Lexus CT 200h (2014)

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Lexus CT

Lexus CT 200h

Reinforcing the luxury that is the hallmark of the brand, the new Lexus CT 200h luxury hatchback offers sophisticated exterior styling, a refined interior with equipment, enhanced driving and a stronger differentiation of the F Sport

A key model for Lexus in Europe

The CT 200h plays a critical for Lexus. Positioned in the C-premium the largest and most competitive of the European market, it represents the point to the Lexus brand. to appeal to younger customers, it attracts 85% of buyers from brands.

The Lexus CT 200h has a history, but has quickly established as a core model in Lexus’ line-up. Since its launch in 2011, the CT 200h has sold no than 42,000 units the continent, representing about 25% of global sales for this

The CT 200h is the best-selling Lexus in European countries, including UK, Italy, Spain, Norway and the

Significant resources have invested on the development of the new CT 200h. than 1,400 engineers and have been associated this project, focusing on two objectives:

Firstly, to reinforce the Luxury image of the Lexus CT through a bolder design, in with the new Lexus brand

2014 Lexus CT 200h

to enhance the driving experience, through the improvement of the vehicle’s and the traditional Lexus values of refinement and high technology.


The exterior of the new Lexus CT 200h is more and sophisticated, and is designed to appeal to a target market.

The front a further evolution of the Lexus grille’ design. The centre has pushed forwards to create a more three-dimensional form generates the highly aerodynamic of the bonnet, lower bumper and fenders.

The new grille features corners spaced 100mm than on the current model, and a spindle ‘pinch point’, the CT 200h’s low front profile and sporting track.

Its spindle emphasised by a dark finish, the between the upper chrome and metallic paint trim further emphasises the more three-dimensional structure of the new grille.

As every Lexus, the grille is lower than the headlamps to the resolute look which the brand. The headlamps themselves new, projector LED lamps a new, high quality, metallic finish.

Fog lamp at the lower bumper extremities been detailed to match the finish of the spindle grille. feature integral, aerodynamic which help smooth the of air around the front of the vehicle for high speed stability.

In the new Lexus CT 200h may be identified by a of newly developed, 10-spoke, 16 and 17 and a new shark fin-style roof

To the rear, a new bumper design is 20 mm lower at the extremities features a horizontal structure. It incorporates L-shaped reflector housings and a lower centre section to the vehicle’s low centre of gravity and rear stance.

The new CT 200h is in a choice of 11 body colours a new Red. And all paintwork now benefits a scratch-resistant, self-restoring top coat.


The new Lexus CT 200h interior has refined to offer greater enhanced levels of equipment and visual and tactile quality.

The now benefits from a new, 370 mm steering wheel matching of the IS model range.

The Optitron binnacle is now available with an 4.2 TFT (Thin Film Transistor) which may be linked to the multimedia and controlled via steering wheel-mounted The central meter surround has accentuated with a bright finish.

The central TFT multimedia screen is now of a thinner, fixed The Lexus Media Display and Premium Navigation systems added functions, improved and enhanced hands-free and voice control. The former features a centre console-mounted controller.

functions include twin multi-USB compatibility; a USB-stored display function; a mirror function (LDA); album art display; and a cache radio which records 20 minutes of a for replay if missed.

Fully below, the Remote Touch (RTI) features a more push entry control the Lexus Navigation System has substantially upgraded, and the Lexus systems benefit from the of the world’s first bamboo technology.

Additional equipment include the availability of rear and back guide monitors for the LDA as well as Intuitive parking a Tyre Pressure Warning and a Traction Control ‘Off’

A new Light Control System Welcome lighting, which selected exterior and interior for 15 seconds when the vehicle is a Follow Me Home system illuminates the headlamps and selected lighting for between 30 and 120 seconds; and the cut-off of interior lights 20 after the ignition is switched

The centre console insert and combinations have been A new door panel insert and design incorporates stitching for visual quality. A choice of 5 finishes now includes Shimamoku And a new, more sophisticated, film finish has been to the centre console controls.

