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Lexus GS 350 AWD

Review: Lexus GS350 F

I took the GS 350 F Sport out on the track because it was there, but ended up a car that satisfies both of my brain.

My affair with the Lexus GS350 F-Sport as most affairs do: the unplanned of many moons spent  satisfaction.

It happened like I was at the MPG Track Day at Fontana Raceway; a of cars with a track as the Get in car, get 3 laps on the track, back in, grab a new car, I did, as quickly as possible. time is an infrequent occurrence in my like a shower for a hobo. I had any in months, so I was going to make day count. I descended on the fleet of cars like Ashton at a casting for breasts. I was power-walking car to car.

While some stood in line for the Audi M5, or Roush Mustang, I took advice, “Jump in any empty doesn’t matter what it I did just that. I was as selective as Idol choosing new judges. could have been trucks there and I would taken them on the track.

into the Lexus area, I got in the car that had a “Track Drive” on the windshield. I got in so fast I honestly even know what I was I knew it was a 4-door sedan, a bit than the nearby IS-F. As I in I noticed the nicely designed and felt paddles behind the shaped wheel. I found the to select “Sport+”, the button to TCS, and I was off.

“Pleasantly isn’t adequate. By the 3 rd lap, I was laughing like the Hobgoblin. It was toward apex cones sliding mid corner if asked. I down the front straight, at the 306hp/277tq. 3.5L V6’s band. It sounded good! I was driving a RWD Camry, but the way this car had me feeling more German Japanese. The revised 6-speed it rev quickly, and although the shifts DCT-fast, they’re quick and it blips on downshifts. The steering was and quick, the brakes were and thanks to 2-degrees of rear it slipped around chicanes a much smaller car.

After passing a poorly Roush Mustang, I cackled and the wheel, “I PASSED A MUSTANG IN A V6 WHAT THE ****. MWAHAHAHA!” Big sedans aren’t supposed to this kind of infantile What the hell was happening?

back in, my introduction to Lexus Bill Kwong was filled grateful surprise, amazement, and (me, not him).

I wasn’t surprised that Lexus had a car that was sporty; I had driven the have a soft spot for the old knew all about the LF-A, and over the upcoming LF-LC.

But any can make a flag-ship sports Put stiff springs and big power in and we in the “enthusiaverse” (copyright pending) like it. That’s easy. Do it a more pedestrian motor and really achieved something. I was Mustangs and SRTs, in a car that was packing the same firepower as a And I wasn’t the only one to be surprised day. After my drive, I told Matt, “Go drive the

“Really?” he replied, a bit confused by my

“Yeah, I know, just go it.”

He did, and shared my and enthusiasm.

But judging a car based on 6 laps on track is like your marriage solely on the week in Hawaii. I had to take the GS for a bit, and see how it handled civilian

Over the week, the looks of car really grew on me. At first I they were too aggressive. But really what Lexus is nowadays, a necessary method to their image. The LF-LC and LFA aren’t conservative looking. beyond Lexus’ own personal I came to really like how car looks. BMWs and Mercs are the roaches of L.A. so different is But this car’s design to me personally; it’s intense, and a little pissed off, if it’s pacing you in traffic. me, while it’s obeying the and flow around it, it’s not about it.

I also like the inside as much. Stitched burgundy soft plastics and (fake) bright-work create a world the most part- feels expensive, and flowing forward. It me think of an Italian red leather that holds a fine watch and black cufflinks. The are great. Comfortable. Supportive. Optional adjustable bolsters are the only way for a manufacturer to make a that will fit everyone. The seats had lots of leg room, bolstered seats as well, so passengers won’t be flung

The shape of the steering wheel and pedals just make you like breaking laws. The of earthy red, deep and (fake) brushed metal like a pheromone for fun. A for a bull. I felt like I be out with a girl with hair and a few piercings; The girl draws out our most mischievous The kind that suggests a of trespassing and some rooftop rather than go see a movie. the unexpected emotion from a V6 no?

Underneath stitched soft-touch lies the panoramic media. If you read or see something on the screen, you can’t see, period. car has the Lexus “mouse”, which I like when I used it in the and IS-F. In those cars, the was both inaccurate and hyper-sensitive. like hiring a skittish sufferer to perform brain while moving, right?

the system has been improved. The has a nice bit of tactile resistance, a soft gearshift, which it much easier to use. The responds quickly and is easy to but it needs a re-design, because it much older than it It looks a bit too Windows 2000. But of the movie screen shoved in the you basically get 1.5 times the space of cars. So switching to dual doesn’t sacrifice legibility.

Visibility out the front is great, and the HUD your eyes up. Shame, I like the gauges. Simple, clear, glowing an icy blue. days are seeing more and information stuffed into the so the simplicity here was appreciated.

gripe: steering wheel Not all of them, only the two ‘UP/DOWN’ next to the volume controls. If listening to a CD, and hit ‘UP’, it goes to the track. Good. That’s it should do .

