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Toyota Altezza Gita


REVIEW: Toyota Altezza (Lexus IS200)/ RS200 DUAL VVTI

My (Jeff VIEWS:

In this review, I’m mainly Lexus IS200. In the European IS200’s known as the AS200. The AS200 is mechanically the as the UK Lexus IS200, using the engine and gearboxes. In addition, like to add my own review on Altezza BEAMS DUAL VVTI.

Why I this model? It’s of the ROCK SOLID Resale pricing in Malaysia. A year Altezza RS200’s up for RM80,000, a 2000 model Altezza still fetching RM88,000. A model’s up for RM98,000. AN Unregistered model (from Japan): Why is it so? It’s all due to the supply and demand Grey importers brought in units to Malaysia. But the demand’s for Toyota Altezza RS200.

all due to the state of the art engine and gearbox. it out: Maximum Power @ 7,600 rpm, Torque: @ 6,400 rpm. What why so high revving? It’s BY YAMAHA that’s why. 6 speed manual or 5 speed (tiptronic) automatic (something forgotten to install in todays’ Eg. The New Camry and the newly launched Corolla Altis still by 4 speed Automatic(!).

However the specification of Altezza is lower the equivalent Lexus IS200 but many options available.

My Altezza RS200 brief

I got a chance to drive a year Altezza RS200 for a short 20 The dashboard quality’s still new with nice to touch The Dash meter’s like a watch (see picture in this review). The car’s with Electric Sunroof, seats, climate control, quality leather.

In every car a downside. For the Altezza’s interior, the rear seat legroom it’s cramped (I’m 5 feet 9). It’s as bad as BMW E36 3 series.

The Domestic version of the Lexus the Altezza RS200’s 3S-GE was specially tuned by Yamaha to 210 PS @ 7,600rpm. It is also the first to be equipped with BEAMS VVT-i which is only available for the newer range of


The RS200 out an explosion of power, almost to the Honda BIG VTEC (DOHC), and sounding like a race car as the valve gear starts. The Altezza is very enjoyable to with a race-feel engine (when you REV it past 6000rpm) and build quality. If you are looking for an the Japanese version has the 5 Speed gearshift which is also fun to drive. Performance of the RS200 is much greater than the and there are many after performance parts available are lacking on the AS200/Lexus IS200.

Now, the ride and handling: car handles very very (My friend’s car’s fitted 17 OZ Rims a set of Continental ContiSport II shoes)! It’s one of the better cars which was pleasure to It corners like rails no hit of oversteer cornering at 100km/h a rear drive car remember?), A driver’s car; awesome feel and response. Best on twisty roads. Again, the Due to the hard suspension, the ride was over Malaysian rough The engine’s smooth (typical when you drive sanely REVVING IT) but spoiled by my friend’s Loud 2 Exhaust system.

END OF review. That’s all I can comments, review the car properly as I just 20 minutes with the car. All is not again, I dished out a detailed IS200 (Toyota Altezza Supertest by GoAuto Australia with NINE OWNER’S from Belgium, Canada, US, UK, Australia and Ireland.

i)Carsurvey.org review 1 to 7) and ii) autos.msn.com (owner’s 8 and 9).

CREDITS also given to OWNER’S Club UK for some of the ALSO, Bonsaicars.com for Top speed times. Here’s the Go Auto review. Enjoy!:

Overview TEST)

Model release March 1999 — 2005

LEXUS has always a brand to be feared in the luxury and now, with the IS200, it BMW’s heartland where the 3 has reigned seemingly forever. The has a balanced chassis, outstanding and a sweet six-cylinder, 2.0-litre whereas its similarly priced only offers four The IS200’s only real is it lacks a clear sense of And that’s rather important at end of the market. In certain markets, the also available in Sportscross (Altezza Gita in Japan). below.

The Car

THERE’S no doubting intention with the IS200; the small sports crown the 3 Series BMW. Under the it adopts the same front-engine philosophy as the BMW, but the exterior and design states bluntly this is a sports sedan than a sports tourer. out the wedge-shaped side-profile, the aggressive headlights and the large alloy

Seat Plan

THE IS200’S and boot space is optimised by the fuel tank ahead of the wheels. The compact multi-link suspension aids space as well. There’s a lockable glovebox with lamp and an and centre console, front and door pockets and front and mounted cup holders.