A of 5 fabric and 3 genuine leather finishes is available. And the interior features a new colour scheme: Brown.

Integral to the Lexus System, the Remote Touch (RTI) features a more push entry control It operates on the same fundamental as a computer mouse, but has been adapted and perfected for use in the driving

Via a Remote Touch knob reaction force feedback for tactility, it offers simple and operation, with users to manipulate the cursor quickly and across the central TFT multimedia screen to access the audio, climate, phone and vehicle systems.

The system automatically ‘pulls’ the to an icon passed in close making it extremely fast and to use, minimising driver time.

Lexus Navigation

The new Lexus CT 200h may now be equipped a choice of two navigation systems; an level Lexus Navigation and a high end Lexus Premium system incorporating Lexus Services. Operated by a rotary and using the 7 Lexus Media Lexus Navigation is a fast, system offering a wide of mapping options.

Accessed via the Touch system, the Lexus Navigation system benefits a powerful, 40 Gb HDD capacity. It covers the of Europe, and includes the traffic infrastructure of each country. The features voice recognition in languages, including Russian, and a that can be operated in numerous including Cyrillic characters.

The new CT enhanced Lexus Premium system features no less 29 upgrades and additional functions, 3D City View, Google View, Panoramio and digital modelling.

Lexus Audio with Bamboo Charcoal

The sound quality of both the 6- and Lexus Premium Sound has been enhanced by the adoption of first bamboo loudspeaker

A Lexus first, the unique, charcoal-based resin diaphragm are constructed using a complex combining bamboo charcoal, fibre and resin, which is moulded to a thickness of only mm. They are some 10-15% than a conventional speaker yet 20% stiffer and with a 10% greater speed. As a result, the sound is and more natural than of a conventional resin diaphragm.

Levinson Premium Surround System with 13 Speakers

The Mark Levinson Premium Audio System features 13 and an 8-channel ML amplifier. Benefiting the navigation system’s HDD hard the Mark Levinson audio also features a ‘Sound facility, using Compact Data Base technology to and store music files up to a capacity.

The system incorporates unique features to guarantee sound quality. A centre coaxial speaker unit a 90 mm metal cone mid-range and 16 mm widens the scope of supported to produce vocals and instrumentals a greater degree of precision that of a conventional system, additionally matching harmonics the front right and left

Secondary 90mm coaxial have been mounted in the and rear cabin pillars to the sound reproduction frequency Satellite speakers have positioned at the top of the rear pillars to the rear mid- to high-range upwards for a more realistic And a 200 mm Mark Levinson subwoofer is in a bespoke enclosure within the wall, producing extremely bass with ease.


Significant reductions in award the new Lexus CT 200h CO2 figures.

Vehicles equipped 15 wheel are now fitted, as standard, low RRC (Rolling Resistance Coefficient) lowering CO2 emissions by 5 g/km, 87 to just 82 g/km.

Fully described in the following extensive aerodynamic enhancements reduced the CT 200h’s emissions vehicles equipped with 16 by 6 g/km, from 94 to 88 g/km.


its highly focused driver’s the Lexus CT 200h has been developed to combine superior and a dynamic driving experience the ride comfort expected on any

Superior handling stability is through the high structural of the body shell, the lowest centre of gravity and the minimising of the yaw moment through the use of an aluminium tailgate and bumper reinforcements.

A L-arm type MacPherson suspension system combines fully-independent double wishbone and arm rear suspension architecture to superior levels of ride and handling.

Introduced for the first on a Lexus, a unique lateral damper system is designed to and minimise body vibrations, a linear steering feel and enhanced ride comfort.

The new CT combines increased body revisions to its suspension and steering, and aerodynamics with comprehensive NVH Vibration and Harshness) measures to a more agile, engaging performance and an even quieter environment.

Increased Body

Body rigidity has been through the adoption of 20 additional welds around the tailgate and extensive use of structural adhesive throughout the lower bodyshell.

