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LEXUS LS460/460L


High Output V8, First Eight-Speed Transmission

The LS be powered by an all-new highly 4.6-liter V8 engine that produce approximately 380 horsepower and 370 of torque. Combined with an automatic transmission, a world-first, the LS 460 travel from zero-to-sixty per hour in less than 5.5 With that level of the new LS will achieve an estimated city/highway mileage in the mid-20s. is targeting an Ultra-Low Emissions II (ULEV II) rating for the LS 460.


The new LS is built on a sophisticated that maintains a delicate between ride comfort and handling. The completely redesigned suspension system includes an power steering system and a Vehicle Dynamics Integrated (VDIM) system.

VDIM is an stability system that and manages a new Electronically Controlled (ECB) system, Electronic Steering (EPS), Vehicle Control (VSC), Antilock System (ABS), Brake (BA), Electronic Brake-force (EBD) and engine torque via the controlled throttle.

Monitoring a of sensors, the system is designed to the onset of a vehicle skid or and then help correct the with a combination of braking, and steering control in a way that is transparent to the driver. Data is from more sources and earlier and faster than in designs, helping to make less obtrusive and even effective.

First Long-Wheelbase

At nearly 203 inches, the long-wheelbase LS provides an even higher of comfort and convenience features with some of the most technology ever offered in a automobile. The four-passenger compartment of the LS transports its rear-seat passengers in an whose luxury features resemble those of a private

Luxury, Redefined by Lexus

technology and emotionally evocative is clearly evident throughout the appointed cabin of the new LS sedans. luxury and comfort touches a heated steering wheel and swathed in one of four tones of leathers matched to one of three wood-grain trims.

Rear can relax and enjoy power seats equipped with leg rests and even a massage The new LS even offers body-heat that help maintain the temperature for all occupants. A fold-away matched to the interior wood provides ample work for rear passengers. The LS also a nine-inch headliner-mounted rear-screen along with an all-new 19- Mark Levinson® audio that provides a true entertainment experience. Additional convenience features include a rear-door closer and an automatic-powered trunk lid.

“During the few months, we’ll provide details about the all-new LS 460 as we prepare to launch this anticipated sedan,” said “If you like the way the LS looks, be even more impressed you hear about its advanced and innovative technology,” he added.

The Lexus LS 460 and LS 460L are targeted for beginning in the fall of 2006.

With the launch of the all-new LS, has adopted the new styling philosophy as L-finesse across its entire line-up. Fusing incisive and intriguing elegance, the design that began with the new GS sport sedan has now sculpted the IS sedan, ES luxury sedan and the LS.

With the all-new LS, Lexus this philosophy. The exterior greater prominence and strength, a sense of quality and dignity its position as Lexus’ premier model.

Styled at Toyota’s Design center in Tokyo, the LS complex lines and surfaces the body. The vehicle not only power but also an image of speed. Minimal body a low front grille and deep fenders all contribute to this

One of the defining elements of the LS 460’s is the vehicle’s headlamps. The LS engineers the projector-type xenon front to have thick walled with crystal-like properties. To understand the properties of a crystal the Chief Engineer and his team a headlamp lens out of crystal. was gathered on everything from and the refractive index of light, to roughness. Based on the resulting

a new lens was molded and hand to reproduce the inherent look of In addition, the new headlamps reach feet further than the used on the previous generation LS.

An cabin focused on spaciousness was for the new LS to delicately wrap around its This passenger-focused space has elements of stability and security in the half while keeping a of expansion and openness in the upper All passenger touchpoints were to create a relaxed atmosphere, additional stitching for a richer Center console layout was to achieve perfect angles for ease of operation from the driver’s or passenger’s seat; it is at the same height as the door for a comfortable balance. Additional wood and chrome trim has adopted as well as refinements to the lighting to create a welcoming

To compliment the interior and exterior special attention was given to the To prepare the exterior body for paint, buffing robots are In the past, the robots moved in two directions, up and down. For the LS, six-axis robots with three-dimensional were built so that surfaces and ends can be polished as Six months were spent in the robots’ control logic to the right amount of buffing and oscillation.

Once the body has been the painting process begins. the application of alternating layers of and coatings, each LS will be twice. This smoothes and the painted surfaces and enhances the mirror-like quality of the finish.

