarily lower the modify the heat shield and trim or remove the underbody I attached installation instructions for the Trailer Hitch # C12082 for you to out to give you an idea what the will be like. If all of the modification is not you are interested in doing you could just get a trunk mounted ra

On a 2003 Toyota Camry, should be 3 holes on the driver frame rail. It is possible one or more of the holes is covered a plug, road grime, or that you will need to away. You will then the instructions as normal which I linked for you to view. If you find there is no hole in the frame, you need to follow the instructions for the installation which does drilling 2 holes. If you plan on some towing, the hitch c

The Hitch Trailer Hitch, # will fit on a 2011Toyota Camry dual exhaust. Take a at the photo I added for you. You can see the design of the hitch leaves room for the exhaust on both of the vehicle. I have also instructions and a video for you. At time there is not a hitch for the 2011 Toyota Camry SE does not require bolting to the of the spare tire well. If you on doing some towing the ball mount is

First, if the manual states that you tow with the vehicle, then I recommend going against If the owners manual is unclear, you need to contact your dealer or Toyota directly to if the car can be used for towing and, if so, the capacity is. The Draw-Tite trailer # 36514, is listed as a fit for all models of the Toyota Camry, including the SE. The restriction is that it will not fit models. I have included a to t

The trailer hitches for a 2011 Camry SE are rated for 3,500 but you have to go by what the manufacturer for your vehicle. If Toyota state that the vehicle can tow 1,000 as indicated in the owners then you must abide by rating even though the is rated higher. Fora since you indicated towing, I the Hidden Hitch model, # because it comes with a mount, hitch pin, and For a 1-7/8 inch ball use # and for a 2 i

The Curt hitch, # 11225, for the Toyota Camry wagon only fit 1992 to 1996 models. The 2006 Toyota sedan requires a complete hitch. I have included a to the available options for you. The popular hitch for the 2006 is # from Draw-Tite. I have a link to the installation instructions and a to a video showing a typical If you plan on doing some the correct ball mount is # and you can use pin and clip # PC2.

Normally on the Toyota Camry the manual will say that does not recommend towing a with the vehicle. Also, on they will also not to use a hitch and a hitch mounted Since some vehicles can use a hitch with a hitch is why the hitch manufacturers still offer a hitch for the 2012 Camry. The hitches available for the Toyota Camry are all Class II with a 300-lb tongue capacity. I am including a link to the

The trailer hitch # 36416, can a 2010 Toyota Camry dual exhaust. Take a at the picture I have included. You can see the symmetrical design of the hitch enough room for the exhaust on sides of the vehicle. I have linked instructions and a video for If you plan on doing some the correct ball mount is # and you can use pin and clip # PC2. For a ball use # for a 1-7/8 inch diameter or # for a 2 inch diameter. For

According to the instructions for the Draw-Tite Class I Inch Hitch, part # for your 2004 Toyota the hitch is installed between the and the rear exhaust bracket on the side of the vehicle. This your existing rear hanger should be attached to holes by bolts screwed the weld nuts located the frame on the passenger side. should be threads on the passenger for the rear exhaust bracket to into. If you

The Hidden Hitch # that you referenced would be a choice for you. This is a Class II hitch that carry a 3-bike rack You will lose a few inches of clearance, but since the top of the hitch right up to the bottom of your fascia the clearance loss be minimized as much as possible. out the installation instructions for the hitch I attached. I also attached a that shows all of the different racks that would on the # 90

I believe you are speaking of the plastic shown in the video I have to. Before the hitch installation, the is removed and is not re installed after the is in place. Once the hitch is the plastic cover will no fit on the Camry. Because the hitch to be in direct metal to metal with the underside of the vehicle it is installed, the hitch cannot be over the cover. To view the I mentioned and to see the install instructi

I three hitches that fit a 2012 Toyota Camry. The part # 36514, Hidden part # 90079, and the Curt part # C12079 will all two holes to be drilled on your frame. The Curt hitch also require a couple of to be enlarged. They will require some trimming or of an under-body panel. I am including to the installation instructions on all three of the The instructions for the Draw-Tite and Hidden will b

