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Lexus IS250/350 — H11 4300k XenonDepot HID Conversion Kit

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LEXUS IS250/350

For more information regarding our HID Lighting kits please this link:

Hey everyone,

is my Xenon Depot install ballast and bulbs all the way! service at xenon depot is top notch. Since when I was to buy HIDS for my 2nd Gen IS I couldn’t find any of what they looked installed I decided to post up. I have also taken the to do a how to or in my case how I installed mine. The wasn’t hard just some patience since the bay in the 2IS is SMALL! SO here goes. some before and after Its not as apparent in the photo graphs but the are significatly brighter. Then I get into the how to and some more You 56k people prepare to wait!

Oh and so far no in my housing and it rained and stormed for a few after I did the install. So far so good.




is the kit when I got it. we see two bulbs, two ballasts, two and the wiring harness. The wireing has two relays and they are basically two harnesses.

We also have some that hold one of the plugs in and some zipties/double sided pads.

Here is the inside of the kit. gives you a url to the wiring

So I did passenger side first. it is the less cramped of the two sides.

take off all those panels your engine. Just down on the center of the little clips to pop them off. panel first then the two The two sides also have a nut screwed in on the side so besure to get as well.

Then you should (I take apart the intake This is useful later on you will run the driver side wires under the air intake the radiator area (pictures

To take apart the air intake is a screw and a clip holding the duct. Unscrew the first and use a driver to pop up the center of the left

Then you can just wiggle the duct piece out.

Next unplug the sensor on the main air hose. Use a wrench to two nuts holding the air filter in place. Also unscrew the holding the hose to the filter

Pull up on the box when you have the top portion of the airfilter housing and air Just move it aside so you can easy access to the low beam cap.

To remove the dust cap push the metal clip from the dust cap.

Now you access just like in photo. You can see the bulb harness to the bulb (in green)

Once you the dust caps I drilled two One for the bulb wires and one fore the plug that goes your OEM light plug.

The big is 1 inch and the little hole is the of the wire(any drill bit kit should the right size). ( I later use 3 bucks at home depot to the holes)

To get the white plug I used an Xacto knife to pry the clips that are holding the plugs in. They are inside in the of the plug. Two white tabs each metal plug in Just push the tab to the center gently tugging on the wire. I did one at a REMEBER TO use a sharpy and mark side is positive ie white Just mark it on the plastic housing.

Once you feed it through push the wires back up. sure postive is going to the place. and once you get it high those plastic tabs snap back in.

This is a up shot of the dust caps.Perfect

Now the old bulb out and set it aside. Plug the relay plug into the OEM plug and it should just in. Easy. Then CAREFULLY the bulb into the housing. touch the bulb it will the bulb’s life. And don’t it around. Make sure to look and line up the three on the bulbs to the light housing. is one bigger tab so it has to go in a certain way. to lock it in. Make sure to it in to not get any moisture later on.

put the dust cap back on and lock it up!

LEXUS IS250/350

Now to put those ballasts. I place the side close to the battery to the fuse box. In this you can see ground points right to the left of the ballast.

I zip tied up the to the stock wiring. And used the pad to stick it to the side. I also another ziptie from the top of the through its mount hole and it around the hood hindge. to give the ballast some

Here is a shot of the air filter taken apart. you can also see the plugs zip tied to the stock

Here is where I put the components. I ran all the along the edge too so I could zip tie to the stock wiring.

Here is I ran the driver side power There is OEM stock wiring you can tie the power wire to.

Another on the driver side now. it running there and tie it down zips!

Driver side is the same as the for dust cap etc. To get at the light you have to unbolt the windshield fluid tube.

Here is a shot of the bolt you have to from the windshield wiper tube.

This is where I put the side ballast. Right the strut is a metal plate that thing with all the coming out. The ballast nice and sung there.

the place with some and used the double sided pad to it on. But first feed a long zip tie make a double tie, two zip or just go buy a longer one) you won’t have access the ballast goes on. Insert the for the ballast first too. Put the on and tie up the ballast with the pre strung zip

The power wires for the ballast can run to the and below that oem stock with the big black pad.

Run the down the side. Also tie the to the fuse box at the top. there much room for the ignitor so I it here. The fuse box has a slit on the just like the right one you see Leave the tie a little loose the panel will hold it once you put the right side panel back on.

Just tie up the wires to the stock and place some silicone on the dustcaps.

Turn on the lights and see BURN! Then just put the air housing and everything back.

LEXUS IS250/350
LEXUS IS250/350

LEXUS IS250/350
LEXUS IS250/350
LEXUS IS250/350


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