A production process was created, what was already widely as the industry’s finest, in order to a vehicle that would craftsmanship. The new LS 460 and LS 460 L are the product of an all-new process developed specifically for the LS at the award-winning Tahara, Japan

Extraordinary new levels of fit, accuracy and refinement were by combining the skill and knowledge advanced technology. The all-new LS showcase the Lexus belief every element and phase of is vital to the artistic evolution of an

World’s First Eight-Speed Transmission; New High Output V8

In to achieve the combination of acceleration and excellent fuel consumption, an 4.6-liter V8 engine mated to the first eight-speed automatic will power the new LS. Producing 380 and 367 pound-feet of torque, the innovative first all-new V8 engine the brand’s launchfeatures the world’s electric-motor driven Variable Timing with intelligence and controlled intake cam (VVT-iE). The VVT-i combination of electrically intake and hydraulically controlled achieves superior engine-startup and high-output performance.

A dual system, with both and direct injection, sends an air-fuel mixture to the combustion increasing efficiency. The dual-pipe system and an Acoustic Control System (ACIS) ensure the amount of intake airflow to increased engine power, no variation among the cylinders. engine performance and efficiency demanded a reduction in exhaust This is achieved via a semi-dual manifold that carries the gas in a smoother, more economical

The dual VVT-iE combination of controlled intake and hydraulically exhaust achieves superior operation and high-output performance. The LS 460 travel from zero to 60 per hour in approximately 5.4 seconds achieving an estimated 19 mpg city and 27 mpg 18 city/27 highway for the LS 460 L, by the EPA testing The LS sedans also achieve an Emissions Vehicle II (ULEV II)

In an effort to create a more vehicle, Lexus has combined active and passive safety into a consolidated system. the new active features on the LS is the next-generation Dynamics Integrated Management stability system, which and manages a new Electronically Controlled (ECB) system, Electronic Steering (EPS), Vehicle Control (VSC), Anti-lock System (ABS), Electronic Distribution (EBD), and engine via the electronically controlled throttle. The can also choose to completely the VSC system via a console-mounted button. In to the active safety features, the new LS has standard airbags, including a front passenger airbag both driver and passenger airbags, and a potential of ten airbags option packages.

The new 4.6-liter V8 new levels of rotational balance and friction. A mirror-like finish is on specific areas of the crankshaft to the friction generated between the and the crankshaft. In the final assembly a motor cranks the engine to for any vibration; after assembly, an is mounted to the front and rear of the to measure any rotational difference. The of direct-injection noise reduction via insulators, with a master implementing a final vibration and check on each engine in the phase, has created superior of NVH reduction.

In order to fully the engine performance while the smooth acceleration worthy of flagship luxury sedan, the first eight-speed automatic was created for the new LS. This allows ratios that generate up to the tire-grip limitations on the low end yet maintain and fuel economy on the high A new transmission-control system was developed in to simultaneously release and connect the involved when up shifting and gearshift shock.

The LS 460 will from 0-to-60 miles per in approximately 5.4 seconds. With level of performance, the new LS is estimated at 19 mpg and 27 mpg highway by the EPA testing method. is targeting an Ultra-Low Emissions II (ULEV II) rating for the LS.

Driving and Safety

The new LS achieves a superior of ride comfort independent of the of the road conditions, and a confident performance with new innovations in structure, steering and suspension.

The LS is on a sophisticated new platform that a delicate balance between comfort and responsive handling, the abundant powertrain output smooth acceleration. This is via a new production-control network that can the precision of the body and subassembly on the design data. All completed off the line are purpose driven by a test driver to confirm comfort and steering response.

A front and rear multi-link system with superior to unevenness in road surfaces was on the LS. Optional external cylinder-restriction air were developed to smoothly shock, achieving ride without roll sensation or due to road conditions. An optional air suspension control system superb vehicle posture and driving performance with pitching and rolling. The LS comes standard 18-inch, nine-spoke alloy wheels and all-season

The LS 460’s newly developed Power Steering (EPS) a large output brushless with improved precision of the gear, increased motor-driving and efficiency of the controller. It offers a steering feel that the adoption of the multi-link suspension and tires. The EPS motor power was to create a steering feel responds to the driver’s touch and a responsive feel when

Integrated into the steering-gear on vehicles with the air-suspension Variable Gear Ratio (VGRS) optimizes the steering-gear according to vehicle speed to enhance responsiveness and driver VGRS also partners a next-generation Vehicle Dynamics Management (VDIM) system, minor adjustments to front-wheel for improved control in challenging conditions.