For your 1999 Camry, the Curt trailer # 12339, will fit the vehicle. It with a ball mount, pin and I have included a link to the details for you. I have included a link to a video shows a typical installation. A cart by itself is not designed to be behind a vehicle (unless noted by the cart manufacturer) so the way to move the cart around place to place is to put it on a small and tow it that way. You

I spoke my contact at Draw-Tite to verify and he that the hitch # 36514 all 4-door models of the 2012 Camry except hybrid If you are planning on doing some go with Hidden Hitch # because it is the same design and it with a ball mount, pin and clip. For a ball use # 19256 for a inch diameter or # 19258 for a 2 diameter. For trailer wiring, use # I have included a link to the wiring for you.

The recommended for your 2012 Toyota is the Hidden Hitch Trailer # 90079. I attached installation for this product for you to check out as The Draw-Tite Hitch # 36416 you referenced is not confirmed to fit on your so I cannot safely recommend it for The # 90079 includes a ball and a hitch pin and clip. To complete towing setup you may be interested in the following: Tow Ready Custom Fit Wiring # 118405

Yes, the available from Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, will fit base model Camry. All of hitches are of quality and very to one another. All of the hitches we have for the 2011 Toyota Camry are II 1-1/4 inch hitches. The Trailer Hitch, part # has a slightly higher tongue capacity than the other at 350 lbs. But, if you plan on your hitch with accessories like hitch racks, CURT requires the use of a

Since you have a 2010 Camry SE model, you can use either the Hitch, # 36416, or the Hidden # 90152. For either of these you will not have to trim the fascia of the vehicle. I have a link to the installation details for Both hitches share the instructions. I have also a link to a video showing a installation. The main difference the two is that the Hidden Hitch with a ball mount, pin and For a ball, us

This CURT Hitch # 12339 that you is a Class II hitch and does not that metal slug into the hitch opening. You be able to use Class I or II accessories having to modify anything. The slug you are referring to is a safety that is installed on Class I to prevent Class II accessories being installed into a I hitch and potentially damaging the and tow vehicle. It is not recommended to remove slug in Class I hit

Due to the age of your there is an excellent chance there is a significant amount of and road grime built up in the nuts in the frame of your This build up is what is the bolts from threading the weld nuts. The best way to the threads is to use a spray lubricant and a brush like that on the post and terminal cleaner, # DW00254. In some extreme the corrosion is bad enough that a tap the same size as the bolt

the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch, # will fit your 2007 Camry SE V6. Installation of this requires drilling and temporary of the exhaust. But if you have the necessary and a helping set of hands, you should be to install the hitch yourself. I included a link to the installation and a link to a video showing a installation for you to view. If you are planning to do towing, the recommended ball is # 36071 and you can us

I do have a solution for you to just your scooter on 2007 Toyota Camry SE. You need to install a hitch, the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch, # 36416, which is a Class II inch hitch. Then, you be able to install the Oldenkamp Mounted Scooter / Wheel Carrier, part # RHWC1114. carrier has a capacity of 300 lbs, and has a jack to lower and raise for your scooter. You will not be to use your scooter lift this setup as the

Toyota Camry sedan IV

You can get a hardware kit for hitch if you get a Replacement Hardware Kit # RHK and enter the part number for the that you need when to get the right hardware kit. But if you to run to the hardware store and pick up 4 M10 x x 30 mm bolts and corresponding washers you have everything you need to up the Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Receiver # 24715 to your Toyota Camry. I attached instructions for you to check out also

the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch, # will fit on the 2011 Toyota Se. We have a video installation for you to and installation instructions, see link. If you be carrying bikes with hitch on your Camry, the Doubletrack Bike Rack, # is the bike rack most chosen by our Camry customers. If you be towing with your I have listed some you may need to complete your 1 towing setup. Sportframe # 36071 1-7/8 inch hi

The provided with the Draw-Tite Hitch, # 36336, are the correct for your 2000 Toyota see instructions link. You are most running into corrosion road grime and salt your vehicle has some We have help videos, see that detail how to go about the vehicles weld nuts for the hitch. You may find that a nut will break off when to install the hitch, despite best efforts, if this we have a video detail

The Trailer Hitch, # 36336, is the popular hitch for your Toyota Camry, and would be my choice if you plan on just the hitch for accessories like a rack or cargo carrier. If you on towing, I recommend the Hidden # 90174, which is basically the hitch but it comes with a mount, pin and clip. I have a link to the installation instructions for hitches for you to view along a link to a video showing a installation.