The Car —

THE IS200’s interior speaks of its intent and the marque’s luxury The seat trim is Chenille with metal-fibre highlights, the seat eight-way adjustable and the passenger’s seat four-way There are separate headrests for all with the front headrests four-way adjustable; the rear are two-way adjustable. There are back pockets on the front

The Car — Dash

THE IS200 has chronograph-style instruments and round air Instrumentation includes speedometer, instantaneous fuel consumption fuel level gauge, temperature gauge, voltage and automatic transmission shift The dash is a two-tone design, a metallic colour highlight across the centre of the crash There’s an electronic odometer and trip meter to complete the

The Car — Controls

THE IS200’s steering wheel has perforated inserts, accentuating its sporting There are chrome highlights on the air vents, doorhandles and handbrake button. Electronic cruise with resume and coast is available only with the automatic transmission. There’s a mounted digital clock and centre console bin. window functions are mounted in the door.

The Car — Wheels/tyres

says the tyre choice for the was specifically developed to match conditions and driving tastes. So do we get? Quite a choice While the standard offering is a x 6.5-inch alloy wheel to the 205/55R16 V-rated Bridgestone the Luxury Option offers a 17-inch x 7-inch alloy combined with a 215/45 17R rated Bridgestone RE040. Two 17-inch wheels are offered: one Japan the other from OZ in Italy.

The Car — Luggage

no split-fold rear seat, but is a Trunk-through capacity which to the IS200’s flexibility. A sports ski bag, which can hold snow skis or two snowboards, is an A safety triangle and a comprehensive kit are located in the boot. The kit includes for communicable disease protection. are chromed luggage tie-down in the boot.

The Car — Stand out features

THE reeks of individuality, thanks to its exterior and interior, including the chronograph instruments. The performance of the is outstanding, backing up the sports and the gearbox is exceptional. Its equipment are high and the pricing is attractive. are also plenty of options and to customise your car.

The Car Climate control

CLIMATE air-conditioning is standard in the IS200, and a pollen filter which pollutants to a minimum. Rotary heater/air-conditioning controls are used. are also rear seat ventilation ducts. An external temperature gauge is part of the

The Car — Sound system

THE Spec IS200’s stereo is a Fujitsu Ten audio system 220 watts of power and eight spread around the cabin. The system include a six-disc CD player with controls includes random and repeat The tape deck includes logic controls and metal facility. The radio has 12 FM station and six AM presets. The IS200 has a roof-mounted antenna for the radio.

The Car —

LEXUS claimed the IS200 system was the most sophisticated offered in a Lexus when it the car. The security system is to protect contents as well the Keys are laser-milled; theft-preventing intrusion sensor detects inside the vehicle; a transponder-type immobiliser is standard and a self-powered is located in boot. The IS200 is fitted with specially-strengthened locks (pictured).

We like Delightful chassis, smooth, engine, Lexus quality

We like (-ve): Melodic lacks punch, car lacks

GOAuto’s Opinion


THE IS200 is probably the most Lexus since the original was launched in 1990.

Neither the — which shares its with the Toyota Camry and the question of why it should be necessary to a lot more money merely to get a more prestigious badge and a extra equipment — nor the GS300 that came 1998, stirred the industry as as this blatant attempt at a plot in BMW’s heartland.

And it surely is, because it is not necessary to dig too into the IS200’s styling, or mechanical layout to see signs of the 3 BMW — or even Mercedes-Benz — peeking through.

The little Lexus apes 3 dimensions in all directions, except it is a smaller, and runs an inline, engine of modest capacity and a for high rpm.

It uses overhangs front and rear, and is to appeal to prestige buyers its sporting lines overlaid by a conservatism.

Toyota obviously every drop of expertise its suspension engineers because the IS200 is undoubtedly the best neatest handling Lexus

It adopts double wishbones and springs at the front, and a multi-link system at the rear, all contrived to an exquisite ride/handling compromise.

this with the clean twin camshaft, multi-valve six along with BMW-style (inlet) camshaft timing and there you have it: the magic that should result in a car no buyer can resist.

And, doubt, the Lexus scores on point — with the of one significant flaw.

