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Lexus GS 450h



From its chrome grill and Nike LED daytime running lights to its fender flares and swept greenhouse, the Lexus GS450h is a example of what a teched-out car should look like. it exudes power and aggression. it offers a refined beauty the analog clock in its dash to its backseat media center that folds out of the middle

The GS’s hood rises on the and dips in the center, giving it the of coiled viper ready to Its body panels are a little for a car that’s so beautiful up front, but more than makes up for it back with large light covers that as they draw closer to the centerpoint.

Our GS’s plush were swaddled in a cream-colored that nicely matched the wood trim around the wheel and lining the dash. If disappointed when you slip the driver’s seat of this you better check your


During our week the GS450h we had several different hop into the car’s passenger and, invariably, the first to grab our guests’ attention was the endless expanse of the Lexus’ 12.3-inch 1280 x 480-pixel Part of the GS450h’s Enform the sceen is the second-largest factory-installed panel on the market. The only larger than the Lexus’ is the 17-inch display found in the Model S, and that screen up the entirety of the Tesla’s center.

In to its massive screen, the GS 450h sports a smaller display in the center of the instrument panel provided us with crucial information, like tire average miles per gallon, per hour and even when the gas or engines were powering the stack.

It’s not just the 12.3-inch size that draws attention, though. It’s the way uses it that impressed us. devised a split-screen system breaks the display into two with the majority of the screen to your main information and the remaining one-third used as an control area that you quick access to Enform’s and climate controls and general information.

To navigate the system, use a mouse-like controller situated to the of the gear selector in the GS450h’s console. To make using the feel more ergonomically Lexus places a leather-coated (of forearm rest that you can on while manipulating the controller.

we appreciated the haptic feedback the offered as we glided the onscreen through different menus and we found it to be overly sensitive. On occasions, we found ourselves passing over our intended We also noted that the didn’t return to its centerpoint which meant we had to move it to the center and to the right again if we to move to the far right side of the

Maps and Navigation

Above the controller, located within of your fingers, are a dedicated button and a Map/Voice button. The button was especially useful using the navigation system, as it automatically center the map on our vehicle’s and provide us with audible directions. The Menu button you to the Enform home screen, you can choose from the system’s options. including Destination, Apps, Setup, Radio, Climate and Phone.

From the menu, you can enter an address, previous destinations, locate of interest and use Lexus’ Destination service to help you locate businesses. Once an address is you have the option of choosing several different map layouts, a turn-by-turn list and intersection With the turns list, the is divided into three one with the map view, one with the list and the last with the auxiliary control panel. at all of this information at once can be at first, but we quickly became to it.

Satellite and Audio

From the menu, you can also access the XM Traffic, XM Sports, XM NavWeather, XM XM Fuel Prices, Traffic and Fuel Consumption options. XM provides you with the ability to add favorite sports teams to a list that highlights a name when it is playing a Select the team name and be provided with the XM station the game. Unfortunately, when we the game, there was no way to immediately us to the designated station. Instead, we had to the name of the station and enter it the radio.

XM NavWeather provides the forecast for your area as as a doppler radar image of the States. The radar image, isn’t very sharp and storm systems as green

Enform’s Radio and Media both take users to the audio setup, where you can to terrestrial and XM Sirius satellite stream music via Bluetooth and access the auxiliary port, or listen to a CD. We preferred streaming via our Droid’s Bluetooth connection we could connect up to five devices.

Pairing our phone the Lexus was rather straightforward. We our handset’s Bluetooth connection, set the system to discover, and paired the From the phone menu you can access your connected to see your contacts and recent

Voice control options, via a steering wheel mounted let us dictate any number of orders to the GS, addresses, specific bands we to listen to and more.

Enform Apps

While the system and its gargantuan display are it’s the Enform App Suite is unequivocally the star of the Lexus tech showcase. To use the system you download the accompanying Android or iOS Enform app and sign up for a $7 monthly service. This service you access apps such as iHeartRadio,, OpenTablet, Yelp and Facebook Place. conveniently includes all of the available in the Enform suite, so you won’t to download them separately.

