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Toyota Altezza

— Altezza was manufactured Oct 1998 to Jul 2005.

— competitors are. BMW E46 325i and C-Class W203 C230.

There are 2 model RS200 Malaysia most are RS200.

RS200 is Sports model. 3S-GE 200hp/216nm/7000rpm (Auto) (Manual)

— Dual 16 Valve DOHC. Top cylinder was developed by Yamaha. Manual car have titananium valves.

Auto. 5 Speed Tiptronic Taken from Lexus Max Power Rating: 325 wheel power according to wikipedia.

(So it can handle the 200hp)

— 6 speed.(J160) from Aisin

— Rear diferential for 3.9 (1998 to 2000) 4.1 (2001 to LSD (Torsen) is an option. Traction is an option

— Rear for manual. 4.1 (1998 to 2000) 4.3 ( to 2005) LSD (Torsen) is standard. conttol is an option.

— Front Rear. Double

— Weight. 1,340kg to Manual 1,360kg to 1380kg This is heavy car dont Type R performance.

— Monoque shell. Very due to Rear wheel drive

— 0-100km#092;h = 7.3 sec for manual 7.8 sec for Not sure which Final was used)

— Fuel = 60 Litres. Consumption 430-500km/per Mixed driving city and

— Top speed. limited if removed approximately 240km#092;hr.

Wheel. 17×7 Tire Offset +50.

— Front = Twin Pot. = Single Pot. Disc Front. 296mm Rear

Maintainance :

— Engine oil to use Fully Synthetic 5.3 litres or 5W-40. Change every to 7,000km

— Oil Filter is as Altis, Vios. Change oil change.

— Auto Gear Box Toyota Type IV. Same as Vios or Camry. 4 Litre every 20,000km.

— gear box oil. Toyota 20,000km

— Rear oil. Toyota Differential Change every 20,000km.

Airfilter. Change every or altenatively can use KN internal filter.

Spark Plugs. Denso change every 100,000km.

Fuel Filter. Every km.

— Aircon pollen 30,000km. Denso.

— steering fuild. 50,000km.

Radiator coolant. Toyota Life. Coolant 20,000km.

Timing Belt Water 100,000km.

— Others 50,000km.

— Throttle needs cleaning every

— MAP sensor needs every 20,000km to 30,000km.


— If your into the engine then buy a 6MT. parts and cheaper than

— 5AT has less upgrade and quite expensive.

— 6Mt can use ECU like Apexi Power FC. play in the original ECU box.

5AT can use Apexi Power FC from Boy only. Run as a piggy back cos to retain original ECU to run the gearbox.

5AT can only use HKS SLD Type II to remove

— 6MT can most of the aftermarket remover.

— 5AT can only use air filter. Open pod not recommended.Loss and can damage throttle body.

6MT can use open pod filters.

— 5AT 6MT owners will upgrade the and anti roll bar cos original is soft.

— 5AT Exhaust

New and Service.

— Maintainance like Oil Filter, Air Filter, pads, clutch plate, belt kit, absorbers, etc are available

— Non maintainance parts body parts, bumpers and may require ordering.

New Parts. Hin. Jalan Loke Carry some Altezza but they are happy to order for you if

ST Auto. Jalan Ipoh. some Altezza parts but are happy to order for you if required.

Riyoz Racing (formerly as Trial Tuning Sdn Bhd). Sg Besi

Toyota Altezza Able to repair and upgrade

Able to obtain new and used for Altezza (Performance Maintenance

One Stop Shop for all Altezza Pre-Purchase Inspection also

Dyno Facility and Toyota equipment available.

Vision Sunway. Maintenance also can be here.

Ownership experience. 5AT and later upgraded the transmision to

— This car is very just like any other Most Altezza in malaysia are to 8 to 12 years old.

— If you against it competitor, none of can come close in terms of and durability.

— The maintenance is reasonable. It is like maintaing a It will be costly only if you to change

non maintainence parts.

The driving experience is very The FR layout is very good. it is hard to believe it is a Toyota.

Toyota did not cut cost when this car. The suspension is wish bone all around.

The advantage of this layout to normal strut type is good handling without comfort.

— Altezza is comfortable car with handling to If you need more firm then after market

are readily available. i.e For starters Super Street is basic For more advance setup Flex or HKS Hipermax etc.

Most important check the rating on the coilover. i.e The standard rate is 5kg/mm for front and 3 at the rear.

— Weight is close to 50:50 which in handling. Lateral grip very good due to FR layout.

For spirited driver recommended to the Anti Roll Bar. The is too soft in my opinion.