The LS features a lightweight that has a strong resistance to contributing to the sedan’s performance and economy. It was designed to provide a space without generating or vibration. In order to achieve a structure that contributes to the performance, spot welds in the corner areas were and laser welding was implemented for increasing the body’s strength torsion. In order to confirm and precision at each step of the an innovative production-control measurement verifies each measurement the design data, creating a constructed without unnecessary

In an effort to create a more vehicle, Lexus has combined active and passive safety into one integrated system. achieves rapid response helps predict situations and actions, which will to assist the driver and passengers at an higher level.

Among the new features on the LS is the next generation Dynamics Integrated Management stability system, which and manages a new Electronically Controlled (ECB) system, Electronic Steering (EPS), Vehicle Control (VSC), Antilock System (ABS), Electronic Distribution (EBD) and engine via the electronically controlled throttle.

a variety of sensors, the system the onset of a vehicle skid or while cornering and then correct the situation with a of braking, throttle and steering in a way that is essentially transparent to the The new VDIM system gathers from more sources, earlier and faster than in designs, which helps the system even more and effective. VSC can also be turned off by the via the Trac Off button.

Overall, are eight standard airbags, maximum of eleven airbags option packages.

Luxury with Unique Hospitality

The new LS comfort and convenience from a new redefining luxury. This was with an ideal mix of technology and design, creating an experience of hospitality that makes feel like they are in a private jet.

The long-wheelbase LS 460 L with it 4.8 inches of additional and a long list of outstanding conveniences, including Gen 5 Lexus with XM factory-installed satellite with real-time traffic, front seats, heated seats, a new heated steering power rear sunshade, a new open/close power trunk, door closers, headlamp and laminated side glass, is exclusive to the long wheelbase.

The Package includes upgraded leather with leather door armrests, an ecsaine power rear seats power and memory headrests, climate-controlled seats, and rear airbags.

A Rear Seat package features dual-zone air conditioning with air purifier and rear air ducts, added trim, rear cool rear power-door sunshades, and audio controls.

A sport-tuned air highlights the Touring Package, incorporates 19-inch five-spoke and summer tires, Variable Ratio Steering (VGRS), and brake pads with rotors.

The Executive Class Package includes a rear-seat system featuring the world’s ceiling-mounted 3.0 VGA high-quality display a nine-inch screen, which with an electronic-motor open/close In addition, a four-zone independent and rear A/C with air purification and the first ceiling climate rear-door power sunshades a fixed rear console and table, and a right rear-seat with ottoman leg rest. A massage feature includes an massage mode for the right-rear Created through the use of eight airbags operated by a compressor in the it can be used separately or in conjunction the seat heater and cooler.

the standard rear seat has a 28-degree angle, the available seat reclines up to 45 degrees Lexus’ first upper-back featuring a 17-degree angle In addition, the available left-rear seat also reclines 38 and the rear seat moves to back approximately three The climate control is further with three infrared located in the headliner that the lap, upper body and on each side and then airflow appropriately.

The LS steering wheel was designed to unprecedented feel, comfort and a image. Genuine leather is buffed twice the norm to a supple touch; water-based dye is for a more natural feel. A pattern is incorporated to ensure a wheel without any unevenness or in the stitch. In addition, Lexus a revolutionary new steering-wheel heating to provide warmth the moment the is pressed with no variation in regardless of where the wheel is

The new Navigation system includes a disk drive (HDD) for calculations and the Bluetooth® technology voice input of telephone while driving. The HDD computer drive dedicates a portion of its for navigation when equipped the Mark Levinson® system to as many as 2,000 digital An auxiliary jack located in the center console allows for or MP3/WMA capable digital players while a new specially 19-speaker Mark Levinson® Surround sound audio is available, creating a new benchmark for sound systems with its entertainment experience.

The all-new LS offer the Advanced Parking System (APGS) as an option to with parallel and back-in Once the driver has correctly the car and identified the desired parking via the Nav screen, APGS utilizes the camera and the parking sonar and electric power steering to automatically guide the car into the while the driver controls via braking.

The new LS includes an intelligent Front lighting System which allows both the and outbound headlights to swivel in the of a turn. A new automatic electric brake system, which the chore of pressing a foot-operated is standard for added comfort and

The interior cabin of the LS demanded not exceptional silence, but the quality of the had to be pleasing to the occupants. Extensive was done to ensure the sound from the doors when and closing had a sense of luxury of skillfully crafted wood in a home.