Lexus GS 350 AWD

But if you’re listening to radio, and want to change the (For example, from 44 to it seems to reason you would hit the arrow, right? But, hit button, and all the sudden you’re to AM580. Why? Because button is genetically related to presets. It’s like from ‘TV’ to ‘DVD’. be an easy programming fix, I don’t get the logic behind it. At don’t put it right next to the control. You wouldn’t put an unmarked of Fast Orange hand between the Ketchup and Mustard.

The issue I have with the is more general; the pairing of a new with old hardware. Look at the stack and you see a big screen tucked a cornice of upscale stitching, a sharp-looking clock. The leap-frogging of looks great. The doorsills nice, the way the various materials looks great. But then you past the CD slot (a bit invasive, but the for this car probably still to CDs) and land in a wasteland of that look 10 years at least. It’s a cardboard town in the lobby of the W.

It’s not that I want the gone, I like buttons (as to a system like Cadillac’s or Jaguar’s omnipotent touch I just look around at the environment the designers had created, and modern, being tarnished by from another era. A new kitchen with 70s appliances. I like I’m seeing an interior almost there, and is just held back. But evolution time, and I think (and that the next refresh have an interior that is greatness. Those complaints everything worked as it should.

So pretty and has chops on a track, but about when life “normal”? If there’s one thing you from a Lexus, it’s it shines in “civilian life”. brand was built on helping you a serene existence, and for the most the GS did. Road noise was A drive to Orange County and revealed what I would “taut solitude”. Picture a body guard that’s a master of meditation. A commuter’s that’s ready to battle a detour should you ask.

The can be altered by turning the wheel Eco, Normal, Sport, and As expected, these modes throttle and steering sensitivity, and the dampening, and the differences are quite ECO basically puts a layer of between your inputs and the Normal is, well, normal. is part of the F-Sport package, and the molasses with highly-conductive Put it in Eco on the highway for a smooth ride and move the wheel to the right to let off or make good time.

town the car felt solid, stable, and fairly smooth. really bad pavement will its presence known, through eyes and your ass. On our test area” known as Del Mar-which is covered it shattered and poorly installed steel those bumps went up through the tires, making the kick up abruptly. The only car a sporty bloodline to handle section better was the ZL1, and it magic shocks.

But no one should complain about the in this car. Nothing fun (or should) ever float pock-marked pavement with the of heavy cream, because is about having an experience a vehicle. If this thing like a Mulsanne, it wouldn’t given me track-side giggles.

On same trip to Orange I went into the canyons Jeff Glucker, to film his V12 loaner. The road, made up of sweepers, confirmed what I from the track. In Sport +, the ratio speeds up, so turn-in is just the way I like it. The engine me from corner to corner the smoothness of a centrifuge. This car be excellent on the Autobahn. The 19” summer (235 front/265 rear ) are sticky, but .89g of lateral keeps this going a spirited driver to a true sedan.

The GS does stumble in the dept. which feels from the tires. Without feedback, you’re left to with your eyes than your fingers. disappointing because while the car everything expected (in terms of or slip), and behaves like a sedan, it doesn’t feel one. The steering weight is it’s RWD, blah but it’s just missing final piece that we so much, that truly a car from the pack.

That that this car runs in is a one: Audi A6, Inifiniti BMW 5-series, Jaguar XF… All good in their own right. All can be had for the $60,349 sum to buy our optioned-up GS 350 F Sport.

But then I about something I rarely do: Save my STI, all my cars been projects of questionable Drive the Miata 400 miles? Uh, I’ll give it a shot. check my AAA membership first. As an car nut, my gut instinct is a car with the power possible, the best the most character, or sex appeal. those things require a in reliability or longevity. Such is the with the Jaguar, which I love to lease, but never own out of Same is true for any of the Germans, also have more designs than the GS. But the Lexus has a V6; what lasts longer that? I would wager you buy this car, and keep it for 15 without more than oil changes. If I like a car, I’d to keep it, and do so without having to a college fund’s worth of money. This car would be a trouble-free executive hooner for

  What this car does for me is honesty and fantasy. Honesty: want a daily driver efficient, and reliable, without like they’ve lost individuality. Fantasy: that of me that thinks daily a Caterham would be great. The GS350 F-sport satisfies I can admit practicality is necessary totally casting aside my trouble-maker. It’s cheap on the comfortable throughout, and will run trouble-free for decades. But there’s an edge (or several) to it’s that people will When I buy a full-size sedan, I can afford an AMG, that’s I want. This combination of old stability with a fire of could be a very good for us, and a bad thing for the competition.

Lexus GS 350 AWD
Lexus GS 350 AWD
Lexus GS 350 AWD


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