To use the App Suite, sync your with the GS450h via Bluetooth and the Enform app on your phone. The Enform logo will cover your phone’s preventing you from accessing handset while driving. of the apps function as they on your smartphone, although to a greater degree than

Bing, for example, allows you to local searches for up to 16 million of interest. Once you find a you can either place a call from the Bing app via your smartphone, or send directions to the navigation feature. The Facebook app, meanwhile, allows to check into locations stores, restaurants or other venues. iHeartRadio,, OpenTable and Yelp are nearly from their standard versions.

Before using App Suite, users should to see if their smartphones can support the via Lexus’ convenient compatibility at It’s also to use a phone with a 4G data to power the suite rather a slower 3G connection. With our X, which is only capable of 3G connectivity, we noticed a significant of lag when trying to access features within various With a 4G connection, lag wasn’t an

Lexus GS 450h


The Lexus GS450h several active and passive features. Like many new hitting the roads today, the comes equipped with a camera that streams video to the GS’s 12.3-inch to help prevent drivers backing into or over Unlike the backup camera in vehicles by the likes of Ford, the guide gate that you how far you are from an object doesn’t with your steering Instead, it’s stationary.

Our also came equipped Intuitive Park Assist, uses sensors located the front and rear bumpers to objects within a certain from the car. Get too close and the Park Assist sensor begin beeping loudly. a great feature that is to help drivers who are less experienced with parallel When left on while however, the feature can become especially in stop-and-go traffic. Lexus had the presence of mind to a dedicated button located in the console for activating and deactivating feature.

Like many of new vehicles, the Lexus GS450h includes a Blind Spot that is capable of detecting and objects in your blind When an object or car is detected, an icon will light up in the view mirror closest to the If you flip your turn on in the direction of the vehicle or object, the Spot Monitor icon begin rapidly flashing.

We the system to be extremely useful driving on highways and through trafficked city streets, but Intuitive Park Assist, the can become overwhelming when in stop-and-go traffic. Switching the off was as easy as pressing the dedicated Spot Monitor Button to the left of the steering wheel.

The Drive

The GS450h is the top dog of Lexus’ GS It has the most horsepower (338 and a good amount of torque lb-ft), not to mention the highest in the lineup, starting at $58,950. packed with the Lexus App Suite and various safety that price balloons to So what puts the 450h at the top of the GS That would be its hybrid Lexus outfitted the GS450h a 3.5-liter V-6 engine and combined it a 1.9-kWh nickel-metal hybrid and electric motor. The two powerhouses to give you a vehicle that, pushed, will have you how green it really is.

There are drive modes available in the each of which either increase your miles per or lower the time it takes to go 0-60 MPH, 5.6 seconds to Lexus. Changing modes is as as twisting the Drive Mode knob situated in the center behind the gear selector. the selector to the left and you’ll put the GS Eco mode, reducing throttle and power output and cycling the system between recirculating air and in fresh air.

When Eco is active, a backlight in the GS’s cluster will turn a Frost Blue and a Hybrid Indicator will provide you constant information on how much power you are using versus power and when the battery is charging.

Push down on the Mode Select knob and the GS enter Normal mode. The System Indicator will in the instrument cluster, but the blue will slowly turn on and off on how efficiently you’re driving. We to use this mode for general

The real fun starts when you the Drive Mode Select to the and set the GS to Sport and Sport+ modes. In modes, the soothing blue of the instrument panel and Hybrid Indicator give way to testosterone-laden complete with fiery red and a bright red-and-white tachometer. mapping also changes to you with a more spirited while Sport+ mode to that by tightening the GS450h’s How often did we take advantage of and Sport+ mode? We’d not say.

Of course, if you’re more in saving gas, you can press the EV button next to the Drive Select. In this mode, the GS run exclusively on battery power either its reserves are drained or you a specific speed, at which the gas engine will take While in EV Mode, we were to cruise our quiet New Jersey without making a sound.

From it’s gorgeous and beautiful interior to its 12.3-inch and Enform Apps Suite, the GS450h is the kind of high-tech ride most drivers of. Some of the safety features are a oversensitive, but they will keep you out of harm’s way as you tear the highway rocking out to Pandora. into this hybrid and you may want to leave.

Lexus GS 450h
Lexus GS 450h
Lexus GS 450h
Lexus GS 450h
Lexus GS 450h
Lexus GS 450h


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