The LS also features a of power functions to create a of hospitality, yet the sheer number of could have decreased the surroundings of the hushed cabin. was minimized by targeting an optimized from each motor and the objective via high-precision assembly and processes. One example is new one-touch window motors that speed near their to lower noise and create a pleasant sound.

Devils, And L-Finesse

It might be tempting to the difficulty of building a successful car. After all, the are easy to catalog: it must a comfortable and quiet passenger be based on a reliable and high-performing and drive train, and look

As always, though, the devil is in the How do you actually make a vehicle terrific? How do you make sure it to be aesthetically after it launches?

questions occupied the minds of designers as they considered and dynamic styling of the all-new LS models: the LS 460, LS 460 L, and the LS 600h L. The were not as easy to find or as as one might think.

As Lexus looked for the proper and appropriate solutions while working on the flagship LS, they had two secret in their collective quiver of tools.

First, they had called L-finesse. Using the precept, they developed the in which they needed to go to one of the most striking and memorable ever seen. Second, had Yo Hiruta, the chief designer of the LS and exterior.

L-finesse is at once a concept and one that is difficult to The L of L-finesse stands for leading-edge, Lexus officials state has a hallmark of the brand since the luxury automobile market its launch in 1989. Finesse is by striking design, with an air of and elegance.

Lexus is famous for its for the numbers, for its quietness, said Humphries, project manager at Motor Corporation’s Global Division in Japan. We needed to much more time on the the personality, of the brand. This was relevant to design. L-finesse is that can’t be measured by and specifications. It is what’s intangible Lexus. We’ve tried to that to guide Lexus in a that is unique in the marketplace.

this philosophy, designers what they call simplicity, the removal of extraneous to reveal condensed purity and They also sought elegance, a careful juxtaposition of elements that creates an filled with depth and a mysterious beauty. The result was a automobile that speaks to the and minds of the American consumer.

Before L-finesse each car [in the had many different concepts, Hiruta. Each car was very L-finesse provided a constancy of but not an identical approach to all. bold personality is reflected the Lexus sedan line GS, ES, IS and now the forthcoming LS seriesbut realized in in different ways.

The LS’ face is a purposeful design statementit’s determined, dynamic, stated This is done with a placement of the headlamps, instead of them in the same horizontal as the grille. We wanted to provide a look, a look that say ’prestige’ quite so obviously. The design cues used on the new LS aren’t limited to their They continue throughout the design of the car.

The character in the sheet metal come inside, as though they pushed out by muscle, cited The look is trained, not over It’s a look that performance rather than a very Japanese way of expressing and beauty.

We’re a Japanese so we thought we should find a approach related to Japanese and history, said Hiruta. The way is to be elegant, understated, simple, Dynamic visual contrast excitement, but avoids exaggeration, is critical to the Lexus character.

To crystallize their design Hiruta and his team worked on an between three Japanese arranged in a triangle. The characters artistry, intelligence and perfection. were the reference points of the LS’

Artistic, distinct, uniquethat’s the side of the brain, explained Intelligent, calculated, things perfectthat’s the left brain. We use sides of the brain to make a perfect product. If it’s too it’s boring. If it’s too it’s too chaotic. We wanted a unparalleled elegance.

Whether the is a right-brained person or a left-brained the L-finesse design philosophy has in the LS’ uniqueness and its distinctiveness from the luxury brands, said

The result of the work done by and his team presents a gratifying of style that derives as from its careful details as it from those muscular lines.

One of the most important details found on the all-new LS, and the

L-finesse-styled sedans, is what and his fellow designers call the shape. This involves use of an unequal-sided triangle, or arrowhead, at the ends, the fore and aft sections of the trim, and elsewhere in the vehicle. It is a and unique visual effect is easy to take for granted one begins to recognize how the lines from the arrowhead shape, tying the design together.

The shape is a good example of added Humphries. It’s not we pulled out of a hat and said, ’Yeah, is going to be a Lexus design It was something it was born from the This is very important, if not born from the process it really has no meaning. The arrowhead the window graphic detail us an advantage in creating simplicitytwo sharp borderlines. On the other the elegance is represented by a very inner line, and this the contrast in the design language. So we see the cue as not something that’s been but something that’s evolving time.

The angularity of the arrowhead is contrasted against the LS’ continuous lines, and in the contrast between surfaces and smaller, compressed looking at the surface of the LS is similar to at the contrasting surfaces of the human said Hiruta.