— The are oversized for this type of car twin pot front and single pot The brakes are quite strong.

brakes have protruding air for rapid cooling.

— The is a gem which revs up till for Auto and 7,800rpm for manual.

Surge in power can be felt 4,000 rpm for auto. Peak

— The rear muffler has a which open for highflow high RPM.

— The ratio is optimised for performance there is no flat spot.

The 5 speed tiptronic is quite in responding to your command to

— The triptronic can hold Even at rev cut the gear will not up

— 5AT at 100km#092;hr the RPM is 2,800rpm for drive = 4.1.(A02?) where. A for diff and B for torsen LSD

— 5AT at the RPM is 2,500rpm for Final drive = where. A for open diff and B for LSD

— 6MT at 100km#092;hr the RPM is X,XXXrpm for drive = 4.1.(A02?) where. A for diff and B for torsen LSD

— 6MT at the RPM is X,XXXrpm for Final drive = where. A for open diff and B for LSD

Common problems. Based on aged between 8 to 12 years

— E-Trottle. Need to every second oil change. is not costly around RM60.

If you fail to keep it clean can in failure which can be exoensive used unit for a fraction of the

— O2 sensor. Subjective. owner may changed it. It fail due to Once changed can last for years.

— Oil leak camshaft sensor. Cheap to the gasket.

— Suspension Again due to age. Pricing on which bushing changed.

2001 model onward the is sprayed with rubberised which will melt The solution is remove the rubber and flat black.

— sometime will have a sound after 6-8 years. to replace the actuator.

Market in 2010. 2011 2012 No of units in Malaysia (Based on my

1998 70,000 to 75,000 60,000 55,000 (Many

1999 75,000 to 80,000 65,000 60,000 (Many

2000 80,000 to 85,000 70,000 65,000 (Many

2001 90,000 to 95,000 80,000 75,000 (Few

2002 100,000 to 105,000 90,000 85,000 (Few

2003 110,000 to 115,000 105,000 95,000 (3 Units)

120,000 to 125,000 120,000 110,000 (1 unit)

2005 to 135,000 130,000 125,000 (1 Unit)

Toyota Altezza

-Price depends on

-Manual transmission command higher price.

-Upgraded car also command higher I.e Turbo, supercharger etc.

above market value is an estimate and can change according to and bank lending rules.

-As I for you still can get loan for car less 15 years old. So if you are a die hard fan buy the car reaches 15years.

-Or wait until it reaches 15 old and buy it cash. One day it will become a just like AE86. Now small RWD cars are rare.

are are more profitable for car manufactures to RWD that is why this layout is for more expensive model.

Key Differences. Model Change.

May onwards

— Seat

— Dashbord and steering no longer 2 tone

— sprayed with rubberised

— Speedometer outer is black.

— For Manual the meter has additional LCD screen for etc.

— 4.1 FD for Auto and 4.3 FD for

— HID with auto

— Yellow Spotlight. (MC

— New Front Grill.

Door moulding is thicker.

Front Armrest.

Known Depending on grade. Basic or Z or L Edition. Some option is on certain grade.

— and rear Skirting

— High Spoiler.

— Courtesy Light (Auto

— Front Electric (Auto Manual)

— Airbags (Auto Manual)

Rear Luggage access.

Privacy Glass.

— ETC Toll Collection).

5AT Upgrade do and

— Auto. never use pod filter as will lose and possibly damage the Electronic Body.

— Auto. the orignal air box and use panel filter KN etc.

— Auto. HKS SLD Type II to remove speed Other brand does not

— Auto. E manage not work cos original ECU will try to control of engine and transmission

— Auto. Apexi FC tuned by Brash Boy is more as a piggyback computer.

— Dynojet Powercommander III works

— Auto. Never the catalic convertor. You will low end torque. Unless have a market computer to adjust the AFR and timing.

Motorsport History :

1999-2003 Altezza One Make Japan.

— 1999-2002 Taikyu Race- Japan

2001-2004 Macau Grand Guia Race- Macau

2001-2010 Asian Touring Car Asean

— 2009-2010 Mellenium Endurance- Malaysia

2007 24hr ADAC Germany

— 2003 Tasmania- Australia

— One Make Ericsson Cup- Kong

— 2003 Touring Car Championship- UK

— shop have stop unregistered unit since However they still import a unit if there is a buyer

— Only model can be imported into as per the AP rule.(Car above 5 years old be imported into Malaysia)


Toyota Altezza
Toyota Altezza
Toyota Altezza
Toyota Altezza
Toyota Altezza

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