We do have a 4-bike rack that will in a Class II hitch on your Camry, but the Swagman XTC4, # S64665, is not compatible with inch hitches. The SportRack EZ Platform-Style 4 Bike Carrier, # A30902LR, would work with the CURT Class II Hitch, # 12343, on your I have linked instructions for of the # 12343 hitch for you to review. is some under body trimming required for the install, but it is pret

Typical torque for the CURT Class II Trailer item # 12343, are listed in the instructions, see link. At the bottom of one, step 6 lists the specifications for your vehicle. you purchase the hitch for your you will want to use the torque that is recommended in the instructions for the hitch. Manufacturers change ratings from time to so using the instructions provided the hitch will give you the up to dat

It is possible to use your 2 inch in a class II, 1-1/4 inch hitch. You would have to use a expander, 1-1/4 to 2 inch. the use of an expander will reduce the weight capacity of the trailer by 50 percent. It appears that the majority of trailer hitches for a Toyota Camry have a weight capacity of 300 pounds. using an expander, like # that capacity will be cut to 150 pounds. This means the weight of any acces

For the Hidden Trailer Hitch, # 60845, for the to 1996 Toyota Camry, 2 and 4 door, we rate the difficulty of as a 3 out of 10. We base the scale on the estimated time. A 3 out of 10 indicates that it take a novice installer the correct tools and an assistant 30 minutes to install the hitch. I included a link to the installation for this trailer hitch lists the tools needed and the for installation. You w

Yes, the Curt II Drawbar, part # C45520, is with the Curt Class II Inch Hitch, part # for your 2003 Toyota It will also include the Class I and II Pin and Clip, part # I am including a link to a video of Curt hitch being on a 2003 Toyota Camry. To your towing setup, you also need the Tow Ready 2 Hitch Ball, part # or the Tow Ready 1-7/8 Inch Ball, part # 19256 and the Tow T-One Wiring Harness, pa

we do have a hitch that fit your 2008 Toyota SE V6, but the item you selected, Curt Hitch, part # 12343, not fit the SE model of the Camry. I would the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch part # 36416, which is a II 1-1/4 Inch Hitch. To your towing setup you may be in the following: Draw-Tite Ball part # 36071 1-7/8 Hitch Ball, part # 2 Inch Hitch Ball, # 19258 Pin and Clip, part # PC2 Vehicle Wir

The Curt Class II Inch Hitch, part # will fit the 2011 Toyota LE. It has a towing weight capacity of lbs. and a tongue weight of 350 lbs. The towing weight on the hitch is sufficient enough to tow 550 lbs. motorcycle, but you will to check your owners to make sure the towing capacity of your vehicle is to tow the motorcycle. I am including a link to the instructions on the Curt hitch. is the list of t

There might be products you may be interested in purchasing, but you have this Draw-Tite Receiver, part # 36416 onto your 2008 Camry you would not need else to put a bike on the 1-1/4 receiver of the # 36416. I included the instructions and a video of the install done on a similar Toyota below. You will not need because the lights from Camry should still be and the bike rack attaches to the dire

The CURT Trailer # 12343, will fit a 2011 Camry Hybrid. The CURT # 12343 is a Class II 1-1/4 receiver and includes a drawbar, pin and The strap in question is the CURT Rack Strap with # 18050. CURT warranty all non-trailer loads including things as bike racks and carriers, use a support strap. To the warranty on the hitch, the strap need to be used. Since you only be using the hitch for a rack, I w

The Valley V66450 not require drilling, but on Hybrid there is a close out panel will need to either be or trimmed. I have added a to the instructions below so you can review the steps. Unlike Curt inch hitches, a stabilization is not required for the Valley 1-1/4 hitches. The quality of the Valley is on par with the rest of the hitch we carry. I would have no with installing a Valley on one

The Curt Receiver Hitch you part # 11024 is specifically for a 1991-1998 Suzuki Sidekick For your 2010 Camry, the Curt Class II Receiver be part # 12343.