It’s the inside of your wrist, smooth skin is interrupted by the of bone and tendon, continued What’s important is that the feel different from viewing angle. When you the viewing angle, you get a different of the shape. The character is very

Another example of the intense that went into the of the LS is the side-window molding.

This was the expensive design cost on the said Hiruta. It’s cast, not extruded. It is hand-polished, chromed. What’s very about it is that the piece’s changes over its long It also shows the arrowhead front and rear. Finally, just two pieces, front and

Why go to this trouble? That is an answer for Hiruta.

We wanted to it perfect, said Hiruta. you stand in front of the door, molding is the most important So we made a large investment on part. It’s beautiful. like a piece of art.

The LS front and rear, also are of art, but art with a hint of

It’s the only one like it in the said Hiruta of the LS headlamp. like a big eye. And there’s an in the clearance light, there in the inside the headlight bucket.

The is also very detailed, three L-shaped neon-like in the lens, he continued. Small like these L-hints, all by careful consideration of the L-finesse are important. However, they with a cost.

The ratio of design cost to car cost is higher for Lexus for other cars, declared The design team paid attention to detail, adhered to and dedicated many hours to project.

This invaluable to detail was of critical importance. The and quality between the top brands is close, said Hiruta. The companies are improving their Lexus will try to stay at the top and the way to do this is through design.

trying to create objects are not obvious on the first viewing, but will make our customers to spend time with move around them, the lines throughout the car, Humphries. We’re trying to something that will the customer a long-lasting experience his vehicle.

Only time tell, naturally, but on the surface, it that Hiruta, Humphries and design teams have with the all-new Lexus LS

LS Chronology

Fall 1984 The F1 is well underway. F1 is Toyota’s for flagship luxury car of the highest Shoiji Jimbo and Ichiro head a large engineering to develop this ultra-important new

May 1985 Lexus conducts its study of the American market a team headed by Jimbo focus groups and interviewing in major markets. A separate team moves to Laguna Calif. to study lifestyles and design concepts suited for customers.

July 1985 The of 450 running prototypes is built, the work of 60 designers, 24 engineering 1,400 engineers, 2,300 and 220 support workers.

May 1986 are conducted on the Autobahn in Germany.

1986 Ten months of extensive on American roads begins, in numerous improvements in line the U.S. environment and customer

May 1987 The final design of the F1 is after eight previous to management far more than

August 1988 Roger the renowned racing team and soon-to-be Lexus dealer, to Japan to test-drive the F1.

November The F1 is designated the LS 400, LS meaning Sedan, and 400 for the 4.0-liter V8 engine.

1989 The LS 400 makes its American at the North American International Show (NAIAS) in Detroit and the Los Auto Show.

May 1989 The production LS 400 rolls off the assembly at Lexus’ Tahara plant in

September 1989 The LS 400 goes on to the public and is very well In the first month 2,919 LS are sold.

December 1989 initiates a special service Although aware of only one contact regarding a cruise malfunction and several complaints of housing distortion, Lexus to recall all 8,000 LS 400s to check items. Dealers owners individually and quickly repairs. Rather than viewed negatively, Lexus is with setting a new standard in service.

September 1992 A LS 400 debuts with more 50 changes, many as a direct to dealer and customer requests.

1994 Completely redesigned generation 1995 LS 400 goes on

March 1997 Lexus and the renowned manufacturer of distinguished products, announce the production of a limited edition LS 400 sedan.

1997 Lexus introduces a LS 400 featuring Variable Valve with Intelligence (VVTi) for higher performance, dozens of features and freshened styling. the numerous upgrades the LS price the same as the previous year, its overall value.

January Lexus unveils the 2001 LS 430 sedan at the North American Auto Show in Detroit.

2000 The LS 430, the third Lexus flagship sedan, on sale. In addition to upgrading its V8 to 4.3 the new vehicle sets a new benchmark for and technology. Features include Park Assist, Dynamic Cruise Control, heated/cooled seats and a beverage cooler the two rear seats. The 2001 LS 430 offered a Mark Levinson system, which made the first and only automaker to an OEM mobile audio system by Levinson.

September 2003 The LS 430 as a thoroughly revised model for with exterior restyling, a new automatic transmission, and additional and luxury features. The three of Lexus LS sedans have more awards for quality any other luxury car and received the Power and Associates Vehicle StudySM every year they have been

January 2006 The 2007 LS 460 is at the North American International Show in Detroit along the LS 460 L, the first long-wheelbase model for The fourth-generation LS features the world’s automatic eight-speed transmission.

