Test drive: 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid

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Toyota camry/hybrid (asia)

Test drive: 2010 Camry Hybrid

Let me start out by that all these Toyota drives I’ve been is not an attempt to cash in on the fact Toyota’s been all over the — the timing is purely But while we’re on the subject of news, there is now another — this time of the Toyota Prius and 2010 HS 250h hybrids for problems the brakes. If you own one, you should to your dealer, but you might to take it nice and slow you pull into the parking

No, the reason I’m covering like the 2010 Toyota Hybrid right around now is this is what I call season — the time of when I test drive the cars that ordinary buy in droves. I actually like season; I find the cars interesting. Er, not that Camrys are interesting in and of themselves, but I like how they fit into the market and how stack up against the competition. you’re reading the blog, are you’re a car enthusiast, and the Camry might not be your idea of a ride. But these are the cars our and neighbors ask us about, and it’s good to stay on top of them. So let’s get caught up — out my 2010 Toyota Camry test drive and review. Aaron Gold

(1) Agent Mike says:

I would still prefer a over a Ford or GM, Even you throw the recent problems the equation, I still believe product is a better value for the Remember No UAW legacy fees are on and that is the best part. But I always take an well oil burner over a Hybrid any day of the

February 10, 2010 at 1:23 pm

(2) in GA says:

I agree with Mike, at least partially. I not consider buying any hybrid, made by Toyota, Ford, or whoever, as long as any other of car drivetrain is available.

I realize both Toyota and Ford made hybrids that are driveable and seemingly reliable. both companies should be for being able to make a complex machine usable for

But, the real questions you ask yourself before you buy one of these is why buy a car that has very heavy and batteries, questionable recyclability, and complicated computer controls, than great performance and a price tag? Yes, it save some fuel, but of non-hybrids can get close to the same and a few diesels may even beat it.

By the I have a theory about why at some hybrids seem to a better than average record. I think that maybe even most owners make very allowances for their car’s When their beloved stutters while accelerating, or it jerks when transitioning electric to gas power, the hybrid just smiles and says, just a quirk of hybrids. all do that.” While if their gas or powered car had similar problems, would immediately be standing in the service door, cursing “sorry piece of junk.”

10, 2010 at 3:21 pm

(3) Brian

I recall the one advantage the Camry has is that it is closer in price to the car. In fact, depending on the you want, the trim levels in the are actually a better deal the gas version.

Steve is partially right on why seem to be more reliable. The reason is that hybrid are generally not true enthusiasts. if ever will they their cars to the limits. Not to too much, but hybrid drivers seem to be (to some extent) that will go as easy on the as they will on the environment that there’s anything with that!).

Look at Does anyone other JD Power believe it’s one of the most reliable and trouble cars out there? I don’t about you, but from my most Buick drivers are retirees or octogenarians who’s has lost the ability to notice a who’s eyes cannot see a trim piece, and who’s (did Buick drivers really have a butt doesn’t notice other issues. (No offense to retirees

Bottom line, if quality surveys were generated by a consistant pool of data, I’d be to bet both Buick and hybrids drop considerably.

(5) Ross says:

I believe the you guys are making reference to are the reasons the Fusion Hybrid is so regarded. The motoring press it as largely indistinguishable from a car. This is unlike the and other hybrids where the are much more noticeable.

Generation Outgoing Sonata had power and luxury features Camry,but its a shame people their Obvious Anti Bias didnt notice.

Toyota camry/hybrid (asia)

(7) Don says:

I firmly believe the majority of Hybrid buyers are “making a statement” buyers or are the right thing” buyers. you look at hard numbers no fiscal reality in buying a so I feel it is simply an emotional regardless of make, ride or

February 11, 2010 at 1:15 am

(8) from Bellingham says:

I know you love the TDi Diesels, read your reviews. what is there not to love? But as a rock” is a bit far fetched. The current TDi are quite sophisticated. While the is a big chunk of super strong without a spark plug in the supporting architecture is as about as as any modern automobile. Drive one and be stunned.

Now…my 98 Dodge Ram Diesel 4 x 4 beast with a 5 speed and a 1/2 ton 6 Cummins hunk of iron the hood…THAT is as simple as a rock and easy to hotrod! 400 hp and 900 ft lbs of TQ and it gets 20 mpg on the running B-75 biodiesel.

is an easy test as to how simple a car is by the Ask a simple question…how easy and would it be it to double the horsepower? An turbodiesel…surprisingly simple and relatively An older gasoline vehicle more costly and more to blow up horribly, but still cheap. A modern diesel Harder and WAY more expensive. The III TDi was comparatively easy to hot rod compared to the models. I know, I built a III Golf TDi monster and man was it FUN! cost a couple of grand to the HP and TQ.

A Hybrid? Fugeddaboudit! Though the of a sub 12 second Prius is a fun thought…just the looks of horror on the faces of SI drivers with giant cans!

February 11, 2010 at am

(9) Rob says:

Very brave of you

Toyota camry/hybrid (asia)
Toyota camry/hybrid (asia)
Toyota camry/hybrid (asia)
Toyota camry/hybrid (asia)
Toyota camry/hybrid (asia)

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