In addition to the Hitch Trailer Hitch, # and a ball to fit the coupler on the trailer you to tow (# 19256 for 1-7/8 in diameter or # for 2 inch diameter), I also T-One Vehicle Wiring with 4 Pole Trailer # 118308. This harness in line with your Toyota Camry taillights and a 4-Way trailer connector at the of the vehicle. Installation is fairly and I have included a link to the details below. T

On the 2009 Toyota Camry, all of the available are Class II 1-1/4 hitch openings. The hitches have a 3,500 lb. Gross Weight and a 300 lb. or 350 lb. Tongue Weight. is not a 2 inch hitch available for vehicle, because a 2 inch has to be rated as a Class III and a Class IV That means that the would have to be able to tow ranging from 3,500 to 12,000 lbs. The frame on Toyota Camry would not be to handle towing those

I and Class II hitches are are tested and with the specific ball used in a specific position for hitch. Using a ball that is not recommended by the manufacturer void the warranty. See the link to the correct ball mount The testing is done so that the of the trailer coupler at the rear of the is in the safest position should and occur that caused the to be disconnected from the hitch vehicle. The bes

Draw-Tite and Hidden are sister companies. The hitches use the same design, the Hidden part # 90152, does a drawbar and pin and clip if you will be any towing. However, these two have a tongue weight of 300 pounds, not 350 like the Curt and If you will not be doing any towing, or bike rack or cargo load is under 300 pounds, I not worry about it. The Curt part # 12343, also the drawbar and pin an

We have 4 different available for the 2010 Toyota SE from 4 different manufacturers, Curt, Hidden Hitch and The Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch and models require you to lower the in order to facilitate hitch then re-attach the exhaust installation is complete. The Valley instructions do not mention lowering the to facilitate installation, but you may find it to do so. Lowering the exhaust is not a difficult

The pictures on our site are of the actual Trailer Hitch, item # and the installation video is an actual we did on a 2010 Toyota Camry. Our uses actual pictures for all of the we carry unless otherwise as a typical photo. I went to the site and saw that they are a typical photo for this number but if you pull up the installation (see link) you will see the drawing for the # 36416 hitch is the as our act

The Hidden Hitch, part # and the Draw-Tite, part # 36416 are the same hitches. Draw-Tite and Hitch are sister companies and hitches were probably using the same jigs. The is, as you saw, the Hidden Hitch is with the proper drawbar, pin and sort of a complete starter

You are correct. The larger capacity for the 2002 Toyota Camry do go the exhaust. The smaller capacity goes above it. With a trailer weight of 825 pounds, any of the hitches will be able to your boat and trailer. you never know what you want to tow or carry in the future and the capacity hitches will for more possibilities, like a bike rack. I recommend the economical Class II hitch, the Trai

Yes, the Draw-Tite II Trailer Hitch, part 36416, will fit your Toyota Camry SE. You will a drawbar and a properly sized ball along with a harness to complete your setup. The Class II Drawbar Rise or 3-1/4 Drop part number 36071. is the drawbar for your vehicle and be used in the rise position With this drawbar the pin and are included. If you need a hitch part number 7682 work with this

I have reviewed the installation for the Draw-Tite Class I hitch, number 24715. There is no of cutting the fascia or bumper for the Toyota Camry. The receiver sits flush with the fascia or bumper cover. I added a link to the instructions that include a drawing of how the is positioned on the car and a step by step list.

I would recommend the Class II Draw-Tite Hitch, # 36336. It is the most popular we sell for your vehicle.

The available for the 2009 Toyota will fit all Camry models some exceptions for the SE model. 2 of the 4 hitches will fit SE models, 2 not. If there we exceptions for the LE would be listed. All four of the we have available for the 2009 Camry will fit your LE I have included a link to all the available for your Camry LE.


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