2006 The 2008 LS 600h L is at the New York International Auto introducing the world’s first hybrid V8 powertrain.

Pricing and

The fourth-generation LS blends new levels of sophistication, contemporary styling, and refinements while redefining the luxury-sedan segment. With a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail (MSRP) of $61,000 for the LS 460 and $71,000 for the LS 460 L, new flagship luxury sedans represent a compelling value in segments.

LS 460

Base MSRP: $61,000

Package $1,290

Heated wheel

Climate comfort seats with heat/cool

Heated rear seats

rear sunshade


Comfort Plus Package

Heated steering wheel

comfort front and rear with heat/cool knob

rear seats with and power headrests

Power sunshade

Headlamp washers

side airbags (SRS)

System/Advanced Parking Guidance Package (requires Intuitive Assist) $3,815

Advanced Guidance System

Lexus HDD Navigation System with camera, Bluetooth® technology, Satellite Radio and Real-Time capability (includes 90-day subscription)

LEXUS LS460/460L

Navigation System/Mark Premium Audio System $5,645

Lexus voice-activated HDD System with backup Bluetooth® technology, XM® Radio and Real-Time Traffic (includes 90-day trial

Mark Levinson 19-speaker @ 0.1% THD 20-20,000 Hz Reference Sound Audio System Hard Disk Drive, 7.1 and in-dash, single-feed, six-disc auto-changer featuring DVD-audio and playback

Navigation System/Mark Premium Audio System/Advanced Guidance System Package Intuitive Parking Assist)

Advanced Parking Guidance

Lexus voice-activated HDD Navigation with backup camera, technology, XM® Satellite and Real-Time Traffic capability 90-day trial subscription)

Levinson 19-speaker 450-watt @ THD 20-20,000 Hz Reference Surround Audio System with Disk Drive, 7.1 architecture and single-feed, six-disc DVD/CD featuring DVD-audio and DVD-video

Options and Accessories

Lexus HDD Navigation System with camera, Bluetooth® technology, Satellite Radio and Real-Time capability (includes 90-day subscription) $3,115

Lexus System (PCS) and Dynamic Cruise Control $2,850

Teleios alloy wheels 1st Quarter 2007) $1,975

Link® $900

Intuitive Assist $500

Power closers and power rear $395

All-weather floor $99

Trunk mats $89

Wheel $79

Cargo net $59

LS460 L

Base $71,000

Rear-Seat Upgrade (requires Luxury Package)

Four-zone automatic climate with interior air filter, sensor and automatic recirculation

Rear-seat air purifier

Rear-seat controls

Rear-seat cool box

rear-door sunshades

Luxury $2,780

Semi-aniline leather-trimmed

Climate comfort rear with heat/cool knob

rear seats with and power headrests


Rear-seat side airbags

Touring Package $2,985

19 x alloy wheels with Y-rated Summer tires

Gear-Ratio Steering (VGRS)

Variable Air Suspension (AVS)

brakes with larger

Executive-Class Seating Package order only) $12,675

seating with rear console

Semi-aniline leather-trimmed

Four-zone automatic climate with rear-seat infrared sensor, interior air filter, sensor and automatic recirculation

Rear-seat air purifier

Right-rear recliner with multi-function and legrest

Climate comfort seats with heat/cool

Rear seat wood-trimmed

Lexus DVD Rear-Seat Entertainment (RSES) with power screen and wireless headphones

audio controls

Rear-seat box

Power rear-door sunshades


Rear-seat side (SRS)

Options and Accessories

Pre-Collision System (PCS) and Radar Cruise Control

Mark Levinson 19-speaker @ 0.1% THD 20-20,000 Hz Reference Sound Audio System Hard Disk Drive, 7.1 and in-dash, single-feed, six-disc auto-changer featuring DVD-audio and playback $2,530

Adaptive Air Suspension (AVS) and Variable Steering (VGRS) $2,120

Teleios alloy wheels 1st Quarter 2007) $1,975

Link® $900

Advanced Guidance System (requires Parking Assist) $700

Parking Assist $500

floor mats $99

Trunk $89

Wheel locks $79

Cargo net $59


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All I is that this car is going to be the BA luxury car. It can even itself with sensor

(6033) Posted on 06.22.2006

anyone proof this you state that the LS460L s/b curvy and spotty Looking? we received a brochure in the mail re: car. It gave us a website doesn’t seem to exist. The was .

LEXUS LS460/460L
LEXUS LS460/460L
LEXUS LS460/460L

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