The standard of is pure Lexus — panel fit and deep, glossy — but a few aberrations exist.

And the messy under-bonnet layout like an amalgam of early and Iveco truck with its black treatment, while a of plastic component covers the viewer guessing as to what of engine lies underneath.

The with its ribbed upper and uninspiring centre console, is not warmed to — although the controls are large and user-friendly while the seats, at first and supportive, can tend to create a discomfort after more two hours at the wheel. And the wheel has a primitive, one-way adjustment.

The seats are available with adjustment but only on the driver’s front passengers must be with normal, manual right down to a primitive ratchet backrest adjuster and no height control.

Toyota Altezza Gita

The back caters well enough for its with reasonable legroom there is no split/fold backrest to the most of luggage space. A ski behind the central armrest is at provided.

But the driving experience is well above the ordinary. The inline six, wound out to its red of around 6300rpm, does not a bit and it emits a nice, muted tone at the same time.

But the acceleration is about what you expect of a 155hp, 2.0-litre being asked to propel a body — it provides forward motion but needs to be hard, just like the 320i BMW in its previous E36 guise not surprising when you consider torque in the Lexus appears at a 4600rpm.

All that said, the balance and ride quality are Few cars come to mind cope so well with low-profile 17-inch 215/45 in terms of ride quality, the handling is pin-sharp and secure only minimal suggestions of the that comes as standard wheel offset exceeds margins.

The Lexus is thus a car in which to go in search of fast, traffic-free roads, especially in the manual version which a polished metal, quick-throw and well matched gear

So, overall, the IS200 is a thoroughly competitor in the compact prestige and a real threat, in terms of it offers buyers (such as the after-purchase benefits offered the Lexus package) and in terms of its capabilities. It is also very priced.

The baby Lexus is a contrived offering in the prestige that loses nothing to its competition except a clear of identity.

END OF GOAUTO Australia’s

Mechanical — Plan

DOES this sound A small capacity inline engine mounted longitudinally and the rear wheels. BMW? No, IS200 — a most form of flattery.

Mechanical Engine

THE IS200 is powered by a six engine developing 155hp @ and 195Nm of torque at 4600rpm. The is mounted longitudinally and powers the wheels. It is a sophisticated engine, power and torque spread by intelligent variable valve and variable-length induction tracts.

THE front suspension is by double controlled by coil springs and gas-filled dampers. The rear is a double wishbone, true system with a toe control arm for rear wheel directional under hard braking.

SIX control all the major systems of the The engine features fully fuel injection. The transmission is controlled, as is the throttle. The electronic is networked to the engine computer to idle speed control, reduction control, cruise (with auto only), control and snow mode.

Mechanical — Transmission

THE transmission in the IS200 is a six-speed A four-speed automatic is optional. The new transmission was developed by Aisin-Warner, a subsidiary, and the IS200 is its first outside Japan. The auto is adaptive and electronically-controlled.

Mechanical Brakes steering

THE braking is vacuum-boosted dual circuit with four-wheel discs. The brake hardware for the IS200 is x 32mm ventilated discs twin-piston, floating callipers. The brakes are 307mm x 12mm rear discs with opposed piston callipers. The braking system is a four-sensor, type.

THE rack and pinion steering system is engine-speed The overall steering ratio is with 3.25 turns and minimum turning circle of


AIRBAGS are mounted in the steering wheel, passenger and front seats. The front are designed to reduce whiplash through careful placement of the section and the head restraint. seatbelts are standard all-round and the seatbelts have pretensioners. The column is energy-absorbing and four-way The optional skiport bag was crash to ensure it remains in place in an A traction control system is on IS200.




1) LEXUS @ Altezza AS200

* In-line 6, longitudinally mounted REAR DRIVE

* Capacity: 1998cc

* Twin overhead camshafts, valves per cylinder, electronically-controlled inlet camshaft timing. point fuel injection

2) RS200: As above except 4, 16v BEAMS DUAL VVTi, tuned

1) * Bore/Stroke: 75.0mm x

2) ALTEZZA RS200: 1998 4 Cyl

Toyota Altezza Gita
Toyota Altezza Gita
Toyota Altezza Gita
Toyota Altezza Gita
Toyota Altezza Gita

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