Suspension and Electric Power

Increased body rigidity has for suspension re-tuning. Coil rates have been a new shock absorber valve and the rear stabiliser bar diameter to enhance ride comfort no loss of handling agility.

The Power Steering (EPS) has been optimised in conjunction the increase in bodyshell stiffness and the of the steering column mount has improved, providing a smoother and greater steering responsiveness.


Aerodynamics have enhanced through the addition of stabilising fins to the door covers and rear lamp which streamline air close to the to reduce vehicle vibration.

aerodynamic fins on the engine and floor undercovers optimise to improve grip and stability. A new spoiler design also aerodynamic performance, most the F Sport-exclusive design featuring to increase downforce.

Comprehensive NVH

Complementing the inherent quietness of the Hybrid Drive powertrain, no than 94 separate measures been adopted to further NHV and, specifically, the intrusion of to high-frequency noise into the

A new Lexus hybrid first duct design combines a porous material with the first silencer plate, improved quietness with a intake air sound.

The position and of the rear engine mount has been optimised and the holes in a expanded dashboard silencer reducing engine noise. absorbing rear wheel liners and new front fender combat road noise into the cabin.

The rigidity of the performance damper brackets has also been helping to suppress bodyshell

CVT Remapping

In conjunction with comprehensive dynamic enhancement the CT 200h driving experience has further refined through the of the Lexus Hybrid Drive E-CVT intelligent electronic The result is a more linear up of revs, more closely to vehicle speed, in the manner of a automatic transmission.

Lexus CT

Drive Select — Two Distinct Moods

Supplementing the NORMAL mode of the Lexus CT 200h’s hybrid powertrain, three drive modes -EV, ECO and may be selected via the rotary Drive Select knob or the adjacent EV adapting the vehicle to either a or Relaxing driving mood further improving either efficiency, fuel economy and or performance and dynamic ability.

EV, ECO and drive modes place the on a Relaxing driving mood, particular attention paid to comfort, smooth acceleration and the of NVH.

From start up and at of less than 45 km/h, the CT can automatically operate in EV mode, for relaxed driving under motor power alone, for up to two The driver may also select EV manually. This unique mode is not available to drivers of hybrids, requiring the full technology of Lexus Hybrid

In ECO mode, throttle response to accelerator pedal inputs is and air-conditioning control optimised for fuel economy. The ECO mode can customers adopt a relaxed style, and can achieve a perceptible in fuel consumption.

Maximising system voltage to deliver electric motor power, mode focuses on a more driving mood. Engine are held higher, throttle and Power Steering (EPS) are modified to give a faster to driver inputs, and the operation of the Stability Control (VSC) and Control (TRC) systems is intrusive, optimising the CT 200h’s and agility.

The highly distinctive of both the Dynamic and Relaxing moods is further reinforced driving mode selection-synchronised to the driver’s instruments. Backlit in blue for the EV, ECO and NORMAL modes, the panel illumination, Drive Select knob and centre spotlight automatically alter to red the SPORT mode is selected. the hybrid power indicator alters to that of a tachometer.

Hybrid Drive Powertrain

a 99 DIN hp/73 kW, 1,798 cc Atkinson petrol engine with a 82 DIN hp/60 kW electric motor, the CT 200h’s Lexus Hybrid powertrain features a unique Management System.

Through the of brand-specific engineering solutions and software tuning, Lexus have focused on enhancing the environmental and driving performance of the hybrid series/parallel system, as as its uniquely low NVH levels.

With a system output of 136 DIN hp/100 kW, the CT will accelerate seamlessly 0-100 km/h in 10.3 and on to maximum speed of 180 km/h on a par with rivals positioned at the heart of the premium compact

Conversely, the Lexus CT 200h remarkably low fuel consumption -a cycle figure of only 3.6 km- and, offering significant of ownership benefits in many countries, class-leading CO2 emissions as low as 82 g/km.

Lexus Hybrid generates significantly less NOx and emissions that an equivalent engined vehicle. Moreover, operating in EV mode, it generates CO2, NOx and particulate emissions.

enhancing the Lexus Hybrid system’s outstanding environmental the CT 200h incorporates numerous energy saving and environmentally measures. These include an air-conditioning system with seat heaters, power LED lighting, an energy-efficient audio amplifier and bamboo charcoal and the extensive use of bio-sourced materials.


The new F Sport has designed with a more road presence, to give a differentiation with other of the CT 200h model range.

A new grille design features the sporting, aggressive mesh as that of the new IS F Sport, which is between the upper and lower The fog lamp housings share the mesh finish, and are underscored a fin also finished in black.

To the an exclusive roof spoiler cut-outs to provide additional for even better grip and and the rear reflector housings are finished in the same mesh as the front grille.

17, 10-spoke wheels offer an F Sport-unique treatment. The vehicle is available in a of 9 exterior colours including new Red and F White Nova.

The F Sport features exclusive upholstery, and trim. The seat upholstery has upgraded with synthetic side bolsters and headrests, centre panels and enhanced Which is offered in 3 colour Black, Dark Rose and Blue. Full leather is also available in a choice of or Dark Rose finishes.

The F interior may be further identified by pedals and scuff plates, a leather steering wheel and leather shift lever, and F badging. A choice of 4 trim includes Shimamoku wood or F Silver Metal film.

The F features all the driving performance of the new Lexus CT 200h model In addition, it benefits from coil spring settings and front/rear roll rigidity to further enhance its sporting dynamics.


The CT 200h is equipped with the comprehensive range of active, and pedestrian impact safety in the premium compact segment. drivers class-leading preventative through the use of the most advanced the CT 200h has achieved 5-Star NCAP and NCAP (USA), and J-NCAP (Japan) crash programme ratings.

The Lexus CT may be equipped with a pre-emptive, Safety (PCS) system Adaptive Cruise Control Eight airbags and Whiplash Lessening (WIL) front are fitted as standard, and an upgraded Controlled Braking-Regeneration system incorporates Anti-Lock brakes Brake Assist, Traction (TRC) and Vehicle Stability (VSC).

Pre-Crash Safety

The new CT 200h may be with a sophisticated Pre-Crash system (PCS) that can reduce collision damage and The PCS system features a millimetre-wave sensor, operating within a 20 scanning radius to detect in front of the car, even cornering. Via numerous sensors, a system computer monitors speed, steering angle and yaw inputs to help determine in whether an impending collision is

If there is a high possibility of a PCS will alert the driver via a buzzer and a warning on the multi-information activate the Pre-Crash Seatbelt to retract all slack from the belts and, when he to brake, provide Pre-Crash Assist to supplement his own braking If the driver does not brake and a is inevitable, Pre-Crash Brake automatically apply the brakes to impact speed.

Adaptive Control

Complementary to the PCS system, the premium compact full also features an Adaptive Control (ACC) system.

of differentiating between vehicles ahead of the Lexus and those in an lane, the vehicle-to-vehicle distance system employs the PCS millimetre-wave sensor, allied to constant decelerator, follow-up and accelerator to automatically slow the Lexus CT match the speed of the vehicle in and, once the road is ahead, accelerate to the previously cruising speed.


The new Lexus CT 200h has been by Chika Kako, the first to be appointed Chief Engineer the company.

Kako-san is a Material She joined Toyota Motor (TMC) in 1989 and was responsible for interior, exterior and sound-proofing as well as solving specific such as fogging or odour in vehicle interiors.

The first TMC employee to be posted overseas in an RD she moved to Europe in 2001, she worked on a special project to the sensory quality of interiors.

to Japan in 2004, she transferred to the Brand Planning department being assigned to Lexus Planning, where she assisted the Engineers of both the RX and IS model

Lexus CT
Lexus CT
Lexus CT
Lexus CT
Lexus CT
Lexus CT

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